Sofia Bella Pagan is the first and only, so far, child of prominent Hollywood actor Angelo Pagan and well-known actress Leah Remini. She was born in California in June 2004. She has featured in different sitcoms, including Boomerang by Jo Jo Siwas and It’s All Relatives by Leah Remini. It’s All Relatives. Although her debut is coming soon, she has yet to appear in a film. She also performed some modeling for several brands.

Early Life

Sofia spent her childhood years in Los Angeles, California. She was reared like a regal princess since her parents adored her. Sofia enjoyed playing with her dolls. Her mother left showbiz when Sofia was born because she wanted to raise Sofia herself. Sofia is of American descent but belongs to various ethnic groups. She is of American, Italian, and Puerto Rican origin, and a Christian. It is because her father is from Sicily, a large island in the Mediterranean Sea, and her mother is an Australian Jew.

Sofia Bella was more devoted to her grandfather, a well-known entrepreneur, and grandmother than her parents because her parents began investing time in showbiz after she was two years old. It created a void between Bella and her parents, which her grandparents filled. They died, however, when she was 13 years old due to cancer. It broke her life and made her cry for days, and no one could soothe her, even though everyone tried to make Sofia smile again. She felt alone after losing her grandparents. Her parents took her to London after a few months to make Sofia happy, but she never forgot her adored grandparents.


There is no reliable information regarding Sofia’s education, college, or university. Sofia’s qualifications have yet to be revealed by the Pagan family. Her university or college name is likewise kept hidden from us. But Sofia Bella Pagan inevitably has excellent educational background because she would have graduated from a reputable institution.


Sofia, a youthful and lovely 18-year-old girl, has not yet begun her film career. She has performed at numerous events and recently released her debut music CD. Sofia inherited this gift from her father, who is also a musician, but only a few people are aware of this fact about Angelo pagan. She is devoted more time to her education than to becoming a famous actor.

She does, however, continue to be active on her Facebook account, where she publishes photographs and music videos. During an interview, Sofia stated that she was not interested in any other profession besides acting. She aspires to be a successful actress and follow in her parents’ footsteps. Sofia also stated that her parents are very supportive of her professional decision and are willing to go to any length to help her. She is still in the spotlight because of her parents, who always bring Sofia with them to any public occasion. It could be because they want to introduce Sofia as the rising starlet of pagans.

Net Worth

Because Sofia has not yet chosen a specific career other than performing two or three shows, she is unable to earn a consistent net income. However, she is still very young, and it will take her some time to establish her identity in the Hollywood industry. So we should expect Sofia to earn at least $1 million per year after a few years of hard effort. And as she grows older and has more acting experience, we may expect her to make more than that sum each year.

However, her parents are among the wealthiest families in New York, demonstrating Sofia’s prestige. She and her family live in a $4.36 million villa in one of New York’s most affluent neighborhoods. Sofia’s home is completely furnished with modern facilities, and she also owns luxury cars such as a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Gullwing and a Range Rover Evoque. Aside from that, her family owns various businesses in several industries, including real estate, finance, and the fashion industry. So, even if she does not pursue acting as a career, Sofia will have a secure financial future.


Sofia has three stepbrothers in addition to her parents. Alex, Nicholas, and Angelo Jr. are their names. She has no sister. Her stepbrothers adore her because Sofia is the youngest of the bunch. Since she was five years old, she has lived with them. Sofia loves her stepbrothers to the point where they see each other as actual brothers and sisters. They talk about everything. They have an intense relationship tie. Sofia has beautiful relationships with her friends too. She frequently goes shopping with her buddies or hangs out in a mall or park.

Sofia is still single in terms of personal relationships. She neither had a boyfriend nor is currently dating anyone. It is surprising because all of Sofia’s age peers are in relationships, but Sofia is not one of them. In an interview, she stated that she wants to devote more time to her studies and enjoy her life as a single person. Sofia is not looking for a partner or a commitment right now. She appears to be like this indefinitely unless she enters a significant relationship. But one thing is sure: if she falls in love, there will be no stopping her, and she will marry shortly. Her fans also want to see her in a relationship.


Sofia has other interests besides acting, such as dance and singing. She also enjoys reading and watching cinema. Sofia enjoys shopping with friends and hanging out at cafes in her spare time. She is excellent at interacting with individuals of all ages. She is a sweet girl who enjoys helping others and gaining new friends while keeping old ones.