If you have watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you surely must have been amazed by Charles Boyle! 

Joe Lo Truglio was the guy who essayed the role of Charles, which made him a household name as an actor.

Known for his precise comic timings, excellent dialogue delivery, and fluent chemistry, his acting skills have taken him a long way. He has also been quite successful in trying out the hat of a director. 

In this article, we will dive deeper into the life of Joe. Starting from his struggles in his early career to his gaining fortune over time, it will be an interesting journey!

Early life

Born and raised in New York, Joe comes of Irish and Italian descent. He completed his education at Coconut Creek High School, and he claims to have met the cast of The State in NYU during a play.

Not much is known about his early life, yet we can surely say, he had a life that inspired him to take up comedy as one of his fortes!

Early Career:

The State was one of the important shows for Joe. He wore numerous hats for the show, starting from the hat of an actor to that of a writer. The fame which The State gave him, lasted for quite a long time.

Moving on from The State, he went ahead to appear as a guest in numerous other shows. A few of them are Viva Variety, Law & Order, and Third Watch.

Post his success in The State, he went ahead to star in cameo roles in other movies as well. His first Hollywood appearance was for a movie, which starred one of his The State alumni, David Wain.

While he kept on appearing for numerous cameo roles, be it Stella or Reno 911, he soon found a new avenue for himself in terms of voiceover.

In fact, he turned out to be quite successful as a VO artist, wherein he lent his voice to The Warriors and GTA.

His diversification helped him to gain an access to the awesome world of video gaming and gaining prominence amongst the gaming audience as well.

Joe moved on further to the advertisements industry, wherein he was a part of numerous commercials, as well. 

Superbad became a turning point, wherein his performance was well acclaimed. It was a hit movie and it got him tremendous fame and prominence. It was followed by numerous other movies, wherein he essayed cameo roles.

2015 saw him premiering in the Netflix series, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, which was a prequel to his hit debut film.

Personal Life:

Not much is known about his personal life. Though, we know that he married Beth Dover and is a happy family man now, with a son named Eli. 

Lessons from Joe:

Joe could only give us one lesson throughout his life. It is about being consistent. He was quite sure about his prowess as a comic artist. And, this is where he progressed and gained prominence. He became a comedian, and did not change his genre, and remained successful as a comedian.