Who needs to learn about Rhonda Yeoman? She is a famous woman and a celebrity of her age. You may watch her on the TV show “Taxi and Who’s the Boss?” This show has brought her into the spotlight. This was the time when she got married to Tony Danza. He is a celebrity who has won an Emmy Award and four Golden Globe Awards in the entertainment category.

About the Show “Taxi and Who’s the Boss”

Taxi is a famous American show that was telecasted from 1978 to 1983. The program revolves around the living style of a group of taxi drivers in New York City. They work for the fictional company for Sunshine Cab. It boasts a talented cast that includes MariluHenner, Tony Danza, Judd Hirsch, and others. The series shows dramatic and comedic interactions between the characters. It is the famous yet interesting show that has brought Tony Danza into the limelight.

About Rhonda Yeoman

She is a popular celebrity and known for being Tony Danza’s ex-wife. With her divorced mother, she has been living in Brooklyn since 2022. There is a long love story between both celebrities. But very few people know about it. They became acquainted during 1st semester of their college at the Identical University of Dubuque in Lowa.

Early Life and Education

She was born in 1953 in the US. Rhonda belongs to a noble American family. Sagittarius is her zodiac sign. In Brooklyn, she has completed her elementary schooling. After high school, she wants to pursue higher education. So, the lady relocated to Lowa, got admission to The University of Dubuque, and completed her Bachelor’s degree in management.


Rhonda Yeomen is an American woman, and there is little information about it. Her recognition in the industry is Tony Danza’s wife. But she has a world championship in professional boxing. There are three losses and nine wins on her credits.

Family and Personal Life

In 1970, Tony wedded Rhonda since they met in their college. Tony started his career at that time. On January 29, 1971, she gave birth to a son. They named the boy Marc Anthony Iadanza. Their wedding ended in 1974, and they united for only four years. In 1983, they welcomed their second child after they made amends. Tony announced his divorce in 1995 again.

After this divorce, they moved to their personal lives, and Yeoman has strengthened her relationship with her children. Rhonda is living a very low-profile life and is not active on social media or in the limelight. She does not make her appearance at notable events. Thus, people do not know much about her.


We have discussed her only relationship with her ex-husband Tony Danza. Their relationship is like many other celebrities. She faces ups and downs in her married life. However, due to her privacy preferences, there is very little information about her personal life and the specifics of their reunion. After their divorce, Rhonda retreated largely from the public eye, selecting to keep her personal life away from media scrutiny.

She is the mother of two children named Gina Danza and Marc Anthony Danza. Mark has followed in his father’s footsteps. The View, The John Davidson Show, and Taxi are his famous TV shows. Marc wedded Julie and has two kids named Nicholas and Lucas.

On the other hand, Gina has kept her information confidential. There are very few details about her on social media, but she comes in front of the camera with her father on various occasions.

Weight and Height

Rhonda weighs 127 pounds or 58 KG with five feet and eight inches in height. Her figure measurements are 34- 26-36. With black color eyes and brown hair, she is a good-looking woman. She won the hearts of people through her impressive personality and charming beauty. She is the icon of the day for her charismatic personality. The lady is known for her dynamic and cool looks.

Yeoman is the lady who knows the art of casting spells around her. Her charm spreads when she appears with her simple look. She is considered a charming woman in the race of hot women. She knows how to cash her success and maintain it because she is an extremely simple lady.

Net Worth

Rhonda is enjoying a comfortable living style due to her success in her career. She is enjoying a net worth of $200,000 at the start. She gets a handsome amount of money through child support and alimony. Furthermore, her amount for a divorce settlement is not declared, but she has a good amount since her ex-husband is enjoying a $45 million net worth. In 2022, her net worth will be $220 thousand.

In Manhattan’s Millennium Tower, there is a 1046-square-foot condo. In 2005, her husband’s apartment cost $1.7 million. Moreover, Tony sold 2008 his Sherman Oaks home for $6.15 million.

Social Media

People want to know about their favorite celebrities. Rhonda Yeoman is recognized as the ex-wife of Tony Danza. Therefore, people want to learn about her because her public life attracts people. Unfortunately, she does not share much about her. In this modern era, people use digital media and love accessing their favorite celebrities. Thus, they want to know about her earnings, relationships, and visibility on social media. But, she is not active on social networks. Therefore, it is hard to get much information about her. She is still famous as an ex-partner of a celebrity.

Final Verdict

TV and film are the worlds of glamor, and most people want to be part of it. To be the icon of this dreamland is the dream of everyone. The American TV and film industry is vast, and several people have made their space, but getting recognition and fame in the industry takes work here. Rhonda Yeoman is a name of fame here who does not know the talented lady ruling over the hearts of numerous men and women. Girls love to follow her dress and hairstyle. No doubt, she is popular for her simple looks.