David Muir is a host of TV programs as well as a news anchor. He is well known for his expressiveness and talent to address several community issues. He is running his news show “ABC world news tonight” which is much popular on TV. Along with this he also has a personal series “Made in America” that has got immense popularity.

David Muir biography

The age of David Muir is 49 years and he was brought up in Onondaga hill New York, United States of America. His birthday is on 1st March and he was born in 1973 in New Jersey, on March 1, 1973, to Pat Mills and Ronald Muir. David Muir’s height is 5’5″ with a weight of 76 kg. Spanish and English are the two languages in which he is confident to speak. In his teenage, David was also fond of playing sports. Rather, he loved the recent happenings and news and then got indulged in that profession.

There is no information regarding his body measurement, while the size of his shoe is 7 to 8 U.S. He has a long face, and his brown hair and eyes make him more attractive and handsome. David Muir is American by birth and also in the right place for the white Caucasian ethnicity. David Muir’s religion is the Christian religion with Scorpio as a zodiac sign. It is acknowledged that males with this Zodiac sign are very ambitious and do lots of hard work to achieve. David grew up in a family of Roman Catholics.

Does David Muir gay sexually?

The clear-cut answer to this question is clear-cut ‘Yes’. David has been in a relationship with a reporter named Gio Benitez. According to the reports collected, regardless of having his sexuality confirmed David has been noticed many times in the Gay club in Los Angles. The report also added that Gio met David in the conference press report for the very first time and then both of them were dating for more than five years.

Initially, both of them were cautious about revealing their sexual interest but finally, it was figured out that David Muir is gay and Gio was also involved in the same sexuality. After this disclosure, both of them were seen in each other’s company in public as well. However, this connection was not for many years and they detached from each other. Any of them has not yet exposed the reason for this separation.

Now there are rumours to be heard that David Muir is dating Sean. However, he has not introduced him as David Muir’s partner but the fact is Sean the guy is living with David.

David Muir Kids and David Muir Marriage

As of 2022, he is concentrating on his career and does not focus on marriage or kids.

How about David Muir’s parents, early life and siblings?

David’s birthplace is Syracuse, New York. In the concern of David Muir’s parents, Ronald Muir is his father and his mother’s name is Pat Mills. His parents divorced when he was very young and he spent his upbringing with his mother only. If we talk about David Muir’s siblings then it is known by today that he does not have any real siblings rather he has step-siblings, and their names of them are not known yet.

What about David Muir’s education and career?

He completed his schooling at Onondaga central junior high school. For higher education, he attended Ithaca college, he graduated in journalism. Then to learn journalism professionally he went to Salamanca University.

David feels proud of his education at Ithica college and still is the representative and a guru for several students in this college where he completed his studies in journalism. David is not only the commencement speaker in this college but also Wisconsin and Northern Massachusetts university.  Along with this David Muir’s education and career he has also been involved in several international projects and nongovernmental organisations. In his project, he has endorsed the reasons for global warming, forest fires and many such consequential projects.    

David Muir’s early career

He has a vast career and he started in 1995 as a journalist at WVTH-TV. His first project of the assassination was of Yitzhak Rabin. Around his birthplace, Syracuse David has got much popularity as the best news anchor. Then he joined another station WCVB and spent three years over there. There he covered the 9/11 attack and got success in tracing the hijackers. In 2003, Muir joined the news channel ABC and host USA news.

Where is David Muir today?

At this point, David is hosting his news show “World news now.” He got much attention on the show “World news this morning.”. The news show has become the most-watched show in the USA. As a result, he has become the senior leader in the USA of news anchoring channels.

David Muir’s popularity and awards

David is a dedicated journalist and anchor which is why he got many honours and awards in his career including Edward R Murrow and Emmys.          David Muir has also won the Jessica Savitch distinction as well as an award for excellent journalist in 2015. Moreover, he has been at the peak of the first 15 sexiest guys alive.     

David Muir Instagram                

As David is a popular news anchor thus, he has a huge number of followers on Instagram and other social media sites. His news is viewed globally by his massive fans. If we talk about where is David Muir now, then he is the top-rated news anchor of the show ABC world news tonight. You can check and follow him on Instagram by clicking the link below.


He has a total of 506k followers on Instagram and 801.6k on Twitter. He also has a Facebook account with 330k followers.       

How much David Muir’s net worth is?

According to the reports, David Muir’s net worth as of the year 2022 is around 20 million dollars. His source of earnings is from top-rated news shows as a host and an anchor. Although, he has not personally revealed his net worth, however, the standard salary for a senior news anchor is 7 million dollars per annum.

Is David Muir married to Kate Dries?

There were rumours that the editor Kate Dries wrote an article for him as a boyfriend. In one piece of her article, she wrote that both of them had a spark from the beginning. Nevertheless, any further indications have been spotted off the pair’s connection. Moreover, David also has not made any reference to it at all.