You probably know Jeanette Adair Bradshaw as the ex-wife of the Hollywood icon Morgan Freeman. If you don’t know her, it’s not your fault. She had no profile in the media before her marriage to Freeman and even today, many people do not recognize her name. She married Morgan in 1967 and they were together for over a decade before their romantic relationship ended in divorce in 1979. They had two daughters Deena and Morgana Freeman who are also in the showbiz business. The reason for Jeanette’s fame was her romantic relationship with Morgan who is 84 years old now but still at the top of his game. The African-American woman had a decent slim body build and a height of 5’7’’ (5 feet, 7 inches) with curly hair in her young days.

Birth, Education, Career

Nobody in the media knew about her before the marriage. So her birthplace and her origin remain a mystery even today. Though it is confirmed she had a quality education, no one knows where she went to school or college. While her sources of income are still unknown, it is believed that she has a stable financial life. Some believe she has a net worth easily past a million US dollars.

Why is she off-the-grid?

Since her divorce from Morgan, Jeanette has gone off-the-grid. Since then, she has kept all aspects of her life extremely private while making very few public appearances. Currently, no one knows about her relationship status or where she lives. The cause of her discretion is still unknown but many people assume that while she has a net worth of well over a million dollars, she is living a good life without all the drama of media, especially social media. She has been extra private in recent years having no Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.After all, it’s hard to stay out of the spotlight if you’re the ex-wife of someone like the legendary Morgan Freeman.

Relationship with Morgan Freeman

For more than a decade, Jeanette was married to Freeman. She stood beside him through rain and shine. They were a model couple at that time, always the center of relationships and casual talks. However unresolvable differences arose between the two and they filed for divorce in 1979 and thus the relationship ended. While there are many things that are uncertain about Jeanette’s life, the cause of the divorce is one: Freeman’s multiple extra-marital affairs. The actor has always had a busy sex life and it was something that ended his relationship with Jeanette. Very recently, he was accused of having a sexual relationship with his step-granddaughter E’Dena Hines who was brutally murdered by her boyfriend. Until now, six women have portrayed him as a sexual predator. Freeman denies all the accusations. The killer of her granddaughter was sent to 20 years in prison. Freeman along with her ex-wives, including Jeanette, came to E’Dena’s funeral.


Jeanette had one daughter before her marriage to Freeman. She had only one biological child with him, a daughter who was named Morgana Freeman. Apart from this, she has disclosed nothing about her personal or family life. She continues to live away from the limelight.

Where is she now?

Though she is still believed to be in the United States, she has remained under the radar of the media and public eye. Her latest public appearance was in 2015 when she came to E’Dina’s funeral.


Jeanette Adair Bradshaw never considered a committed relationship after her divorce. She has never appeared on the media since then. She continues to live her life in private. She keeps no social media accounts. No one knows about her whereabouts or business, however, it is agreed that she is living a smooth stable life.

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