Do you use an employee rewards and recognition program to motivate your team? If not, you must start this right away. The truth is, these programs provide crucial benefits that every business needs.

For one thing, they boost the productivity of your company. They also foster a positive culture and earn you a reputation as an excellent employer. This helps you attract new employees and retain current ones.

A good employee rewards platform can even boost the mental and physical health of your employees. In other words, it reduces the occurrence of sick days in your office.

In these and several other ways, employee rewards programs can greatly improve your bottom line. Keep reading to learn more about the awesome benefits of employee rewards and recognition programs.

1. Boost Productivity

What happens when an employee does their best work and no one seems to notice? Obviously, they learn that working hard does them no good at all.

This is why employee rewards and recognition programs are vital for the productivity of your team. In order to stay motivated, employees need to see that great work is rewarded in your company.

One way to do this is with a monetary bonus. However, this doesn’t necessarily make an employee feel recognized or valued.

As such, it can be just as motivating to celebrate the employee’s deeds in the presence of their coworkers. “Employee of the month” programs are good examples of this.

If celebrating your employees doesn’t come naturally to you, consider leadership training. Team Leadership training programs, like the Generative Agile Leadership Journey, can teach you how to encourage your team through recognition and rewards.

2. Boost Employee Health

As mentioned, when you fail to recognize your employees, they feel that all their hard work is meaningless. What’s worse is that they spend about half of their waking hours on this “meaningless” work.

It’s easy for such employees to think that they don’t matter, either. Then, this sad routine has become a depressing identity.

In other words, a lack of employee recognition leads to genuine mental health problems. And it’s a scientific fact that poor mental health leads to physical health problems.

Conversely, employee rewards programs make team members feel valued and appreciated. Ultimately, this boosts mental and physical health in the workplace, thereby reducing the frequency of sick days.

3. Foster a Positive Culture/Reputation

Finally, the benefits above make for exceptional company culture. And your happy employees will be far less likely to quit.

Nor will they keep their mouths shut about it. Soon, word will get out that you are one of the best employers in your local area. Then, the most qualified prospective employees will seek you out on a regular basis.

Do You Have an Employee Rewards and Recognition Program?

Without an employee rewards and recognition program, you’re missing out on these amazing benefits. And so is your team.

Don’t miss out any longer. Remember what you’ve learned here and set up an employee rewards platform right away.

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