Julien Stoermer Coleman is the brother of very famous Hollywood actress, singer, dancer, model, producer Zendaya Coleman. He is a 24 years old young man with a net worth of $500k. At present there will be hardly any person who doesn’t know Zendaya. Behind Zendaya’s success there was immense support from her parents and siblings.

She was very close to her brother Julian Stoermer Coleman who always supported her through this journey and has been her biggest fan. Julien was born and brought up in the United States of America. However he spends his childhood in Oakland with his siblings. We will try to provide more interesting information about Julien Stoermer Coleman in the article.

Net Worth

Julien Stoermer Coleman’s net worth is $500k. The sources assumed this amount but the source of his income is yet to be revealed.


Julien Stoermer Coleman has around 7 members in his family. His parents and 5 siblings. Juliens father’s name is Kazembe Ajamu Coleman and mother’s name is Claire Stoermer.Juliens father is from Africa and his mother is from Germany.

 The names of his 5 siblings are:- Katianna, Austin, Annabella, Kaylee and Zendaya. Zendaya is the only child of their parents and the other siblings are from another mother. However all the siblings get along quite well and support each other all the time.

Austin Stoermer Coleman is the youngest of all the siblings. He is younger than Julien Stoermer Coleman. Austin is very close to every member of his family. According to souces Austin is also very close to Zendaya.

Katianna Stoermer Coleman is the older sister of Julien Stoermer Coleman. She is also very close to her siblings.

Anabella Stoermer Coleman was born in 1999. She is 23 years old which makes her younger than Julien Stoermer Coleman. She doesn’t reveal much information about her and likes to keep her life private.

Kaylee Stoermer Coleman is the oldest of all the siblings. She is very close to Zendaya and ofter seen with with Zendaya sharing red carpet.

Lastly Zendaya now there will be hardly any person who doesn’t know Zendaya. The girl with her talent and grace has earned name and fame for her self. She is one of the most followed artist in todays world. Behind Zendaya’s success her family played a huge role. Their immense support and love is one the reason that Zendaya Coleman is such a personality.

Age, Birthday, Height, Weight

Julien Stoermer Coleman was born on 15th may 1998. He is one of the 5 siblings of Zendaya. Julien is known to the public due to his celebrity sister Zendaya Coleman. They are really close and have been spotted together many times. Julien Stoermer Coleman was born in the United States of America. Hence his nationality is also American. Though he was born in America his childhood or the initial days of life was spent in Oakland. He had spent the best days of his life there with his siblings and parents. According to sources Julien is 24 years old at present. Julien is a tall and handsome man with a height of 5 feet 8 inches. His weight will be around 70-75 kgs. He has a dark complexion and black hair colour. He belongs to a mixed ethnicity. Julien’s sun sign is Taurus.

Early Life

Julian Stoermer Coleman was born in the United States of America. His childhood days were spent with his parents and siblings in Oakland. As we already know, he was very close to every member of his family. Even every family member shares a loving relationship with each other. He is very close to Zendaya Coleman and has been a big support to her since the beginning.

Zendaya’s initial days in the industry were filled with struggle. She started her career as a child model and back dancer. She appeared in various advertisements and also shared the stage with Selena Gomez. She used to attend Fruitvale Elementary school where her mother was a teacher for two decades. Her acting journeys started when she along with her two friends performed for Black history month. Later started performing in California Shakespeare Theatre in Orinda, California. Zendaya joined a dance troupe which was a Hip Hop dance group named Future Shock Oakland. She was in that group for 3 years. Later she practiced hula for two years in the academy of Hawaiian arts.

In the later years she attended Oakland school for the arts and has done many theatre plays like Once on the Island, Lady Anne, As You Like It and many more.

The journey from Oakland to Hollywood was not easy. She had to face many ups and downs. However her family was a big support throughout this journey. And she never seems to hesitate to say it out in public.


Julien Stoermer Coleman is a student at present. He hasn’t revealed his career choice yet. Moreover many sources claim that he is into fitness and self care like his father but there is no exact information about that.

However he might also join the entertainment world like his sister soon. He might be focusing on his studies now before he actually make a career choice.


Julien Stoermer Coleman has not revealed his relationship status yet in public. He doesn’t use social media sites so it is very hard to predict or search for any information about his personal life. However he is very young and can think about his relationships later.


Julien Stoermer Coleman is an undergraduate student at present as per various sources. Many sources also claim that he must be in elementary school or completing his high school studies. However, since Julien is not comfortable sharing his personal life’s information out there in public, it’s hard to predict his exact educational status.

Julien Stoermer Coleman belongs to an educated and talented family so it’s obvious that he must be doing something meaningful with his life. As he is still young he has a lot of time to figure out about his life.