The term Pro-Ana is stimulated by Pro Anorexia, it is an eating disorder in which people eat subsidiary to avoid hunger. The Pro-Ana Diet leads to enhance weight loss and it continues gaining popularity among young girls due to the tips and Tricks it offers. This diet initiates the behaviors of the eating disorder.

The Pro-Ana Diet stimulates your body to force out the increased level of fat. We can say that less eating with the right level of nutrition is required by our body. Most doctors and the scientific community mention anorexia nervosa as a consequential illness. It is often recommended by researchers that anorexia nervosa has an increased rate of mortality of any psychological disorder. 

Pro-Ana Diet acts as a Source of Fitness

  • There are different kinds of diets that people want to follow but not everyone knows which type of diet suits them and what are the needs of their bodies.
  • It encourages everyone to stay healthy and lose weight to be well below the suggested body mass index.
  • It follows the tremendous simple tricks to keep a sylphlike body shape like flat waist, long collar bones, the gap between thigh, and well-defined shoulder along with less than the required weight according to your height and frame.
  • Many women and men follow the Pro-Ana diet plan to look beautiful, attractive, and live their best.

Eight different Meal Plans to follow

You should understand that you need proper dedication to make any of these plans work. As time passes it produces a positive effect.

1.Skinny Bitch Diet

The book titled “skinny bitch” was written by former models Kim Barnouin and Rory Freedman. They described it as an extreme vegan diet that forbids the intake of animal protein, processed foods, junk food, artificial sweeteners, and sugar. Following are the sample diet plan from the book. 

Advised meal plan :

  • Breakfast: Fresh grapefruit juice with oatmeal.
  • Lunch: Potato salad or soup 
  • Dinner: Vegetarian pad thai meals.
  • Snacks: Guacamole and organic corn chips

2. The Vegan Model Diet

The vegan model diet contains a vegan diet plan to follow. This meal plan assists you to get the coveted ideal body. However, but for the meat lover, this is not the best diet plan because you will have to give up eating meat.

Advised meal plan :

  • Breakfast: 2 cups of black coffee with zero-calorie sweeteners and one low-calorie bread.
  • Lunch: 1 large apple.
  • Dinner: 8 baby carrots.

You can start reducing your weight after one week because it is a 200-calorie diet plan. To reduce the monotony, you can substitute the meals with different fruits and vegetables.

3. The Ballerina Diet

Eating ballerinas tend to maintain such fit and graceful bodies that one can wonder. It enhances your energy without taking charge of your body. This is a protein-rich and low-calorie diet.

Advised  meal plan:

  • Breakfast: 2 eggs, some yogurt, berries, and some granola
  • Lunch: grilled fish with a vegetable salad
  • Dinner: crackers, fig, and cheese
  • Snacks: green beans, some blueberries, green apple juice

4. The Baby Food Diet

In this diet, you should eat a portion of baby food. You can get this from vegetable-based baby food, which contains low calories and more amount of vitamins. You can eat baby food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner or you can eat a healthy breakfast and have baby food for lunch and dinner. The following are the diet plan that you can follow:

  • Breakfast: apple and banana pulp
  • Lunch: fruit and veggie puree/any favorite juice
  • Dinner: mashed tomatoes

5. The Russian Gymnast Diet

The Russian Olympic silver medalist Irina Tschachina rapidly reduced his weight by using this diet, who weighed only 99 pounds to get in shape fast. This is the diet plan that she followed for one week.

  • Breakfast: One glass of orange or apple juice. A cup of coffee (optional)
  • Lunch: Fruit salad with one glass of fresh juice
  • Dinner: One green apple and non-carbonated water

Fruit juices should be freshly squeezed and free from all artificial sweeteners. After following this diet will enable you to lose 4-10 pounds a week since you consume around 270 calories a day.

6. The Ana Atkins Diet

If you are proteins lover like meat, chicken, fish, then this is the diet you need to follow. The Ana Atkins Diet focuses on a high amount of protein in your diet, low carbs, and a moderate-fat diet. This diet decreases your appetite leading your body to consume stored fat for energy.

It’s a four-phase process.  

