When you are going into the music industry, how can you forget the great Diplo? Diplo’s net worth is at the top. The one who has a good amount of money and it all comes from the music industry. Who are we to underestimate this guy?

Diplo is the most famous and richest American Dj and the founder of the famous music group Major Lazer. He has many professions like Dj, record producer, record executive, songwriter, and rapper. In the start, Diplo faced many difficulties as other singers face. He released his first album with Dj Low Budget. From that day, Diplo’s career started and is still going well. 

According to researchers, Diplo’s net worth in 2021 is $36 million. 

Hope you all come here to know how he started and where he came from. And want to know about his early life, relationship, and age. We are here to help you to find all about Diplo. Here we go!

Early LIfe

Diplo’s real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz, and he was born in Mississippi. He grew up in German and English culture and spent most of his childhood in Miami. 

After completing graduation, he went to the University of Central Florida in 1997. And in the early days of university, he became a Dj on a local radio station. Philadelphia is the place where Diplo got success and introduced the world to his name. 

There was a time when Diplo also worked as a school teacher in Japan and Philadelphia.

Personal Life And Relationship

Diplo is 42 years old, and every 10 November, he celebrates his birthday in luxurious style. He is an American citizen. Diplo is single, but in the past, he dated two girls, M.I.A and Katy Perry. Singer, M.I.A has a big hand in the success of Diplo. They have worked together many times. But due to some reasons, they broke up in 2008. 

Diplo has two children with Kathryn Lockhart. Kathryn Lockhart was his girlfriend. Diplo’s girlfriend list is long because he dated many girls, but he is still unmarried. 

Information about his Siblings is not available. 


As everyone knows, Diplo is a famous American Dj. He started his career at a local radio station. After some time, he approached the Dj Low Budget and released their album in 2000. But he never stopped there. In 2003 he released his solo album ‘Florida’ and became more popular. At the same time, he released one live album, 6 Eps, four mixtapes, five compilation albums, and 35 singles. His Never Scared mixtape had come in top ten albums in 2003. 

When Diplo become more papular in the world, he started work with M.I.A and released the album, ‘Piracy Funds Terrorism Vl.1’. After this album, Diplo plans to create Grammy-nominated song ‘Paper Planes’ with Dj Switch and M.I.A. 

In 2008, he founded Major Lazer and added one more success in his career. After some time, the Major Lazer group released the album ‘Guns Don’t Kill People…Lazers Do’. When they got some negative reviews in their previous album, in 2013, ‘Free The Universe’ came out publicly. 

Maintaining this flow, Major Lazer released ‘Peace In The Mission’ in 2015 and ‘Music Is The Weapon’ in 2020. From 2013 to 2015, Major Lazer released many singles like ‘Lean On, ‘Light It Up’, ‘Bubble Butt’, ‘Powerful, ‘Roll The Bass’, and ‘Blaze Up The Fire’. 

Diplo is still working with many artists and releasing albums. 

Achievements And Awards

Diplo is a successful Dj and has won five awards. He started his career in 2000 and still working to improve his profession. In this journey, Diplo completes many achievements and gets rewards for best performances. 

He was awarded the ‘GAFFA Awards(Denmark)’ in 2015 for the best foreign song’. He won ‘NRJ Music Awards in 2016. He is the winner of ‘Billboard Music Awards for a top dance song. He got ‘Electronic Music Awards’ for a single of the year in 2017. He has been nominated several times as a member of Major Lazer. 

Diplo Net Worth

Diplo is a famous Dj, and he has a lot of money. He has made all this money from the world of music. According to a survey, Diplo is the second richest Dj in the United States. His net worth increases every year, and in 2021 Diplo’s net worth is $36 million. 

Diplo is very hardworking and advances in his profession. 

How Diplo spends his money? 

Diplo has a good amount of money, and he loves to spend it on various things. He is the owner of two beautiful houses. He also spends on an American football team. 

Diplo purchases a house in 2016 and other in 2020. His first home is valued at $2.425 million, which is a good amount. This house is in the Hollywood Hills area. 

He purchased his other house in Malibu. According to pieces of news, Diplo gets this house for $13.2 million. This house is designed in a luxurious style. 


Diplo produces many papular albums and songs in his career. Best albums and songs are listed below:

  • ‘Que Que’ song in 2011
  • ‘Revolution’ song in 2014
  • ‘Wish’ song in 2018
  • ‘LSD’ album in 2019
  • ‘Looking for me’ song in 2020
  • ‘MMXX’ album in 2020
  • ‘Express Yourself’
  • ‘Be Right There’

Diplo has many other famous albums and songs, but these are the most papular. 


Diplo is a famous Dj and producer. He is also a producer who is also known for making songs and albums with the Major Lazer group. Moreover, he has worked with many artists over the years of his career like Skrillex, M.I.A, Gwen Stefani, Mark Ronson, Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, and many more.

He started his career with Dj Low Budget, and his fast solo album was ‘Florida’. According to researches, Diplo’s net worth is around $36 million. 

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