Gravity Blue Smith is a rising baby star in the United States of America. She is living as a celebrity, since her birth. She is the daughter of famous Hollywood celebrities. Gravity Blue Smith has a large fan following on social media. Like on Instagram, Tumblr, Quora, YouTube, and on other platforms.

Now we discuss details about Gravity Blue Smith’s net worth and age. Family, career, education, parents, zodiac sign, siblings, relationship, achievements, and everything. That you must know about your favorite baby star Gravity Blue Smith. So, let’s dive into our interesting topic.

Fame Before Birth

In March 2017, her beautiful parents announced on social media. That they were expecting a baby girl with an Instagram photo caption. “I have some amazing and shocking news – Stormi and I have a baby!

When was Gravity Blue Smith born?

The day and month, when gravity was born 26th of July 2017 as a first baby of their parents in the United States of America. She was given a precious and very unique name Gravity Blue Smith. In comparison to other common names, her name is unusual. I mean its Gravity. Her parents are celebrities, so don’t expect anything less.

ButI think the name is cute and cool when you think about it.

On the birthday of Gravity Blue Smith, her mom expressed her feelings on Instagram. Saying that,

“After a 21-hour labour with numerous ups and downs, in hospital the baby was born. This little angel was waiting to greet us on this planet. As the day progressed, everything about my  baby birth plan changed. As a result, we had to alter our complete plans to ensure that she arrived safely. Still awestruck by the female body’s ability to cope with great discomfort. Allow the entire person to depart your body by shifting. Return to your old location after that. Then you have to keep that human alive solely on the food you make with that identical body. Surprisingly, this was from our first nap together; I was fatigued but never felt happy more whole.”

Gravity Blue Smith Parents & Family

Her stylish parents love gravity blue Smith very much. As blue smith’s daughter is extremely cute. Have you discovered about Lucky Blue Smith and his pretty wife Stormi Bree Henley?

The name of her mom is Stormi Bree Henley and her father’s name is Lucky Blue Smith.

Gravity Blue Smith Mom

Gravity blue smith’s mom Stormi Bree Henley is an American singer. Very talented actress, gorgeous model, and beauty queen. She is a winner of a famous award for the Miss Teen USA 2009 title. Stormi Bree Henley is an American national. She is a talented actress. She was born on December 6, 1990. Now Stormi Bree Henley is 31 years old. Her eye color is blue. She has also won an award for Miss Tennessee Teen USA 2009. Her hair color is brown.

Stormi Bree Henley has an Instagram account named @stormibree. There are 1.1 million followers on her account. That confirms her publicity in Americans. Stormi, who started modeling in little age.

She has also auditioned for Season 10 of the popular singing programme American Idol. And he was eventually signed to Chris Brown’s record company, CBE.

Stormi Bree was at the height of her career when she appeared in a number of films, including the sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Gravity Blue Smith Father

Gravity blue smith’s father Lucky Blue Smith is an American fashion model. An elegant actor, and talented musician. He was born on the 4th of June, 1998. Now Lucky Blue Smith is 23 years old. At the years of 12, he contracted for an international modeling company. He is also an American national. His hair color is Ash-blonde. The Most Demanding Young Male Mormon Model on Earth is Lucky Blue Smith.

Lucky Blue Smith has a big Instagram account named @luckybsmith. 2.7 million people follow Lucky Blue Smith on Instagram. That is a big achievement. The successful young man is an accomplished drummer at the pinnacle of his profession. With his three brilliant sisters, he formed a band The Atomics .Daisy Clementine, Pyper America, and Starlie Cheyenne are partners of their brother.His main job in The Atomics band is playing the drums.

Gravity Blue Smith Grandparents

Dallon Smith and Sheridan Smith are grandparents of Gravity Blue Smith by her father. Sissi Henley and kipHenley are grandparents of Gravity Blue Smith by her mother.

