Are you a fan of the franchise, “How To Train Your Dragon?”If yes, you should be very well aware of the voice-over artist, Jay Baruchel. Jay Baruchel has been quite popular among movie fans, especially for his contribution in humorous movies like Knocked Up, Tropic Thunder, and many more.

Let us try to find out more about our voice-over artist and our favorite actor.

Early Life:

Born in Ontario, Canada, Jay was born to a very prolific freelancer Robyne. His younger sister is also involved with the filming industry, wherein she is actively involved as a supporting actress. With many successful shows under her belt, she is quite well known within the household as well!


The early break in the career has to be for the show Almost Famous. With Almost Famous being one of the biggest hits, it gave him enough prominence to land another role in the hit television series, Undeclared.

Essaying the titular role of Steven Karp, he was a nerdy geek who was quite popular within his university. Moving on from Undeclared, he landed the role in The Rules of Attraction.

The Rules of Attraction is a film that depicts the other side of the comic world. Based on the novel of the same name, the movie received mixed responses from critics. But, the box numbers rocketed with an $11 million collection, made within a budget of $4 million. 

His career further sky-rocketed with multiple movies, wherein he essayed the comical roles. With the growing success, he slowly ventured into the movie direction. Appearing in numerous videos as well as establishing himself as a writer, with Born Into It, he surely drips of talent. 

Personal Life:

Jay had quite a tumultuous relationship. With his relations not lasting for longer durations, he broke up with Alison Pill, just within 2 years of his engagement. He made it public in 2013 through a Twitter post.

Later, in 2019, he tied the knot with Rebecca in Portugal. He is a fan of tattoos and his body is inked with numerous tattoos, be it of Celtic Cross or a Maple Leaf!

Net Worth:

Jay is estimated to have a net worth of $6 million. With most of his income sourced from the fields of creativity like acting and comedy, his career has been a wonderful one, if you are looking at a wholesome talent.

There are three major life lessons that we can take from Jay.

The first one is selecting the skills that you are good at. Once you know them, it becomes important to hone them. And, this is where Jay is the true master.

Getting up early, leaving bed when you seriously don’t want to is very important. Jay claims to be an early riser and this is how he gained the most time in his life.

Jay has claimed that he believes in the power of listening. As per him, his major learning has been from listening. And, it is this listening skill, which we all must master throughout our life. 

Bottom line

With these three skills, along with an extraordinary career graph, Jay is one to idolize, if you wish to shine in the glamour world!