Solita Liliana Rivera is a famous child born on August 2, 2005, in New York, United States. She is the daughter of the famous journalist, lawyer, political analyst, and actor, Geraldo Rivera. Her mother, Erica Michelle Levy, is a famous producer, news reporter, and journalist who worked for CNBC. She is the child star of the American tabloid talk show presenter. 

Age and Education of Solita Rivera 

Now, she is 18 years old and has completed her schooling at Hathaway Brown School. Her zodiac sign is Leo. She is a young, talented, and beautiful girl, and she also has a keen interest in book reading. Solita Liliana, since her childhood, has been volunteering at a therapeutic nursery at the JCC in Tenafly, N.J., because she is performing a mitzvah project. 

Height and Weight

Solita Liliana Rivera has never shared information about her height or weight, but she says that her height is increasing and she is becoming taller.  


Sol’s interests are reading books, playing tennis, playing the piano, swimming, and spending time with friends and siblings. She had a lavish childhood due to being the child of famous and wealthy parents. 

Parents of Solita Liliana

Geraldo Rivera

Solita Liliana is the daughter of a famous lawyer, actor, TV broadcaster, author,journalist, and political analyst, Geraldo Rivera. The well-known personality Geraldo was born on July 4, 1943, in New York, America, and raised in Brooklyn and West Babylon.

In the beginning of his career, he worked as an attorney for Puerto Rican activities in New York. These activities led him to television in 1970. And his hard work in that field helped him become a great journalist.  

Her father got married five times. At a CNBC show, both Erica Levy and Rivera met for the first time and fell in love at first sight in 2001. Then they got married after spending one year dating in 2003. 

From 1965 to 1966, Linda Coblentz remained his first wife. Edith Vonnegut was the second wife from 1971 to 1975, but their relationship ended in divorce. From 1976 to 1984, Sherryl Raymond remained Geraldo’s wife. The fourth wife of Geraldo was Cynthia Cruckshank, and their relationship lasted from 1987 to 2000. And the fifth and current wife of Geraldo is Erica, the mother of Solita.   

Erica Michelle Levy

Erica Michelle is the mother of Solita and the fifth wife of Geraldo Rivera. She is also a famous producer and journalist who works for the CNBC show Rivera Live. 

Grandparents of Sol

Lilian Rivera is the grandfather, and Cruz Allen is the grandmother of Solita Liliana Rivera. Lilian Rivera was a waiter, cab driver, and worked at a restaurant. 

Siblings of Solita Liliana Rivera

Solita has four siblings from her father’s previous marriages, but she likes to spend time with her siblings. She has two sisters and two brothers. Naming Gabriel Miguel Rivera from Cruz Grant Rivera, Simone Rivera, and Isabelle Holmes. She is the youngest of all. 

What is the net worth of Solita Rivera?

Solita does not make money because she didn’t start a job. To talk about her father, Geraldo’s net worth is about $20 million as of 2023. He has a strong net worth due to his strong career as an attorney, author, talk show host, etc. Geraldo’s annual compensation is estimated at $1 million.  

Moreover, he was invited as a guest on The Howard Stern Show and Gary Dell Abate. In a reality show, The Apprentice, he went with Donald Trump and Mark Wright and reached the finals of the game show. 

Liliana’s mother, Erica Levy, earned about $5 million as of 2023. She works as a producer and news reporter. 

Other resources

Her parents bought a new house in Shaker Heights for $2.8 million. The annual salary of Geraldo from The Fox Show is about $82,165. He is one of the wealthiest hosts of talk shows. Geraldo is also an author, and he earns billions of dollars annually from selling books. 

More about Solita Liliana Rivera

To talk about the religion of Solita, she belongs to a Catholic and Russian Jewish community. Sol is the nickname of Solita Rivera, and the family members also call her by this nickname. She lives with her parents in Shaker Heights, Ohio. She is enjoying a lavish and dream life due to her parents. 

Nationality of Sol

As discussed above, she was born in New York, USA. The nationality of Solita is also American and belongs to the mixed ethnicity.  

Is Sol using social media actively?

Sol parents are the active members on social media platforms but Solita is not using social media platforms actively. Her father, Geraldo, is actively using Twitter and Facebook. On his twitter account, he has 333.8k followers. It seems that Sol might use her social media sites in the future. 

Solita is a confident girl because she feels at ease in front of cameras, like her parents. On october 4, 2015, her parents took her to the premiere of the film “Pan ” at Ziegfeld Theater, New York. She didn’t feel shy but smiled brightly in front of the cameras. 

Geraldo Book Party

On April 02, 2018, Solita Liliana Rivera and her father Geraldo attended a Geraldo Book Party and celebrated the memoir THE GERALDO SHOW at Del Friscos of New York, USA. 

Boyfriend of Solita Liliana

Talented Sol likes to read books and focus on her studies. Still, she is a single, beautiful girl and doesn’t have a boyfriend. She is too young to be involved in love affairs.  


In short, Solita Liliana Rivera is the sole and child star of United States America. She was born into a popular family. Geraldo Rivera is the father of Sol who is famous for American Talk Shows, broadcasting, political analyst, and attorney.

Erica Michelle Levy is also a famous personality for production and New reporting who is the mother of Solita and 5th wife of Geraldo. She is a talented, beautiful, and confident girl. She has four siblings and is the youngest of all.