Laura Leggett Linney, an actress and singer with a career spanning more than three decades, was born. She has won a number of accolades. The actress has played a number of parts over the years and established a solid reputation for herself. The five-time Tony Award nominee has accumulated a fortune in the millions.

In any case, Laura’s personal life is equally successful. She has been happily married for more than ten years and is a devoted mother. Laura, who prefers to keep the majority of her personal information secret, has opened up about being a mother in a number of interviews. Let’s find out how Bennett Armistead Schauer, the son of Laura Linney, is doing now.

The Ozark actress met Marc Schauer in 2004 at a film festival in Telluride, Colorado, and they are now happily married. She fell in love with it right away. In October 2007, the couple became engaged. After exchanging vows in May 2009, the couple has been blissfully married.

Bennett Armistead Schauer, Laura Linney’s son, was born on January 8, 2014, five years after their wedding. It was only a week later that they learned of the birth of their child. The official who provided the news’ confirmation stated that the happy new parents.

Bennett must be reared in an environment filled with a lot of love and care because he is his parents’ only child. Bennett Armistead Schauer’s mother is a major fan of Tales of the City author Armistead Maupin because she has acted in multiple TV miniseries based on the book.

Laura said after he was welcomed that she discovered muscles in her face she had never used in the first year. Her cheeks was constantly aching because she grinned differently while she was looking at her son. Bennett’s mother added that being a mother fundamentally altered her.

His mother concealed her pregnancy

Bennett Armistead Schauer’s mother kept her pregnancy a secret while she was carrying him. Since attending the Women in Film’s 2013 Crystal and Lucy Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in June, she hasn’t been seen in public. She was only a few months pregnant at the time.

Being careful, Laura kept the pregnancy news to herself. It had taken her a long time to become a mother, and she was an older mother-to-be. She wanted to make sure her kid was born alive, healthy, and secure.

The native of Manhattan claimed during a Live! With Kelly interview that she did not conceal her pregnancy on purpose. She simply kept quiet about it and did not advertise it. She continued by saying that no one had inquired about her pregnancy. Even when she attended the theater while eight months pregnant, nobody said a word.

The actress explained why she kept her pregnancy a secret, saying that she wasn’t hiding but that when the kid was born, everyone made a huge deal out of it. The wife of Marc Schauer acknowledged experiencing some issues while pregnant. She missed her fourth Emmy ceremony for best actress in September 2013 as a result.

The son of Laura Linney is doing well right now. He must be enjoying himself a lot with his parents.

His mother is happy to have him at a later age

The son of Laura and Marc Schauer was born when the actor was 49 years old, as was previously indicated. She frequently expressed her gratitude for it happening and described it as the most fantastic experience. She continued by saying that the only drawback of having a child in her late 40s was the paradoxical truth of chronology.

Bennett’s mother continued by saying that she had a limited amount of time to prepare Bennett for whatever lay ahead because she knew she might not be there for him when he was an older adult.

Linney went on to say that she probably wouldn’t want it any other way. She also doesn’t regret waiting so long to have a child. Laura went on to say that she was fortunate to have lived life to the utmost for nearly fifty years prior to welcoming Bennett. Bennett Armistead Schauer’s mother has skillfully balanced motherhood and job as a working mother. Additionally, his grandmother has supported his mother in handling everything.

Sadly, Laura is raising her lone child outside of the spotlight. His face has not been made public in any of her social media posts. Bennett has brown hair that is lustrous and appears to have inherited his parents’ nice looks from what little we can see of him.

Overall, the kid of Laura and Marc Schauer seemed to be having a great time. He is developing away from the spotlight of the media. Schauer Jr. must also be attending class and putting his academic interests first. We wish him luck in any endeavors he chooses to pursue in the future.

Meaning of the Name: Bennett Armistead

Bennett is a male given name that has its roots in the English language. Another theory links it to the Latin name Benedictus, which means “blessed.”

The boy’s name Armistead, which is of English origin and meaning “hermit’s place,” is also similar. Additionally, the elegant English surname entered the current awareness thanks to author Armistead Maupin, who authored the San Francisco stories for Tales of the City.