The perks of being born into a well-known celebrity couple for their kids is itself a reason enough to make headlines. Besides the attention, they’re pampered by the media, having higher connections with other high and mighty people.

So was Sarah Ludden as she grew up in the spotlight due to her celebrity parents, Allen and Margaret, and their fame.

Sarah, however, preferred to live a private life and disliked being the center of attention in the media.

Personal Life

In 1952, Sarah Ludden was born to Allen Ludden and Margaret McGloin in the United States which makes her 70 years old now.

Sarah No one is certain of her heritage, even though she is an American citizen. She is Mexican and white in the US but based on her appearance, she is a mixed-race person. She is of Caucasian ethnicity and identifies as a Christian.

Physical Appearance

Sarah is a tall attractive woman with hazel eyes and white hair. Her height is approximately around 5 feet 8 inches (172.72cm) with a weight of about 57kg. Her bodily measurements including her chest, waist, and hips are around 32-23-35.


She is the third and last of three children to Betty Whites’ husband, his father Allen Ludden, and his late wife. She has two elder siblings, named

  • David Luddenwho’s Sarah’s eldest sibling was born on March 15, 1948. He teaches history and writes books as he holds a predilection for his work.
  • Martha Ludden who’s Sarah’s older sister was born in 1950. She is an authority in independent legal services. 

They all were just 9 years oldwhen they lost their biological mother.


On October 5, 1917, Allen Ellsworth Ludden was born in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. The next winter, on January 6, 1919, Elmer Ellsworth tragically went dead at the age of 26, a casualty of the world influenza pandemic. Before kicking his reality television career, he worked for the army and was a recipient of various awards comprising including the Bronze Star Medal and the Peabody award.

Her father Allen Ellsworth Ludden was an American television personality, actor, singer, and host of game shows.Between 1961 and 1980, he hosted numerous iterations of the game programPassword.


Her mother, Margaret McGloin was also a well-known TV personality from the 1990s, who died in 1961 in Manhattan, New York. Her death was attributed to cancer, according to some of the media sources. Before she passed away, her parents had been married for 19 years. Sarah Ludden didn’t have a luxurious upbringing.


Her paternal grandparents are:

  • Leila M.Allen
  • Elmer Ellsworth


Sara is a well-educated woman which reflects in her outstanding academic performance. She was a sporty person too. 

  1. Elementary Education

She received her elementary education from Horace Greely High School.

  • Graduation Program

After high school, Sarah went on to graduate with distinction from the North Western University advanced education program.


While she was in school, she was more involved in sports activities as she was an athlete person.

She loved sports and that’s why she career as a dancer before going on to pursue her degree as an audiologist.

She also had a great interest in martial arts which catapulted her to go further to pursue a career in Karate with Nancy Lanoue. Both of them got acquainted so well that they both joined forces together and opened a martial arts school known as Thousand Waves Martial Arts School. They both trained people in martial arts while establishing the Thousand Waves Martial Arts Scholarship Funds which aided many of their students with more than $100 in tuition.

In her field, Sarah had independent success. She is the only owner of her karate training facilities and earned a fifth-degree black belt championship from World Seido Karate Organization and Kajukenbo Kung Fu. She and her friend also opened a women’s gym and a feminist health club.

There were drastic changes since she left her home and parents and left for Chicago.

Relationship Status

The marital status of Sarah Ludden has not yet been publically known as she is a woman who tends to keep her personal life private out of the public glare to prevent any sort of social media queries or rumors. Sarah despite being a part of the entertainment world, learned how to lead a quiet life apart from the spotlight.

According to some reports, Sarah is seeing Nancy right now who is her close friend. Her sexual orientation is gay. They were connected first in a karate class and later developed a romantic relationship and worked together. According to Closer Weekly, before hitting their careers both of them started dating for a considerable amount of time. They share a romantic relationship according to some websites.

Both of them however haven’t responded to the relationship allegations. Thus it would be wrong to say anything before any sort of confirmation. We can’t say whether the two colleagues are sincerely involved with each other or not.

Relationship with Family

Sarah Ludden and Betty White had a close relationship. Sarah used to always step in to soothe conflicts between Martha and their parents.

Betty despite being the stepmother never treated her like her stepdaughter. As her natural mother would, she showered her with love and affection. When Betty was on the verge of death, Sarah stayed by her side.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites don’t see much activity from Sarah. @Sarah Ludden is the username for Sarah Ludden’s Facebook account. Only 543 friends and a few pictures in Ludden’s collection are included in her profile. Being a highly private person, she doesn’t want anyone to know about her personal affairs.

Net Worth

The most recent research-based estimates place Sarah Ludden’s net worth at $1 million. With her occupations in audiology and professional dancing, Sarah has acquired a sizeable salary. A dancer who is paid $130,000 annually must earn this much from her profession each year.