First of all, we will discuss the general information about Harry Morton that who was he, and what was the purpose of his life.

He was an American and the founder of the bistro chain Pink Taco. He was also the former president of the nightclub The Viper Room.

Below, you will be able to study the details about the life of Harry Morton that you have never known before but also to search out his total worth is.

Premature Life of Harry Morton

In the premature life of harry, the history of his families like his father, mother, and siblings are described in detail. Harry Morton’s childhood and another common factor are also illustrated.

 Family Information

Peter Morton was the father of Harry Morton. He was a successful businessman, therefore, he was very famous for his business and he was the founder of the Hard Rock Café brand. When we talk about the mother of Harry Morton she was a former model and her name was Paulene Stone. Arnie Morton was his grandfather and was known as a successful restaurateur. His grandfather was  also the maker of Morton’s The Steakhouse restaurant chain.

He had no any brother and sisters, he was single child of his parents. However, Domino, Mather, and Sophia were known as his semi-siblings. No other relatives or family members of Harry were known yet.

Nationality and some personal information

Harry Norton was from the United States by nationality. He was born in the city of the United States known as Los Angeles and he belongs to the Christian community because he was born in a Christian family. All of his family members are Christian but they all were very open-minded and they followed all the good things related to other religions. They also worshiped all the gods and celebrated all the festivals related to other communities.


Harry Morton started his primary education from  Los Angeles, California, United States. He completed all his primary education from there. He also got his high school education from there. There is no information about his higher-level education is defined yet but according to some information he did his graduation from the University of New York.

The career of Harry Morton

As his father and grandfather were businessmen by following them Harry Morton was young when he entered the world of business and entrepreneurship. He decided to set up a restaurant known as Pink Taco when he was 18.  He was also working with his father in Hard Rock Cafe.

After starting Pink Taco’s, he started his restaurant empire and the next location was Scottsdale in Arizona. He expanded his business with time. The nightclub The Viper Room was also owned by him.

As the whole family of Harry Morton was linked with the life of a business, therefore, he has also involved himself in the world of business and earned a lot of fame in that field. Harry Morton’s career was good and he was a very rich person.

Harry’s Exclusive Life 

There are so many personal factors in Harry Morton’s life. But we are discussing some of them here.

There is no too much information about Harry’s private life,  but some information about Harry’s ex-girlfriend is explained below. She was an American actress Lindsay Lohan, he was dating her in the year 2006. But his relationship with her was a very short period. After this, when he was taking interest in the paparazzi and the media,  Harry was also linked with some other actresses like Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moor. Harry was also spotted dating one of the other girls who were a singer by profession. It was Britney Spears and one of the beautiful girls. After this private relation, Harry was also spotted dating another girl Paris Hilton. She was one of the gorgeous models by profession. Harry linked with Paris Hilton for a very short period in his life. But the specific thing about Harry Morton is that he never got married in his whole life and therefore has no children. This was the story of Harry’s personal life which he spent.

 Harry Morton’s Real Estate

When we talk about Harry Morton’s real estate we discuss all the property detail according to some analysts that Harry owned the industries Viper Room Lounge in the west. He also owned Pick Taco Mexican entries in Los Angeles- hope to realize rapid and proper benefits on the sleek, city-view residence, and then it was purchased through a corporate entity for 8.25 million dollars. A detailed look at the wealth and property record shows that the boxy. At present Harry’s real estate information tells that he also owned 3040 Square -foot single-story abode. His living standard was too good.

Harry Morton’s Total Worth

As Harry’s whole family was related to the world of business, therefore, Harry was also a businessman by profession. He was inspired by his grandfather and father. Therefore he started the same job as his grandfather and father did. He always tried to build a creative and innovative brand modeled in his career. He started these things after his grandfather, father, and Morton’s The Steakhouse and Hard Rock Café restaurant chain. Harry was a very successful businessman. He was very determined in his work, therefore, he owned Pink Taco for a very long period. It is informed that he owned Pink Taco for 20 years. In this period he prepared himself to make a fortune. He was on the way to unstoppable success in his life and was creating history in the world of business but his sudden death stopped him from continuing successful leadership at the age of 38. It was the morning of November 23 when he was found dead in his room and it was the breakdown of his success. The cause of his death was not found yet. At the time  of his death, his Net Worth was estimated at 100 million dollars.