Phase 1- Origination: Consumption of high-protein, low carbs, and high fat initiates the weight loss process.

Phase 2- Moderations: Eating fruits, nuts, and low-carb vegetables every day to your diet help in losing weight.

Phase 3- Fine-Tuning: To get your desired weight, add more carbs to slow down your weight loss process.

Phase 4- Preservation: Finally, you can consume carbs without gaining weight.

Our Recommended Diet Plan:

  • Breakfast: Two omelets including cheese and ham.
  • Lunch: Caesar Chicken salad and addition of Caesar dressing.
  • Dinner: Grilled salmon with steamed broccoli and asparagus.

7. The Rainbow Diet

This Pro-Ana Diet plan consists of six days that require you to eat one color of food per day, and you will have to complete fast on Wednesday. Here is the plan for a colorful meal:

Monday (white)

  • Breakfast: half an apple
  • Lunch: half an apple
  • Dinner: One Cucumber

Tuesday (yellow)

  • Breakfast: one banana
  • Lunch: one banana
  • Dinner: half cup of corn


  • Complete Fasting

Thursday (orange)

  • Breakfast: half an orange
  • Lunch: half an orange
  • Dinner: only 1 carrot

Friday (red)

  • Breakfast: half cup of strawberries
  • Lunch: half cup of strawberries
  • Dinner: half a red pepper

Saturday (purple or blue)

  • Breakfast: ten blueberries
  • Lunch: ten blueberries
  • Dinner: ten raspberries

Sunday (green)

  • Breakfast: half cup of grapes
  • Lunch: half cup of grapes
  • Dinner: half cup of lettuce

8. The Five Bites Diet

This diet plan is useful for bypass patients who require eating five bites of the meal. To remain hydrated and energized, drink lots of water and freshly squeezed lemon juice. This is the recommended meal plan for you:

  • Breakfast: five bites of oatmeal or porridge
  • Lunch: five bites of a sandwich
  • Dinner: five bites of pasta or lasagna

For Beginners Tips and Tricks Of Pro-Ana Diet

For beginners, it is necessary to know about tips and tricks of the Pro-Ana Diet which are easy to follow and become the cause of weight loss. The following tips help you understand which type of diet is suitable for you and you must take in your regular diet.

  • Manage the Rules 

To weight loss, you will have to make a note of the following diet tips that cannot be forgotten. You also need to remind the purpose to make it beneficial.

  • Check calories Intake 

In this technological era, it is not difficult to monitor how many calories you are taking in your diet. Many apps for android and IOS helps in checking the calories. To consume less and lose more calories, you must keep tracking it.

  •  Stay Hydrated

Our body needs a lot of water for better functioning.  You should increase your water intake to keep your body hydrated while you are on a diet. You should take filtered water instead of tin juices. 

  • Get Proper Sleep

You have to take perfect sleep for about eight hours. Proper sleeping helps to control your hunger and it helps the Pro-Ana plan for a newbie.

  • Keep yourself distracted 

When you are following the diet plan you should keep yourself busy if your tongue wanders onto delicious food you would like to have them to eat. If you want to shape your body, then dedicate each day to specific muscles of the body for the best results.

  • Combat calories With Frozen Food

There is no need to freeze any processed food. A refrigerated meal contains the same amount of calories as your food seems fuller. Intake of cold food helps in your digestion process and keep going at a good temperature. 

  • Drink Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea are the best appetites, suppressors. You can drink coffee or tea when you are willing to eat some food. They suppress the appetite so that you will not urge to have food. Although by adding sugar to your drinks destroys your trick.

  • You Should Eat Alone

You should eat by yourself because when you are eating with your friends and family members, you are used to talking while eating which tends to talk and eat more than you should take. So control yourself while eating. 

  • Follow The Diet Plan for a Week

You should set the goal of repeating the diet every week without any intervals of time. While in the pro-ana diet, we get many different types of diet. Set the goal of seven days diet and achieve it. Once it will achieve, you eventually move to another week.


Before starting pro-anorexia diet plans, you should know all about the facts as it requires a lot of energy. Extreme following the diet plan may cause starvation. The pro-ana diet plan will give you quick results in weight loss.