Youthful Daniel Wayne Smith was brought into the world on January 22, 1986, in Mexia, Texas,  of America. Daniel was son of Billy Wayne Smith and American famous  model Anna Nicole Smith. 

Daniel  parents were separated soon after his birth. This is the reason he was raised by his mom and grandma. Because of his parents’ partition, he had such countless issues as a kid. Later on, his mom wedded to a renowned finance manager and legal counselor J. Howard Marshall. Furthermore, he likewise had a sister named Dannielynn Birkhead. Speaking of his schooling, he went to Los Angeles Valley School (LAVC) in Los Angeles, California. As per his mom, he was probably the most brilliant student in his group during his student life.

Total assets: 

What is Daniel Wayne Smith’s total assets and pay? 

All things considered, in spite of the fact that we do realize that Daniel died at twenty years old, he had effectively begun showing up in films and series. Since he was the child of an entertainer, it was extremely simple for him to pick this field. But since he lost his life too soon, his precise total assets and compensation are cannot covered. but, as a popular child, he probably had an extremely cheerful and rich life during his lifetime. 

As indicated by the sources, his mom Anna’s assessed total assets was near $ 50 million when she passed away. Since her mom was both an entertainer and a model, clearly she gathered this sum from her acting profession. Other than that Anna wedded an extremely well off person Howard Marshall, As she also acquired generally an excellent measure of cash from him too. 

Her significant other, Howard Marshall, was perhaps the richest financial specialist. At the point when Howard was alive, he thoughtlessly spent on Anna. From that point forward, when he died, anna acquired an excellent measure of cash from Howard. But whatever the justification is of her immense total assets, we’re certain Daniel had an extremely lavish way of life during his lifetime. 

Was Daniel Wayne Smith hitched? 

Since Daniel died when he was just 20, there isn’t a lot to examine in his relationship. Since he was very young at that point, he was simply single. Be that as it may, since he is gone now, there’s nothing left but to simply recall him and pray God for his spirit’s tranquility. 

Despite the fact that he was unable to carry on with his life so much, there were so many high points and low points in his mom’s life. His mom was recently hitched to his dad Billy Wayne Smith first then married to Howard who died after certain years, leaving anna with his colossal total assets. After which she wedded Larry Birkhead and from him she even had a little daughter named Dannielynn. 

Profession Daniel Wayne Smiths: 

Since Daniel died at a youthful age, he actually had a great deal of time to begin something all alone. In any case, since he was the child of an entertainer, he had effectively showed up in certain shows with his mom. He showed up intermittently in his mom’s show,” The Anna Nicole Show”  and furthermore in Obvious Hollywood Story. On the off chance that if  he was alive, similar to his mom, he would have been an extremely famous celebrity in media Industry too. 


Daniel smith died on 10th September 2006 at age of 20 due incidental excess of anti depressants. Daniel went to visit his mom in the hospital where she brought  his sister Dannielynn. He was with his mom in the maternity ward. Then, at that point, as anna woke up, she saw him resting on the chair. But sadly her child dozed everlastingly and never woke up after that. As indicated by the sources, he passed on coincidentally due to an excess of anti depressant drugs methadone, Zoloft and Lexapro. 

After Daniel’s demise, his mom was vexed to such an extent that she didn’t leave her child’s body. From that point onward, at the hour of Daniel’s memorial service also, she endeavored to cover herself with her child’s body. 

On February 7th2007 at 6pm anna nicole smith was staying at the hard rock lodging club resort in Hollywood Florida. she came there to purchased an extravagance yacht to cruise back to her home in the bahamas,As those plans were waiting throughout the previous two days since she’s been so sick with season’s virus that she  had no option to leave her suite. 

In 21 hours she’ll be dead nobody knew, for as long as five months since the abrupt demise of her 20 year old son daniel,anna nicole had been under the attentive observation of her companion therapist dr chris sarosovic. chris was there for her through numerous years, paying attention to her conversing with her. But 7th February chris had an issue to take care of anna and needed to fly back for her training in California. 

This news frustrated anna,as she was beseeching chris to stay with her. saying that  “she doesn’t realize if she could make it or not”. she needed her there however chris guaranteed her all is going to be ok! by saying “you will return to the bahamas” yet anna was simply staying there truly discouraged. Anna nicole took nine depressant medications which later found in her body every one of them were for soothing but however on taken together  they made a hazardous blend which ended her life. 

In the three months after she died three men asserted paternity of Anna Smith’s daughter Dannielynn, including Harsh, who was recorded on her birth  certificate as her father. In April 2007, after a DNA test, Anna Smith’s previous husband  Larry Birkhead was observed to be her dad and was allowed authority of the kid. From that point forward, single parent Birkhead has attempted to keep her mom’s memory alive for Dannielynn, taking her to visit her mum’s grave and the spot she cherished most , the Bahamas.