Andrew Santino, an American stand-up comedian, actor, and podcaster, is well-known for his frequent references to his wife. As a result, new rumors always circulate about who his wife is, whether she is a wife or a husband, and whether or not he is even married at all.

Andrew Santino, also known as The Slugger Santino, sometimes known as The Red Rocket, is most known for his part in the comic series I’m Dying Up He has a way of saying things that, people can’t help it and laugh out loud.

Before we dive into the topic of his romantic relationships, let’s take a tour of Andrew Santino’s life till today.


Andrew W. Santino, the comic, was born in Chicago, Illinois, United States on October 16, 1983. And, despite his American citizenship, he is of Irish origin. 

There isn’t much known about Andrew’s parents, other than the fact that he grew up surrounded by unconditional love and support from them, and that his father’s name is S. Santino, Michael.

His family information is shrouded in mystery as a result of Andrew’s decision to keep it all hidden.


Andrew graduated from Naperville North High School, which is located in the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, in the United States.

He later pursued higher education and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from Arizona State University, a public research university and one of the largest universities by enrollment in the United States, located in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.


With a height of 6 feet 1 inch (1.85m) and a well-toned muscular figure weighing about 73 kg, he has quite an attractive height-weight ratio.

And, while he is well-known for his passion for lifting heavy weights in order to keep an athletic body, he has yet to reveal his fitness and workout routine to the world.


He has worked on a number of tv shows as an actor and currently hosts and co-hosts quite a few podcasts where he talks about his personal life with his podcast guests. 

But his journey actually started as a rough scriptwriter of MTV’s TV show Punk’d. He left a notable in the entertainment industry with his exceptional acting and producing along with being part of the crew for quite a few shows. 

He is currently the host of a famous Podcast show, ‘Whiskey Ginger’ where he interviews people over “A Glass of Whiskey.”

 Let’s take a dive through his career.

2008Henry Poole Is HereActor – Elderly at the HospitalFILM
2009 – 2010Crafty Actor – Eli Craft ServiceTV Series
2010Santa’s Xmas PartyWriter/ Executive Producer/ Actor – AndrewTV Series
2010Big on the Web Host TV Series
2010The Surf Report HostTV Series
2010Your Mom’s HouseHimselfTV Series
2012Funny GirlHimselfShort Film
2012Punk’dActor – Field AgentTV Series
2012The Office(NBC)Andy’s Boat purchaserTV Series(NBC)
2012Behind The LightsHostTV Series
2012TalkingHimselfShort TV Series
2013Kill TonyHimself TV Series
2013Making Yogurt with Brady MathewsHimselfTV Series
2013Adam Devine’s House Party HimselfTV Series
2013Who Gets The Last LaughField ProducerTV Series
2013Dance CrewActor – Def Leo PardShort Video
2013Arrested DevelopmentActor – EmployerTV Series(Netflix)
2013Family TreeActor – Confederate SoldierTV Series(HBO)
2013Childrens HospitalActor – Jasper-PantsTV Series(Swim)
2014WarrenActor – Rob Brown
2014DeadbeatActor -Sports CommentatorTV Series
2014MixologyActor – BruceTV Series
2014The LeagueActor – ShappsTV Series
2014How I Met Your DadActor – DannyTV Movie
2014Last Call With Carson DalyHimself (guest)TV Series
2015The Half HourHimself ( comedian)TV Series
2015The Meltdown with Jonah & KumailHimself – GuestTV Series
2015Conan Himself – GuestTV Series
2015Roast of Justin Beiber Pre-ShowHostTV Special Short
2015Sin City SaintsActor – Jake TullusTV Series
2015The Sixth LeadActor – Tow Truck OperatorShort TV Mini-Series
2015Movie3SomeHimselfTV Series
2016Getting Dough with High HimselfPodcast Series
2016American DadVoice Actor – Jaramillo HenchmanTV Series
2016 SXSW Comedy with Natasha Leggero
2016 – 2017@midnightHimselfTV Series
2016 – 2017Here’s the RubExecutive Producer/Actor – Nikolai PopovTV Series
2016 – 2017This Is UsActor – CaseyTV Series
2017Show BusinessActor – DoctorShort
2017The Disaster ArtistActor – Scott Holmes/MikeTV Series
2017The Late Late Show With James Corden HimselfTV Series
2017Andrew Santino: Home Field AdvantageExecutive Producer/ WriterTV Special
2017 – 2018I’m Dying Up HereActor – Bill HobbsTV Series
2017 – 2019TigerBelly Himself – GuestTV Series
2017 – 2020The Joe Rogan ExperienceHimself – GuestPodcast Series
2018Little BitchesActor – TrentMovie
2018Game Over, Man Actor – Officer HankMovie
2018Alone TogetherActor – KyleTV Series
2018Something’s BurningHimselfTV Series
2018Always Late with Katie NolanHimselfTV Series
2018 – 2021Whiskey GingerHimselfTV Series
2019FamActor – SpenceTV Series
2019The Poker TableHimselfTV Series
PropsHimself – Host TV Series
2019 – 2020Lights Out with David SpadeHimself (Panelist)TV Series
2020Curb Your EnthusiasmActor – PlumberTV Series
2020FriendsgivingActor – RickTV Series
2020The Eric Andre ShowCreative Consultant/ Writer TV Series
2020Bad FriendsCreator/ Writer/ Host – HimselfTV Series
2020Inside of You with Micheal RosenbaumHimselfTV Series
2020The Comedy StoreHimselfTv Mini-Series Documentary
2020Stand Up Show with Jon DoreHimselfTV Series
2021Redbar HimselfTV Series
2020 – 2021DaveActor – Mike
202110-Year-Old TomActor – Best man/ Scott/ Athlete/ … TV Series
2021FairfaxActor – Biff TV Series (Post-Production)
2021Sign the Show: Deaf Culture, Access & EntertainmentHimselfDocumentary 
2021WTF with Marc MaronHimself – GuestPodcast Series


