Maya Versano the youngest daughter of a very talented Israeli actress Gal Gadot aka “Wonder Woman”. Most of the people must have been wondering how this 4 years old child became such a big name and why so many people want to know more and more about her. The answer is her mother. Yes, her mother Gal Gadot after portraying DCs character ‘Wonder Woman’ gained a huge popularity among the audience and as a result her youngest child  also couldn’t escape the limelight. The child gained a huge popularity among the fans of her mother even before her birth. There is a very interesting story behind this but firstly, let us know more about this “Wonder Child”.

More about Maya Versano

Maya Versano, youngest daughter of Gal Gadot was born on 19th March, 2017 in Los Angeles,  California USA. She is American .Her sun sign is Pisces. As we already know that her mother’s name is Gal Gadot who is a super talented and beautiful Israeli actress and has gained much name and fame in her profession. Her father’s name is Jaron Versano who is an entrepreneur and hotelier. Maya Versano has an elder sister named Alma Versano. She was born in 2011. She is 6 years older than Maya Versano and the first child of Gal Gadot and Jaron Versano.

Story before and after birth

As we already know, the girl gained immense popularity even before her birth. Do you know the reason behind that?  Well there is a very interesting and shocking story behind this. Most of us might not know this but Maya Versano was also a part of her mother’s super hit movie “Wonder Woman”.Yes, it might sound crazy but she was also present in the movie. Actually not physically but she was there inside her mother’s womb. Gal Gadot was five months pregnant with Maya Versano when she was shooting for the movie. This news made her fans more excited and crazy about her upcoming child. Gal Gadot also kept on posting pictures of her baby bump and even of ultrasonography  in her social media handles. This worked as a fuel on fire. So, these are the main reasons that the child herself was nothing less than her mother when it came to popularity and that’s even before birth. The craze around the child didn’t come down even after her birth.

But after the child’s birth her parents became more protective and stopped posting pictures of their child on social sites. Even if they do so the faces of both the daughters are either blurred or hidden. But still paparazzi manage to get one or two images of the two sisters when they are out for a vacation with the family.

Maya Versano’s appearance

Maya Versanois now 4 years old. She has short hair. Her hair colour is brown and so are her eyes. She has a fair skin tone. About her body structure there is no official measurement of the child’s figure. She looks short and cute like the other children of her age. But the girl will surely grow up as a beautiful woman in the coming years just like her beautiful mother.

Relationship and net worth

About Maya Versano’s relationship she must be single and of course unmarried. I mean what we can expect from a 4 years old kid. Of course she is single and must not have any plan to be in a relationship before her teenage. We hope that she will also find her soulmate in the near future like her parents.

 Her net worth is related to her parents income. There is no official update about her average salary. Her mother is in the list of highest paid actresses in the world and her father is also a wealthy businessman. According to the sources, the selling price of her father’s hotel cost 26 million dollars. So we can simply say that the young child lacks any sort of financial problems.

Maya’s education and career

About Maya’s education she must be in her primary stage in education as she is very young at this moment. As her parents are celebrities and don’t lack anything, surely they will give her the best education facilities which she deserves.

Now about her career, it is heard that Maya Versano’s parents would like to enroll her into the acting classes as they want their child to be an actress just like her mother. They have also admitted their elder daughter Alma Versano in acting classes. But the parents will surely give her a chance herself to choose what she would like to become in the future.

Maya Versano’s ” Wonder mother”

Maya’s mother, Gal Gadot Versano was born on 30th April 1985. She is a very talented Israeli actress and also a model. Her height is 5ft 10inch. She was also Miss Israel in 2004(2018) at a very young age. When she was 20 years old she served in the Israeli Defence Forces as a soldier which is mandatory in her country. After serving as a soldier in the Defense Forces she started studying at the IDC Herzliya college. She was Pursuing her acting and modeling career alongside.

Gadot’s first role for an international film was as Gisele Yashar in fast and furious which was released in 2009. The super talented actress kept on receiving global recognition for playing as Diana Prince or Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe. From  Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice, released in 2016 to her solo performance in Wonder Woman in 2017 and its sequel in 2020 , the talented mother received huge love and attention from all over the world. There are also other hits by the actress like the assemble justice league in 2017 the alternate cut Zack Snyder’s Justice League in 2021.

Gal Gadot has been famed as the biggest Israeli superstar by the local media networks in 2017.

In 2018 the times magazine also named her among the most influential actresses in the world. When it comes to the highest paid actresses in the world she is always there.

She got married to successful businessman Jaron Versano in 2008.Jaron Versano is a successful entrepreneur and hotelier. Their love story is also very interesting that we will talk about later. She conceived her first child Alma Versano in 2011 and her second child Maya in 2017. She is not only best in her profession but also proved as a wonderful mother when it comes to their children. Truly a Wonder Woman in real and reel life.

More about Maya Versano’s family

There are four members in her family. Maya, her mother Gal Gadot, her father Jaron Versano and her elder sister Alma Versano. The name of Maya’s maternal grandfather is Micheal Gadot who is an engineer and her grandmother Irit Gadot is a teacher.

Maya Versano’s parents marriage

Maya Versano’s parents Gal Gadot and Jaron Versano got married in 2008. It was a love marriage. Their love story is very interesting and beautiful at the same time.

First time they met at a cultural function. The function was about mental health, yoga, chakras and topics related to such things. A common friend of there’s introduced themselves to each other. It has come to know that they found the party so boring that they engaged themselves in another. The get together was about mental peace but they found their peace in each other. Jaron Versano was 10 years older than Gal Gadot at that time. But the age gap between the two lovers didn’t seem like a barrier at all. It has been known that Jaron told Gadot that he will marry her after two years on their second date and the gentleman kept his promise. They were in a relationship for two years before getting married to each other in 2008.

The lovely couple keep on posting pictures together on their instagram handles. The couple also posted many pictures along with their daughters. They look very comfortable and happy together. It seems that they enjoy each other’s company a lot. Fans find them perfect for each other.

So we can wrap this all up by saying that Maya Versano is just a charming little child just like any other child of her age. But her superstar mother’s stardom has  made her nothing less than a celebrity. Paparazzis are going crazy to get her single picture as her parents are trying their best to make her stay away from social media. Her celebrity parents will do their best to give her the best education and parenting. As her parents would love to see her to be an actress. We hope that she will become a respected and loved superstar just like her amazing mother.