The most popular American social media celebrity “Lexi-Rivera” is a young superstar well known for her comedy, challenging, prank, and creative videos on youtube and Instagram. At the beginning of her glorious career, She created a new account on youtube on August 21, 2010. In 2013 she became popular on the vine platform.  Now, she is having 7.67 Million subscribers on youtube. She has found it easy for her to attract her crowd, and they are following her like crazy. We have watched her videos which show her collaborative work with her elder brother Brent Rivera’. Their fans are always crazy about their new videos and learn several things from their personality. if you are crazy to know about her life, pay attention because everything is right here.

Full NameAlexa Brooke Rivera
City America
Religion Christian
Weight 54 roundabout
Height5 feet & 8 Inches 
Net Worth$1Million 
Age22 years 
Profession Instagram, Youtube, TikTok star, social media Influencer

Net Worth

As you know net worth depends on income sources and Lexi has a lot of income sources but the main source is social media accounts. She boasts a successful career on youtube, Instagram, and TikTok. As you know the massive fan following of Lexi provides her a great earning even a single video because the earning depends on the fan following and it continuously increases day by day. According to Wikipedia, she is the richest star on Instagram. On youtube, her most-watched videos are the following 

1- Who knows me better? With 8 million views

2- Who knows better? With 6.1 million views 

3- Handcuffed to Ben for 24HOUR, with 4.4 million views 

As of 2022, her estimated net worth is around about 3 million. In 2021 her estimated net worth is $735,000, and her yearly earnings were $257,250. We can say that she is a wealthy younger girl in the US, who earns huge money through her hard work. 

Personal Life 

Lexi’s full name is ‘Alexa Brooke River” born on 7th June 2001 in Huntington Beach located in the California United States. 22 years old young girl naturally born to a middle-class family. As mentioned above now she is a very popular personality on social media platforms because she looks very attractive and beautiful. Daily tanning, exercise, and meditation maintain her beauty. A number of boys are in her fan following but Lexi used to be in a relationship with Ben Azelart. Some videos show that she did also have an Ex-boyfriend named “Andrew” because she made a video titled “My Ex Meets My New Boyfriend”. The relationship with handsome “Ben” has been seen since 2018, before that they were just friends. Ben is also a most famous Youtube star and likes to make prank videos. However, both are very attached to each other, spend a lot of time together. 

Popularity journey 

Her career started when she created her first account on youtube in 2010, named “Alexa River” and upload the first video on July 2, 2018, the title of that video was “Wait, Who’s My Favorite Brother (Answer Question base video). She uploaded this video with the title “Little Kids Nowadays). In 2013 she became popular on youtube with 5 million followers. Mostly she uploaded videos with her elder brother and he was the pillar of her popularity. On 15, 2018, she found 13 million viewers on the video titled “Teaching My Mom Slang Term”. This video was with her mother. Now she has 7.67 million subscribers on youtube and 17 million followers on the Tiktok account. Over 7 million followers have on her Instagram account, she became popular by posting her modeling shoots with fabulous cloth and outstanding styles. She could get a chance on the T.V as a role of Bro robot”, it’s a kind of web series. 

The family of Lexi

Lexi’s mother Laura Marie Paternoster is a teacher by profession, and her father John Rivera is Firefighter by profession. She does have any sister but she has three brothers “ Brent Rivera, Blake Rivera, and Brice Rivera. Brent Rivera is an elder brother of Lexi and he is also very popular on social media that’s why he does sports for his sister. On the other hand, Blake& Brice also have social media accounts. Her videos show that she has a very strong relationship with her siblings. She is very close to her mother and a great model for her. Her mother is very polite in nature and also though her to be kind and humble behavior with people. She is also very influenced by her grandmother and posts a lot of videos on Instagram with her grandmother. Lexi’s grandmother is also a very lovely and cool-minded lady. 


She did complete her schooling at Huntington High school, located in Huntington, West Virginia in California, United State. During her school years, she was the champion of Gymnastics. In school she was interested in dancing and acting rather than studying, that’s why she took a lot of competitions. In many videos, she shows off her gymnastic skills because she has a great interest to learn gymnastic skills and make her perfect. In 2019, She continued her graduation from California University, after leaving high school.  After that, she has the pressure to make a social media career. She has a lot of videos on her school life as uploaded a video titled “A Day In My Life At High School” on 3rd March 2019. A video on the school where she explained the last day at high school titled “ Last Day of High School Ever” was uploaded on June 9, 2019. 

Physical Appearance 

22 years old very attractive and fit younger girl with 54kg weight and 5 feet, 8inch height. She has the cutest smile and charming look with a fit body. She knows how to maintain her body that’s why she follows the diet plan to maintain her body fit slim and smart. For her attractive look, try to use a number of tips, exercise, yoga, and also doing workouts.  She has long shiny hair with blonde color and beautiful green sparkling and fascinated eyes. Her personality is very gorgeous and she has a very luxurious life. 

Interesting facts 

  • Her favorite actor is Brand Pith and the actress is Julia Robert. 
  • She loved the show “Happy Friday ”. The movie “Blades of Glory” is her favorite movie which was released in 2007. 
  • Lexi’s fans like to know all details bout her life like what car does Lexi drive? 
  • She likes to spend time out of the house and on outings. 
  • She constantly struggles to stay fit. Although she loves food, she doesn’t sacrifice her fitness for binge eating.
  • Lexi is the youngest in her family
  • An embarrassing moment occurred in her life at the age of twelve when she had gum in her mouth and it fall on her notebook. She started singing like conversing. She put back that gum in her mouth back. It was a very embarrassing moment for Lexi’s life. 
  • A video was appeared on Ben’s channel, on 29 September 2019. In which they show that they got married and the video title was “I GOT MARRIED TO MY GIRLFRIEND”. It was a complete video of the wedding, where Lexi wore a bridal dress, and later they did a little Photoshoot. Afterward, they had a short honeymoon at the beach. 
  • In April 2018, She did a central character of Max in the series of Brat TV channel, which had a total of nine episodes. 
  • Fans often ask Lexi Rivera which of her brothers she loves the most, and she always responds that she loves them all equally.


Today’s post proposes to provide you with complete information about Lexi Rivera, hope you will get huge information regarding her life like her Biography, age, height, living style, Net worth, relationship, qualifications,s and even about her personal life. I hope you will like the whole article; kindly share your opinion in the comment session. 


If you are worried about some questions, you can answer FAQs. 

Did Lexi Rivera dump Ben?

Both decided to break up without any dramatic cause. She told about her breakup in the video titled “ WE BROKE UP”

Did Lexi Rivera Married to Andrew?

She posted a video on June 4, 2021. In which she announced that they are not dating. It means she didn’t marry Andrew. 

Is Lexi was adopted?

No, she is a real child of Laura Marie. 

Is Lexi a reach girl?

Yes, because she earns a lot from different platforms. She also earns in the form of modeling assignments.