In this detailed info guide, we are going to tell you everything about Marcela Basteri: who she was?, where she came from?, what crisis was she in?, and why in the modern-day time she has been declared missing?. Let’s go through all of these details related to Marcela Basteri.

Marcela Basteri is a well-known Italian actress who was born in Circa in 1946 and is the mother of the well-known singer Luis Miguel.Marcela Basteri was 4 feet 11 inches in length and is considered 75 years old at this time. She had blonde hair and her eye colour was deep blue. There isn’t much information declared about her net worth at all, and it remains a secret. She is the mother of Luis Miguel, Alejandro Gallego Basteri, and Sergio Gallego Basteri.

Expanding on her early days of life, we can confirm that she spent most of her childhood in Carrara, Tuscany, and, from the beginning, had a deep desire for acting and modelling, soon after entering the film industry to express her raw talent.

However, the mystery of her disappearance continues to stir conspiracy theories and speculation in people’s minds, and some even presume her dead, though that has yet to be officially confirmed by anyone.

Relationship with Marcela Basteri

So, Marcela Basteri was married to Lusito Rey, who was a reasonably popular Spanish singer. They quickly got attached to each other and soon after got married. What followed was the birth of Luis Miguel, their son.

However, in 1986, her marriage came under deep crisis and she was forced to fly to Carrara, Italy for six months along with her youngest son. Her husband demanded she stay in Spain to complete the signing process for their son’s career in September.

Mystery surrounds Marcela Basteri

As previously mentioned, there is a huge speculation and mystery surrounding Marcela Basteri, and one of her close family members, Rosa, even went on to say that she had drowned, which is still yet to be confirmed by anyone or the authorities. Many different rumours and news have been linked to Marcela Basteri, and during that time, her family has kept silent.

Some people have their own reasoning and explanations to link it to Marcela’s death, but all of this is also not the truth. According to some testimonies, Marcela was manipulated and duped into falling into a trap set by certain alleged drug trafficking parties.What is stated is that these antisocial figures organised an event in Mexico and lost their lives as a result of a massive shooting outbreak.

Some more testimonies have different reasons for Marcela’s disappearance, and according to one, she was kidnapped by an Italian mafia and her cousin set out for her rescue. The testimonies don’t end there, and one even states that her husband, Luisito Rey, got her assassinated, which might make sense because her marriage was in crisis in 1986. This, however, was accompanied by numerous coincidences, and the marcela’s close friends and family stated that her marriage had become very complicated, and rumours were bound to circulate, adding insult to injury.

The news that broke out in 2009 stated that José Juan, a wealthy Puerto Rican business figure, claimed to be the father of Luis Miguel and, to prove his claim, asked him to undergo a DNA test. Luis Miguel, however, came out and rejected this false belief and didn’t undergo any sort of DNA testing.

In 2004, news broke out that stated that Marcela had appeared but she wasn’t sane and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital in the north of Italy where she was believed to be reunited with her son Miguel, but this didn’t take place at all and his brothers assured him that this was far from the truth. Some more speculation linked Marcella Basteri to being admitted to a rehabilitation unit for being an alcoholic, which was later rejected as well.

Things took an interesting turn in 2008 when Marcela Basteri even appeared as the trending story in a magazine that stated that she was residing on the island of Gran Canaria, in the Canary Islands, Spain. They even went so far as to include a picture of the house where Marcela Basteri was residing, and they showed some clues to where she was potentially hiding and some speculation about her presence in Argentina.

In 2010, the son of Marcela Luismiguel was confirmed to be under special care in a medical facility due to drug abuse. He might give some insight into his mother’s whereabouts and give an indication of where she might be. Miguel keeps a very silent approach to her mother’s rumors, and so does the rest of her family.

Relatives of Miguel are confirming that Marcela is alive and well and is currently living in Italy, and they believe that Marcela keeps in constant contact with her children. Although we would like to believe that this still remains a mystery and is yet to be confirmed by Marcela’s sons, During the 2012 time, the bandoneonist Walter Ros, one of Miguel’s musicians, who organised a music tour for him in Argentina and Chile, has come forward to confirm that Miguel has already formed unity with his mother during his time in asylum, and all of this is linked to the referenced news that was published in 2004. Luis Miguel was to release a song in tribute to her mother, which would be titled “I always looked for you.” Rios stated that Miguel had confessed to him that he had indeed met his mother, but she would not recognise him at all.

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Luis Miguels’ brother remembers her mother

Alejandro Basteri got very emotional when he remembered her mother for her birthday and launched his very own clothing line. He recalled the presence of her mother with a tender yet heart-warming photograph to celebrate what would have been her 75th birthday, and although this might shed more light on the mystery surrounding Marcela Basteri, it doesn’t confirm anything, as her family doesn’t confirm anything about her whereabouts at all. Luis Miguel’s younger brother also left a tender message for his mother, in which he stated: “I remember the woman who deserves all my love and affection and how you have been my greatest inspiration in life.” Alejandro’s new clothing line was to be dedicated to her mother and her memory, who disappeared for 35 years. All the garments and different clothing items that were created were inspired by her marcela and her style.

Closing remarks

And there you have it. That is all we have for this unique piece featuring everything you could possibly ever want to know about Marcela Basteri. Marcela Basteri was a dedicated personality who went through many struggles in her life to become an actress and enter the film industry. Due to all the complications, she faced in her life, she was a sound individual. There are numerous rumours and speculations about her that make us wonder whether she is alive or dead, or whether she has vanished somewhere; no one truly knows, and it remains a mystery to this day.