Rory John Gates is the son of a millionaire Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates. He was born on May 23, 1999, in Seattle Washington. He is a 22 years old young boy. His father Bill Gates is a well-known business tycoon, entrepreneur, investor, businessman, co-founder of Microsoft with Paul Allen in 1975.   

Rory Gates and His Parents 

Rory got fame because of his father Bill Gates. Bill Gates’s real name is William Henry Gates 3 and he was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle Washington. He is the establisher of Microsoft Corporation. Bill Gates is known as one of the best entrepreneurs of the Microcomputer revolution of the 1970s and 1980s. Bill Gates had the positions of chairman, chief executive officer (CEO), chief software architect, and president.  

The mother of Rory and wife of Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, is also a very successful businesswoman and a humanitarian. Rory’s parents have always been very strict with their kids so that they do not become spoilt children. They have strict parenting rules for their kids. Rory and his siblings were given fixed pocket money from their parents.  


Rory has two sisters and he is the second child of his parents. His elder sister is named Jennifer Katherine Gates and the younger one is named Phoebe Adele gates. The elder one Jennifer was born on 25th April 1996, and the younger one was born on 18th September 2002. 


He studied at Lakeside School. As he completed high school, he went to Duke University from where he completed his degree in Computer Science and Economics. After completing his degree, he joined Fuqua School of Business from where he earned his degree of MBA. Rory used to attend many educational trips to gain knowledge about historical places and different cultures. He also got lessons from his father on the period of their vacations in Europe.  


Rory Gates has a net worth of $20 million US dollars.  

Personal life 

Rory has a little different nature than other boys. He is very loyal to his family, especially to his father. He stays in his circle and does not like to join gatherings either make public appearances a lot. His parents did not allow him to use his phone before he was age 13. Their point of view was that he should concentrate on his studies rather than wasting time on the internet. He has a suitable height of 5 ft 5 inches. 

Rory as an author 

As Rory is interested in writing, he learned poems from his father. He is also an author. He wrote his first poem when he was 10 years old. After that, he released his first poem named Physics of Light through the website of his father. He also made a poem that was based on 7 lines. It was named ‘What’s known as Diamante’. 

Social media accounts 

Rory stays away from social media and all the controversies. We can’t believe that he is the only son of the Microsoft producer Bill Gates. We can’t believe that he, being the only son of the Microsoft Producer Bill Gates, stays away from technology as much as possible. He never shared his personal life with any social site and the people are curious to know about his life. His sister is quite more active on Instagram and shares some of her posts. The people are waiting for Rory to join any social site like Instagram or Twitter where he will share details about his life. 

Rory’s Charity Work 

Bill gates have taught his children that they should take care of those people who are needy and unprivileged. He always makes sure that his kids are kind to other people and treat them with humbleness. Bill Gates has announced that he will donate his maximum earning to the charity. So, the needy people can get help and fulfill their needs. His kids are satisfied with their father’s decision and it doesn’t bother them at all. He wants his kids to be independent and earn themselves. He thinks that his kids have enough potential to earn own their own and become independent by doing hard work as he did. 

Rory has been distributing in the charity from a young age as his parents taught him to do. He tries to participate in global issues and helps needy people. He contributes 1/3rd part of his pocket money to the charity. 

The upcoming Microsoft Leader 

Since both the daughters of Bill Gates are not interested in technology, there are no chances for them to join the business of their father. On the other hand, Rory is interested in his father’s business and wants to join it. According to the sources, he will be joining the business very soon and will continue to expand it.  

Career of Rory 

Bill Gates has already announced to give most of his earnings to charity in the future and it doesn’t bother his kids. His kids should know how to maintain the legacy alive and ongoing. If Rory handles the business and becomes the leader, he should be more strong-willed and sharper to take the company to the next level. He has to do much more than his father did.  

The kids are too young to decide what they want to become in the future. Bill Gates might not remain the second richest man in the world because he decides to donate his maximum money to charity in the future. But Rory can bring all of this back by taking the company to the top in the future. But a question arises here that will the children be as successful as their parents? 

Now, all we have to do is just wait and watch. What Rory Gates will be bringing up to the table. Would he be able to take the company to the extreme? Does he have the skills to earn money more than his father did? Let’s see what time brings us to all.