Who is She?

Gina Sasso is an American entrepreneur and businesswoman who rose to prominence after marrying Thomas Ford.Thomas Fort was a popular comedian and actor. A man who claims fame for picturing Thomas Tommy ‘Strawm. Gina Sasso is a unique individual in the land of earth who knows the unique ideas of what sort of position she wants to adopt on the road of life in order to accomplish and to qualify. Today, she is living well in her present life, working in a company and pursuing her beautiful, healthy, happy life in a clear and decent manner. She has a strong belief in democracy. She is well aware that without a properly functioning democratic system, no individual can raise his or her voice and obtain rights.One thing to remember, the only man who became the pivotal reason for the limelight on Gina-Sasso was Thomas Ford.

Gina Sasso’s Early Life and Biography

The full name of Lady Gina Sasso is Gina Marie Sasso. The birthplace of the popular lady is an American state, Florida, where she was born on March 13, 1963.

Gina Sasso’s Age

In 2022, she will be 59 years old.

Body Measurements of Gina Sasso

There is no disclosed information about the exact figure of her body measurements, such as weight, height, chest, hips, waist, etc. Nonetheless, her standing straight in a crowd gives the impression that she is her approximate height, with eye-catching brown eyes and straight brown hair.

Gina Sasso’s Height

She has an average height but looks pretty tall in her photographs.


Gina Sasso comes from an Afro-American ethnicity.

Nationality of Gina-Sasso

Gina-Saaso has an American nationality and is living each and every up and down of her life.

The spiritual spectrum of Gina Sasso

By religion, she belongs to a Christian dogma. She does practise her beliefs unregularly. 

Gina Sasso’s Parents and Siblings

There is no actual and reliable source that informs us about her parents and siblings. She didn’t unveil her in this respect in front of the media. So we have to remain unverified about her siblings and parents due to a lack of valid information.

Gina’s Education

No valid data was found about her education, but as a competent business woman, she looks educated. Some unreliable sources say that she completed her education at local institutes.

Gina-Sasso and Ford’s Marriage

Following the first meeting, they both begin to meet each other at very short intervals indefinitely.Almost one year after their first meeting of fellowship, they decided to get hitched. They were married in Las Vegas in April 1997 at the resort’s Rio Hotel. In 1996, Gina Sasso was on a business trip in Los Angeles, the City of Angels, during which she met Ford for the first time.

The Honeymoon Period of Gina-Sasso

This honeymoon couple spent the most important time of their lives together in Aruba, the land of giants.

Gina-Sasso’s Loyalty to Her Husband

Gina was one of the few people who remained loyal and faithful to Ford all the time, in spite of the ebb-and-flow of his life.

Gina Sasso and Ford’s Children

In approximately 15 years of their marital life, she gave birth to two children while living together. A son named Thomas Ford Junior and the only daughter named Medison Ford, Some facts reveal that the date of birth of his daughter was March 15, 2000. It is very hard to find much detail about the date of birth of their first child, named Thomas Jr. They both remained unpopular and never tried to show off in the media domain. The present location and the course of the lives of Thomas Junior and Medison Ford are mysterious even today. They do not want to live their lives on the box of a TV screen, and it may be that they prefer to remain aloof.

The Downfall of the Marital Life of Gina-Sasso and Ford

Unfortunately, her marriage was not so long lasting because she could not spend the final years of her marital life together. The wedded relationship between them begins to transform into a long-lasting conflicting life. As a consequence of their conflict, the alliance between Gina and Ford, in the shape of a coupling, could not last more than fifteen years; the divorce occurred in 2014. This divorce became the cause of a big tragedy for not only Fort’s marital life but his deteriorating health due to an abdominal aneurysm. It seems like very eye capturing movements when Fort’s well-wishers were extremely anxious to know about his personal life, especially his life of romance after meeting with Gina.

The Reason Behind Her Divorce

It is not very clear what the reason behind their divorce was. Some facts and figures show that Ford was accused of his extreme aggressiveness with his life partner, which became the cause of his lonely life. She was so disappointed with his divorced life that he could not try to tie the knot with any other person afterwards. She thought, after this shock, that it was better to remain aloof without getting engaged to anyone in her private life. The reason for this is that she has identified the bitter taste with the extreme bitter reality of life when the day of separation would arrive in the life of a happy and unparalleled couple.

Ford’s Girlfriend, Viviane De Sosa Beattie, Accused

After the divorce, a new lady, Viviane De Sosa, who is also known as Viviane Brazil, came into the life of Ford. Unfortunately, her girlfriend accused him of being extremely aggressive while in a relationship with other people.So it became the foremost reason for his separation.

Ford’s Cause of Death

He leads his beautiful life on a doomsday after divorcing Gina Sasso and dating Vivian De Sosa. was revealed to be suffering from a ruptured aortic abdominal aneurysm and could not overcome this bitter experience of his life and ultimately passed away on October 12, 2016.

Gina Sasso’s career

She is an entrepreneur and a businesswoman by profession. Unfortunately, there is no renowned source of information that directly or indirectly figures out how she is now running her business. The reliable source informs us that she is the owner of a marketing company, but the name of her company remains unrevealed.

Gina-Sasso’s Husband Thomas Ford’s Career

The pope of comedy started his admirable career with a simple and clear cut series in the domain of comedy with jokes by Martin Lawrence. He was able to get a fabulous supporting actor award in 1996 in the Land of Comedy Series.

From then on, he was constantly involved in a series of comedies, and he became known around the world as the Pope of Comedy.

He also played a very important role in the crime dramas, Harlem Night, and Kids Play. Among all these above-mentioned categories, he also wrote some motivational character-building books for innocent children. 

Gina Sasso’s Social Media Links

She keeps her personal and private life away from the most advanced digital media, such as social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, WeChat, etc.

Net Worth of Gina-Sasso

As an ex-wife of Thomas Ford, she became a celebrity, but she is still an energetic woman in her career professionally. Different articles and a number of reports claim that the estimated net worth of Gina Sasso is approximately 500 thousand US dollars to one million US dollars. She earned all these earnings from her reputed and well established marketing company. No one has even a little bit of courage to claim their net worth. She is a straight-forward and successful business woman who knows each and every step related to her business and has made her business well-established on the earth of a powerful country, America.

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Gina-Sasso’s ex-husband, Thomas Ford, had an approximate net worth of US $2 million at the time of his death. This estimated net worth is also considered to be transferred to his children as heritage. This information is unclear and vivid for his fans. Gina Sasso is spending her peaceful and successful life with her competency, hardworking and vigilant approach that is incomparable. After consuming a long effort to find out the data about her vehicles and other transportation, we became unsuccessful in finding even a single vehicle or house in her custody. So it depicts her serene life calmly and peacefully. In her living standards, she is portraying a message to her followers and readers that life can be lived without any luxurious things attached. 

Quick info search:

Full Name of Gina SassoGina Marie Sasso
Date of Birth 13 March 1963
Age59 years
Astrological SignPisces
Birth PlaceJamaica
Ex-HusbandThomas Ford
Place of DatingLas Angeles
Place of MarriageRio Hotel and Resort, Las Vegas
Number Of ChildrenTwo
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
 Net Worth US$500000-1 Million
Present Marital StatusDivorced and Single
Political StanceStand for Democracy
Social Media Links Unknown