Melanie Olmstead is a name which is always associated with the show Yellowstone , the series which gave her a tribute.

Here in this article we will tell you about the life of Melanie Olmsted, her career, family and the reason behind her sad demise.

About Melanie Olmstead and her family

15 November,1968 is the day when Melanie Olmstead was born in Salt Lake City, Utah , United States. Melanie was an American national and had a white ethical background. Her height  was five feet five inches and she had beautiful brown eyes and blond hairs.At a very early age Melanie lost her mother, almost in 1979. She was then adopted by Janet Corbridge and Reid Howard, a previous military official who loved sports.

Loa Rose Hanson was the woman who got married with her father after the death of the mother who adopted her , thereby Rose became her third mother. Her father died in the year 2016.

Melanie was an animal lover and horses were her favourite,she also owned a horse named Mahogany, who will turn 40 in June 2021. In her Facebook story dated 12th June,2018 was about her horse, Mahogany,where she wrote about the love for her horse while celebrating Mahogany’s birthday.

She first attended a local school and then completed her education from Westminster College.

Her personality was very natural and down to earth, which is the reason why her friends and family loved her so much.

On 15 December,2015 Melanie and Annalise Ford tied the knot in front of their loved ones and shared a beautiful married life. Together they had 5 children, three  boys and two girls.

Melanie’s career

Olmsted was a lovely, passionate,confident and multi-talented person with a basket full of interest.

Apart from being a soulful and beautiful actress , Melanie was also a crew member in Hollywood since 2000 and she also worked as a transportation manager and an entrepreneur.

In the country she was majorly known for her transportation department work in many famous movies.

Her work was also recognised as a crew member of bundles of TV series and movies including,Primary Suspect, wind river, wild horses, point break, Jackie & Ryan ,Benji: Off the Leash, Frozen,Snatchers,Good Joe Bell, Hereditary and many other movies.

She dedicated 20 years of her life to the Hollywood industry.

Because of her interest in acting and her experience of acting class at Westminster College , Melanie got some minor stage opportunities where she gave her hundred percent and performance from all her heart and soul.

 Many people are unaware about the fact that Melanie was also an advocate , she generally looked into cases related to animals, this showed her immense love for animals.

Apart from these things she took out time and worked for climate preservation and restoration reforms with an aim of restoring natural sites of Utah. She even supported and stood up confidently for numerous social causes , including human rights and many others.

Melanie is known for her work in Yellowstone, an American Tv series.

Her work in this series brought her immense recognition and fan following.

Yellowstone : A tribute to Melanie

Yellowstone Melodrama series, an exciting combination of western, drama and soap- opera genres, delivered by Paramount Network, filmed in Utah and Montana,  is considered to be a tribute to Melanie Olmsted after her death.

Olmsted was a part of the filming crew and  also worked as a transporter for production teams in the series Yellowstone.

Though behind the scenes, she still worked very hard for the success of the series. 

Melanie also played a character of Ashley Dutton in this series for season one and two, before her death. She was a gem among the cast of the series Yellowstone.

After her death the whole team of the series Yellowstone, including producers, actors and  crew members , gave her a tribute in the last episode of season two ‘Sins of the father ‘, as she was an inseparable part of Yellowstone family. The team even dedicated  a title card to Melanie at the end of episode ten. This tribute brought Melanie in limelight as many people , her fans and the whole film industry  wanted to know about her and the reason behind her death.

Many of her co-workers, writers, actors posted on social media about her death paying homage to her.

Melanie’s friends and loved ones including the team of series gathered together to celebrate Melanie’s life , on July 30 and all of them also had a horse ride in Melanie’s honour because she was an important part of Salt Lake City and Yellowstone filming community.

Net worth of Melanie

Olmsted  worked endlessly for all the films and television series, irrespective of the role she played.

All her hard work and dedication paid off and she earned a net worth of around 3 to 5 million dollars!!

The Reason  Behind Melanie’s  Death

The day full of grief and sadness for Melanie’s family, friends and loved ones was 25th , the day when Melanie died at Salt Lake City, Utah, United States.

For the last two years she was suffering from cancer, she died at the age of 50, leaving behind her family and children.

The reason for Olmsted’s death is still a mystery, some say that she died due to cancer while others say that she was murdered.

It was suspected that she was poisoned in the middle of a luxury cruise, which might be the reason for Melanie’s sad demise.

The death of Melanie was very shocking and also a bit confusing for everyone including members of the Yellowstone series.

Many stories were circulated stating that Melanie commited suicide,and then this became another theory of her death,however there was no clear evidence regarding this.

The truth behind Melanie’s death is still unknown but she is still living in the hearts of many people, including her  fans, family and loved ones.