Nicky Marmet is a rich man and he belongs to USA. The life partner of Nicky Marmet is a famous Hollywood star named Robin Tunney. She is a Hollywood renowned star and a fabulous actress. Due to this reason, Nicky also gets the focus of public attention. His net worth is estimated as $ 8 million to $ 10 million a year.

In this article, I have explored the whole life of Nicky Marmet. After reading, you will know about his early life, family background, education, profession, relationship, age, personality, children, and many more.

So, without further waiting, let’s talk about Nicky Marmet and his Biography. 

Early Life Of Nicky Marmet

Nicky Marmet was born in a Christian family on the 16th of August, 1981. He has been grown in the United States and is an American citizen. Also,  He belongs to white race-ethnicity. His father name is todd Herber Marmet, and his mother name is not publically available. Todd belongs to South Africa but has moved to the USA before Nicky Marmet was born. Nicky Marmet’s religion is Christianity, and a Zodiac sign is Leo.  Nicky always celebrates Christmas with his wife and close friends and has fun with them.  He is living with his life partner Robin Tunney and his family. No more details about his younger age are publically known.

Nicky Marmet Education

Nicky Marmet had started his education career at a private school located in America. More details of the school are unknown. He entirely completed his primary education at that school. After schooling, he continued his education and graduated from a well-known college situated in the United States.  He took interior designing as his subject and completed a graduate degree in that field.

Nicky Marmet Career

Nicky Marmet is an artistic interior designer. His profession is decoration and beautification of buildings and homes. He has been doing that job for years and enjoy his profession. He is very passionate about his work. You can imagine his dedication to work by knowing that one of his clients is a famous personality Robert Downey jr.  He also runs a website named This website is related to interior designing, where anyone can approach him for work.

Besides these, he has been focused on public attention because of his renowned Hollywood star wife.

Net Worth Of Nicky Marmet

The net worth of Nicky Marmet is estimated as $8million-$10million. That is the annual revenue, and his monthly income is unknown exactly. According to information, Nicky Marmet owns ten car collections or more. Also, He possesses two to three villas. By knowing this, you can imagine his luxurious lifestyle.

Nicky Marmet Relationships

Nicky Marmet has a relationship with his wife, Robin Tunney. They dated for six months or more before being engaged. After that, they decided to get engaged. The story of their engagement is that they have been on visit to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where they agreed about their meeting. So, They did it on Christmas day, i.e. the 25th of December, 2012. And at the same time, Nicky asked her for marriage. Today, they have been living together for nine years, and both have happily lived their life. But due to their careers, they have not decided on marriage yet.

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Nicky Marmet And His kids

Nicky Marmet and Robin Tunney have two beautiful kids. one is a boy, Oscar Holly Marmet, born in 2016, and the other is a girl, Colette Kathleen, born in 2020.

Social Media Sites Of Nicky Marmet 

Nicky Marmet has a big circle of followers on social media business profiles. His social media sites include Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (@nickymarmet).

Age, Weight, Height, And Body Measurements Of Nicky Marmet

Nicky Marmet is 40 years old. His height is 5 feet and 10 inches. Nicky Marmet is about 68 kg. he regularly exercises and keeps his diet strict. His eyes colour is Hazel, and that of hair is light brown.  He loves to keep his hairstyles changing. He has an attractive personality. His pictures are available on the internet to see him and understand how good looking and intelligent he is. He has maintained his dashing appearance as a public figure. Nicky Marmet is a stylish man, and he keeps his styles through different clothing collections and hairstyles.

The Less-known Facts About Nicky Marmet

  • Nicky Marmet is 9 years younger than his wife.
  • He does not love to focus on public attention and loves his interior designing profession.
  • The famous Robert Downey jr. is a client of Nicky Marmet.
  • He loves cricket and football.
  • The favourite city of Nicky Marmet is Dubai.
  • Before engagement, he was out of public attention and came into the limelight after engaging with a star actress.


To conclude, Nicky Marmet is a dashing figure, an interior designer by profession. He is Christian by religion and has engaged with a famous Hollywood stardom Robin Tunney since 2012. They have two children and lives a happy and luxurious life. His wife is a Hollywood stardom Robin Tunney.  he is the father of two children. 

Nicky Marmet is a stylish man who maintains his style through different clothing collections and hairstyles. Before engagement, he lived a secretive life and came into the limelight after the meeting. He does not love to be in public focus and loves his interior designing profession. You can contact him about interior designing work through his website.