You must have heard the name- Trenisha Isley, didn’t you? Of course, you have. After all, she is the daughter of all-time famous Ronald Isley, the famous American singer.

Trisha is a beautiful woman, having American ethnicity. This amazing woman has breathtaking beauty but rarely comes into the limelight. Earlier, she used to be active on social media handles like Instagram, Facebook, etc., but now she has either changed his profile’s visibility to private or has altogether deactivated her profiles.

A short biography of Trenisha Isley

Trisha is a lovely woman who has been born to Ronald Isley. There’s no information regarding her age on the web. But, sure enough, she is an adult by now. As far as her family is concerned, her birth mother is not known by many people. Trisha’s hometown is in Cincinnati which is also her native place. She goes by the Bible and is a practicing Christian.  Nicknamed, Isi, she received her primary education in a local private school in Cincinnati.


Alike her mother, there’s no information regarding her maternal side family too. But, her father is a well-known celebrity globally. He married Angelia Win bush in Los Angeles in 1993. They were a great romantic couple as long as they were together and support each other through all the thick and thins. But, due to some differences got divorced in 2002.  It was believed that Angelia had ovarian cancer at that time. On the other hand, Ronald too had suffered a mild heart stroke in 2004, but soon after, he found his new beloved and soulmate in Kandy Johnson from the duo sisters. In 2005, he walked down the aisle with her. In Dec 2007, they were blessed with a baby boy, Ronald Isley Jr.  Currently, the family stays in St. Louis.

She has three brothers,- O’ Kelly, Rudolph, and Vernon. They performed in a local band in Cincinnati. Then, in 1955, they founded a quartet.
But, unfortunately, Vernon died in a bicycle accident. Then, the brothers stopped performing. After a year or so, they started doing live performances for the pop trio. The first release was not so popular but the upcoming one –“Shout” was a huge success after being featured in blurs chart-1959. They also had a cover called “Lonely teardrops”.


Other than being a daughter to a famous man,  Isley is a model by profession. But, still, it is hard to spot her nowadays but a few months

before, she could be easily seen posing for her socials. Recently, she is not that active.

Relationship status  

Trisha is an unmarried woman. There were rumors regarding her dating scenario from time to time. But, none of them have any proof and never officially announced anyone as her boyfriend. So, we can’t mention anything in that regard as it’s her against her privacy. We will update you if any changes happen

Physical appearance

She is breathtakingly gorgeous, with her white skin. (No racism intended. Black is beautiful! I know, and for that matter so are the shades depending on melanin! But, guys I’m trying to just describe her, so bear with me for time being.) Her physique is extremely amazing. She has a slim body type and an average height of 5 feet and 5 inches or 1.75 meters. Her weight is 53 kgs as per present reports. Her beautiful black eyes are enough to mesmerize people and capture anyone’s attention. Her brown hair or (preferably blonde) is extremely gorgeous and silky.  People loved following her for live updates on her socials. Well, her mother must have been a stunning beauty too. That’s why she is gifted with such a nice physique naturally. Plus, she tries to maintain it fairly well too. She was quite active in sharing her diets and fitness routines on her Instagram. She loves homemade food and is not a big fan of fast food. Maybe that’s the secret behind this gorgeous model’s eye-catching beauty.  
Overall, her slim body along with her gorgeous eyes and mesmerizing hair makes her a standalone, stunning model.

Religion and ethnicity

This famous star kid is Christian and white by ethnicity. She is a model and has a fair skin tone. Being a native American likes a gorgeous woman. Her star sign is Leo. And you bet, like all he’s, she is a successful independent person. Not much is known about her personal beliefs regarding religion and other moral, and spiritual issues, so we can’t comment on that. But, she is a kind person.

Net worth

Her net worth isn’t public. But, her father Ronald Isley’s net worth is $2 million. Known as Mr. Biggs, he is a famous singer, songwriter, composer, lyricist, and more. So, it is fair to assume that Trenisha must have some share in his property and net worth.  

Habits and Hobbies

She loves singing. Well, that is expected as it is in the bloodline, isn’t it?  It would be a shocker if she didn’t! But, getting back to the deal, she has posted some of her cover over her socials.


So, we have provided you with all the information we can dig out regarding this celeb kid, Trenisha. But, some things like who is her mother? Or regarding her boyfriend or age. But, don’t worry we will keep a keen eye out and update you as soon as we will get any info regarding the same.