Gravity Blue Smith Aunts

Pyper America, Starlie Cheyenne, and Daisy Clementine are aunts of Gravity Blue Smith, from her father’s side. Darbi Henley is the aunt of Gravity Blue Smith by her mother’s side. The aunts of gravity are social media and well-known people. With a background in music and modelling.

Gravity Blue Smith Siblings

blue Smith has another daughter with his wife Nara Pellman. His second daughter’s name is Rumble honey Smith. So, Gravity has only one step-sister from her father’s side.

As you may be aware, Lucky Blue Smith and Stormi Bree Henley are no longer together.. And lucky


Gravity is 4 years old.


As her parents are American nationals. So, Gravity Blue Smith is also an American national.


She living a happy life in the United States of America.

Height, Body, Eye Color

The height, body, and eye color of Gravity Blue Smith are still unknown. But we will refresh it later, as soon as possible. You can check it after some time on our website.

Gravity Blue Smith is still Alive?

The answer of this question is definitely yes. She is alive. And living a happy life with his famous, beautiful, and celebrity family. In the United States of America.

Gravity Blue Smith Religion

The religion of this beautiful baby star is not known. But we will add it later.

Gravity Blue Smith net worth

Gravity is already a well-known figure on social media. because of her parents’ social media presence. She has also inherited their following. Allowing her to bask in the spotlight. That both of her parents had received earlier. The 3-year-old is still unemployed. But she appears to be living a luxury lifestyle thanks to her parents’ obscene wealth.

Gravity Blue Smith Career

As you know she is just four-year age. It means that she will take some time to start her career. But as she is a daughter of celebrity parents. So, we can expect that she will start his career at an early age. Let’s watch and wait. That is when we will see Gravity Blue Smith on the big screen.

But there is also another choice that might she prefer any other field in the future.

Gravity Blue Smith Zodiac Sign

Zodiac Sign of Gravity Blue Smith is Leo.

Astrologers believe that those born under the sign of Leo are natural born leaders. They are exciting, productive, self-confident, predominant, and especially difficult to stay. They are capable of winning anything they want in any sphere of life in which they participate. Leo has a special strength because of their “lord of the jungle” status.

Leo usually has numerous friends for them are hospitable and loyal. Self-confident and beautiful. This is a Sun sign capable of connecting many different groups of people and directing them to a common goal. Their amazing sense of humour makes working with a large group of individuals much simpler.


Blue Gravity Smith was born in the Chinese Year of the Rooster. The Chinese Zodiac sign of the Rooster is associated with practicality. Intelligent, sensitive, analytical, and loyal. other special qualities are trusting, honest, perfectionists, neat and traditionalistic. Cooperative with Ox or Snake.

So, we can say confidently that, Gravity Blue Smith is a precious baby with numerous good qualities.


Gravity made her Instagram debut on her father’s account. “She’s here to meet Gravity Blue Smith; I’ve never been so happy…” reads the description on a lovely shot.

Gravity Blue Smith Instagram

She has an active Instagram account. Her Instagram account name is @gravityblue. She has a large fan following at a little age. there are

21.1 k (thousands) followers on her Instagram account. That shows how well-known she is in the United States. And it is a big achievement of gravity.

Gravity Blue Smith Relationship

As gravity is only four years old child. So, she is single.

Gravity Blue Smith Education

According to the latest news, Gravity Blue Smith did not start his education anywhere.

Gravity Blue Smith Achievements

Gravity Blue Smith is a baby star.

She has an enormous fan following on different social media sites.

Just on Instagram gravity has more than twenty thousand followers.

Her family provides her with a good existence.

Gravity Blue Smith on Tumblr

The hashtag #gravitybluesmith is only for gravity’s fans on Tumblr. This is yet another prominent social media platform in the United States. The name of gravity’s fan account is stromibreedaily. Where you can find daily news and fantastic picture of gravity.

That was all information about the rising child star Gravity Blue Smith. Her education, career, family, birthday, lifestyle, parents, and everything. That you should know about Gravity Blue Smith, your favourite celebrity. Please share your thoughts in the comments section. Thank you so much for your time.