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  • Kai Avaroe Biography
  • Kai Avaroe Age and Height 
  • Net Worth (2022)
  • Relationship with Husband and Kids
  • Kai Avaroe family
  • Kai Avaroe controversy
  • Facts summary about Kai Avaroe
  • Kai Avaroe YouTube career
  • Wiki summary

Kai Avaroe Biography

Kai Avaroe (Laineybot) has become popular amongst the people with her YouTube channel and being active on other social media platforms. She got to marry another famous YouTuber named Onision and who gained more attention from people, when she got married to Onision. She is open about her sexuality on social media platforms as transgender. People are also called by different names Laineybot. She has her full name Taylor Elaine Anderson, so on social media, she is known for both names.

Kai Avaroe (Laineybot) currently has over 300K subscribers on the YouTube channel.The main reason for her popularity on social medial platforms is that she had been involved in many controversies and as well her husband also in many controversies. She is also very famous for her gender transition on social media platforms.

Kai Avaroe Age and Height 

Kai Avaroe (Laineybot) is 27 years old and Born in the years of 16th October 1994 in Las Cruces, New Mexico, North America, and her nationality is American. Although she is not more open about her family background. If we talk about her height so she is 5 feet and 4 inches tall height, which is a normal height for a human being.

Kai’s husband has an age of around 36 and he had a height of 5 feet and 10 inches. So, both the people have almost kind of similar heights but he is a little bit taller than kai.

Net Worth (2022)

As being a social media influence and working on YouTube, she makes a good amount of money from these social media platforms and the major income for her is from the YouTube Ad revenue and Brand sponsorship on the other social media platforms. Recently she reported a Net worth of around 500 thousand USD, which is a good amount of money to live a luxury lifestyle. 

If we talk about the Net worth of her husband Onision, so he has around 2 million USD of Net worth. Her husband has more followers on social media platforms which makes his Net worth more than her Wife. As both couples, they have a good amount of Net worth.

Relationship with Husband and Kids

If we have a look at the relationship with the Husband Onision, so she got married to him in the year 2012. Kai met her husband at a very early age when she was around just 17 years old. As we have talked about previously that she is transgender, so before getting married to the Onision, she also got into relation with two girls named Regina. 

This marriage has been given more limelight on social medial platforms as both were social media influences. Both the couple has two children, which included one son named Troy, age of around 10 years (Born in 2013), and one beautiful daughter Cloey, Born in the year 2016. We have also heard the news about their separation, but officially they have not announced their divorce yet.

Kai Avaroe family

Kai Avaroe (Laineybot) was born in America and her parents also live in America. In the year 2018, their family moved to Ashington D.C. 2018 because her family suffered from tax debt. There are not many details about her family as she is not that much open about her family on social media platforms.

Kai Avaroe controversy

Back in the years of 2019, her husband also got involved in the controversy of child grooming and abuse with a fan, named Sarah as well as his account got banned on the VidCon 2012 due to this video. The couple got into controversies more frequently and had been into so many controversies in the past years.

Facts summary about Kai Avaroe

  • Kai’s full name is Taylor Elaine Anderson and she loved to call her by male pronouns. She also called herself Kai Jackson after she made a gender transition in the years of march 2019.
  • She was born on the year 16th October 1994 and currently, she is27 years old.
  • She has currently over 300K subscribers on the YouTube channel with over 64 million
  • Kai has not been active on the other social media platforms and on Instagram, she has a private account with only around 500 subscribers.
  • Both got married in the year 2012 and currently both shared two children including one son and one daughter.
  • Her husband got into the controversy of accusing child grooming and abuse but both denied this all by saying “the grooming stuff is absolute nonsense” 

Kai Avaroe YouTube career

The YouTube career of the kai is quite interesting and she has been doing this YouTube for a very long, she started her YouTube channel back then in the years of 2015 February when YouTube was new to the world, so we can say that she is posting the content on the social media platforms since long. She posted her very first video on the YouTube channel titled “Girlfriend Boyfriend Tag (Laineybot & Onision)”, which got so many views after posting the videos on the YouTube channel, and since then she has been posting her content on her YouTube channel.

If we have look at some of the most popular videos on her channel so it was the video that she made about collaboration with her husband Onision, who is also a YouTuber and another one is named Internet Celebrities I Would Date. So overall their YouTube journey of Kai is good also the YouTube of her husband is running well.She also runs another YouTuber channel called “Beautybot” where she posts content related to beauty and fashion back then but currently, she is not active on this channel

Wiki summary

NameTaylor Elaine Anderson
Other namesLaineybot, Kai Elaine Avaroe, Kai Jackson
Country  United States
BirthplaceLas Cruces, New Mexico, USA
Date of BirthOctober 16, 1994
Height5 feet and 4 inches
Net worth (Estimated) $500K
Husband nameOnision