Darrell Carlton or better known by his stage name, Crunchy Black, is a famous American hip-hop artist. The rapper has managed to amass a huge net worth spanning several decades by being an artist. He has an estimated net worth of around $8 million as of 2022.

Quick Summary

Born: August 20, 1974

Age: 47 years

Birthplace: Indiana, United States

Net Worth: $8 million

Source of Wealth: Rapping

Early Life

Crunchy Black was born Darrell Carlton on August 20 of 1974 in Indiana, United States. He had a rough childhood just like most black people born around the same time. The worst is that his parents divorced when he was still young. He has been quoted from time to time saying how this was among his darkest moments.

That did not put him down since he grew to become a hype man before starting his career. There are a few cases where he mentions about being a hype man for various artists before finding out that he too can be a rapper.

Not much is mentioned about his wife, but we know he had a daughter named Ladee Pooh Calton. She was a bright young girl who unfortunately lost her life due to a tragic shooting in August 2020.

This was a sad time for Crunchy Black who was asking to be stopped from retaliating.

However, the rapper is not new to pain. There are reports of him shooting himself in 2012 and he also got shot in his leg and face while in Vegas. So, he has been through pain over the years.

The death of his daughter was quite painful. He always says that he got shot and survived but his daughter did not get the same chance.

There was a time he admitted to struggling with her death to a point of hurting himself. All we know is that right now he seems better and striving for greatness.

Career Life

You can say Black has been in the game for quite some time considering he started his rapping career when he was just 19 years old.

You may have heard of a hip-hop group called “Three 6 Mafia”. That is where it all began in 1995.

The group produced some of the biggest hits during that time and Black was a huge part of it. Actually, that is what got him going and avoiding the life of gangs in his neighborhood.

Like any rapper with more ambition, Black decided to leave the Three 6 Mafia group in 2006 to pursue a solo career in rapping. It is claimed that monetary disputes and the desire to also work alone led to the split.

We would later see him release his solo album in September of the same year. The album was titled “On My Own.”

At some point, Black claimed that Juicy J ad DJ Paul released the album without his permission. Nevertheless, the album did quite well encouraging him to release more music.

Crunchy Black released a second album titled “From Me To You” which reached an all-time high of number 12 on the Billboard for Top Rap albums. He was definitely onto something that kept him going.

That was not the end of Black as we saw him join DJ Paul, Lord Infamous, and Koopsta Knicca in an aim to rejuvenate the Three 6 Mafia, but this time being called Da Mafia 6ix.

We generally see that Crunchy Black has had a great career contributing to many platinum albums including Da Unbreakables, Most Known Uknown, and many others.

Net Worth and Income Sources

As already mentioned before, Crunchy Black has an estimated net worth of $8 million. This is mostly from his rapping career that he started at a young age.

Being part of the Three 6 Mafia is what saw him make quite some money. It is during this time that the group won awards for the song “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp.” Of course, all this fame also came up with some money for the whole team.

Three 6 Mafia kept releasing new songs consistently that saw them rake up to $20 million in net worth as a group.

As you might have thought already, the monetary disputes are what led to the group breaking. However, the Three 6 Mafia members remained friends and even later tried to reignite the Three 6 Mafia group again with another name.

Branching out on his own saw Crunchy Black also making a name for himself in the rap game. He worked with producers such as Juicy J and DJ Paul to release several albums that also topped the charts.

His solo career also made him get more money and endorsement deals from different brands. That is how he managed to stay relevant for several years after leaving Three 6 Mafia.

Da Mafia 6ix is another group he formed with two other rappers as mentioned before. The group released several albums which did well on the charts giving them shows and endorsements too. It might not be easy to know how much they made, but it seemed quite good due to the success of the albums.

Crunchy Black also made money through other ventures including tours, concerts, collaborations, and more. We cannot forget that he also has his own Merchandise including clothes and chains. This is quite common for most rappers.

Lessons from Crunchy Black

Looking at his life, we can always take some points home for those who want inspiration from him. One thing we largely see from Crunchy Black is that he was consistent. You can find his musical journey was consistent throughout the years.

Also, confidence is key to success. We see how Crunchy Black has always been confident when he gets onto the stage to perform. When you are confident in what you do, it is possible to be quite successful at it.

Of course, you should also be determined in whatever you do. That is how far determination has brought Crunchy Black in his rapping career.

Wrapping Up

Crunchy Black has had a good career in hip-hop producing some of the best hits with the Three 6 Mafia and on his own. Even though he has had some low moments in his life, we have seen him rise again and keep doing what he does best.