Tasha k is a well-known African descent who is an internet sensation as well as social media influencer. This  American Youtuber  has achieved the peak of success through her “UNWINE WITH TASHA” youtube channel. She is mainly famous for her parody, pop culture discussions and her unique style. This social media personality has made a huge number of fans and followers by her unique content on youtube. She also runs a program on twitter named “Queen of the Real Talk” that also became the cause for her success and fame.  

Tasha K’s Net Worth: 

Tasha K net worth in previous years and in this current year is described below:

$1.1 Million$1.2 Million$1.3 Million$1.5 Million$2.0 Million

Besides this net worth, Tash K lost a heavy amount of her net worth because of Cardi B. Cardi B filed a lawsuit against Tasha K because she uploaded a video related to her and she felt angry for that. Court ordered Tasha K to give $4.0 Million as Cardi B won that case. After that Tasha K appealed that she cannot pay that much as she does not have. In the end she got a sum of $1.25 Million that caused great damage to the wealth of Tasha K.

Tasha K’s Biography: 

The real name of Tasha K is Latasha Transrina Kebe but mostly she is known by her nickname. Tasha k was born on 10 March,1982. She lived for her early life in Panama city, Florida- the place where she was born. She belongs to black American community. She was born in Panama City, but moved to Atlanta after her early education. Atlanta is the place where she currently lives. She was interested in music and youtube. She always wanted to gain fame and become a star celebrity. She chose this path of becoming famous through the internet to fulfil her dreams. 

Birth10 March, 1982
Place of BirthPanama City, Florida
Age40 years ( According to 2022 )
Weight70 kg and in pounds it is 154lbs
Hair colour and Eye colourBoth are Black

Tasha K’s Early life: 

Tasha K spent her early life in Florida. She was raised there after that she moved to Atlanta- the place she is living today. She lived there with her parents. But she never shared much details about her school from where she studied nor about the institution she studied later. And also never highlighted about her living in her early life and how she was raised by her parents. She has kept most of his early life, parents and siblings secret from her millions of fans. She is well educated that can be seen in her ways but never revealed institutions from where she got education also she rarely talks about her parents and her relation-ships. 

Tasha k’s Career: 

Tash K is a very famous youtuber. Some sources claim that Tasha K started her career as a pod-caster. In 2015  she made her own youtube channel from where she got famous. She became popular because of her parody videos, her entertaining content and  humour. She made a huge number of fans in a very short time and now she has 1 Million subscribers on her channel. “UNWINE WITH TASHA” is the youtube channel of Tasha k from where she got her followers and fans. The main theme of her youtube videos is pop- culture discussions, entertaining gossip along with sipping of wine. She also discusses Hollywood and television in her videos.

Along with this platform she is also doing a program on twitter named “Queen of Real Talk”. It would not be wrong to say that this twitter program played a key role in her success and popularity. She also does podcasts and has become an internet sensation.

Tasha K’s Relationship and Family

Now move to the relationship of Tasha K. Tasha K is married to Cheickna. They first met in 2006 in a restaurant. Tasha K’s husband is doing some kind of restaurant business and he also supports her wife in her career. Tasha k never talked about her children but it can be assumed from her pictures that she is mother of three kids. She never talked about her family, about her parents and siblings. This all is still a hidden part of her life from her followers.

Tasha K’s Education: 

Tasha K never talked about her institutions from where she got her education. She neither talks about her middle or high school nor she points out her college. But it is seen from her behaviour and ways that she is well- educated. People are saying that they got to know from some sources that she completed her education in a reputed university in Panama City and afterwards started her profession. Now she is a well- known pod-caster, social media influencer and youtuber.


Tasha K  is the social media influencer who gained this fame and success just because of her unique style and content. She neither used cheap ways nor did anything immoral to gain popularity. She reached the top of success on her own. She was intelligent enough to become famous through youtube and maintain her content as well to get successful. She got to the peak of success and popularity in no time. S The women who want to pursue their careers must take motivation from Tasha K life.. She has become the inspiration for women who dream of getting positive fame. Tasha K is also a motivation for black Americans. She lost a large amount of her wealth in the hands of Cardi B but she is working hard to get back to her previous wealth or even more than that. The passion and hardwork are the lessons we get from her life that anything you want to achieve can become possible if you are hardworking and have firm determination. Take the pill of steadfastness by seeing Tasha K and go ahead to do wonders.