With an amazing job history to back up his self-worth, his net worth is estimated to be $ 124 million by Wikipedia, Forbes, and several other publications. Although his estimated net worth for 2019 and 2020 is still being calculated.

His net worth as of 2021 is predicted to be approximately $70,000, owing to his acting career and appearances in TV Series, Podcast Series, Special Appearances, and so on. 

It was rumored that he charges up to $30,000 for a TV guest appearance and that his monthly pay is around $2,000, all of which he has yet to confirm or deny.


Tabloids and newspapers regularly have a field day due to Santino’s antics regarding his romantic relationships. He is well known to speak fondly or jokingly about his wife several times during the podcasts of Whiskey Ginger & Bad Friends. And even went as far as outing himself as Gay.

The netizens are still confused about his sexual orientation as Andrew never leaves the topic alone any time he gets. He has kept his Real love life private. 

In the stand-up comedy named ‘Everybody Was Gay in Third Grade,’ he made fun of himself claiming that he was gay as a child. He said, 

“I was homosexual, bro, it wasn’t a question it was a fact, I was a gay man, I was gay when I was in the third grade, you were all gay in third grade.”

His acting as the gay brother of Sally in the TV Series, How I Met Your Dad back in 2014, made Andrew susceptible to rumors regarding his sexual orientation. Which he still continues to entertain by not giving a straight answer.

Married to CHRIS D’ELIA? 

On Santino announced his plans to marry a fellow comedian, Chris D’Elia through an Instagram image on 19th April 2018, where, he captioned the photo stating that Chris was indeed the love of his life for quite a long time and went into details of what they would do after that.

However, he eventually admitted that it was all a prank for his admirers, who had repeatedly mocked him for not disclosing his personal life. Chris, the comic, enthusiastically went through with the ruse in order to fool everyone. 

He also claimed on the podcast The Joe Rogan Experience that one of his favorite misconceptions about himself was that he was gay, and he helped to fuel those beliefs by uploading images of himself marrying Chris.

Married to JESSICA?

Andrew described his relationship with his wife, Jessica, in the April 2019 podcast Good For You with Whitney Cummings, and how they began as friends with no goal of getting married in order to focus on their job and careers. But they’ve been happily married for four years now.

He also added that he and his wife had gone to couples counseling when they were dating because of some issues in their relationship, and then bonded with each other and shared how much they both despised the therapist’s vibes.

It is alleged that the comedian staged his wedding with a foreign tabloid in 2018. So far, it seems they do not have any children.

The Love Saga Continues…

Andrew still continues to update his Instagram with pics to mislead and fuel the rumors surrounding his love life.

But, like all other comedians, it’s difficult to distinguish when they’re joking and when they’re making a genuine confession. For all we know, his marriage to Jessica may be another joke he performed on his admirers.

If Andrew Santinos has a love life that does not include any of the above-mentioned individuals, he is doing an excellent job of concealing it with bogus proof and mentions.

I’m sure that when he does decide to expose his true companion, everyone will assume it’s a hoax as well. He will have hidden that one truth beneath a heap of deception.