Praise My Ella Simmons is the main girl of Earl Simmons, commonly known as DMX (Dark man X) who was an American rapper, musician, and entertainer, and a celebrity Simmons. She is currently studying and likes to keep her life out of the spotlight. She now lives in New York with her mother, who was later recorded by her people and agreed to separate in 2014.

She was born in the United States in 2005. He has three relatives and each of them is a sibling. Their names are Tacoma, Shawn and Xavier. In addition, they are her older siblings. So from the beginning, Perez May Ella was the beloved young sister of her siblings. In any case, Perez may be half-relative to Ella because her father also had relationships with different women. He has a relative named Sasha whose father was with Patricia Trejo. Then, at the time, he was a teenager with Monique Van.

Since, she has had two children with her ex-husband, Yadera Borigo. In 2019, his daughter Sonova Jr. became pregnant and in 2011 she had a young daughter named Alia. Finally, her 15th child is named Exodus Simons, who was born in 2016 to her fianc Desiree Lindstrom. The names of the different children are not yet accessible. It seems that fifteen half of Praise May Ella have relatives.

Praise my Ella is a superstar kid. So from the beginning he got a lot of interest from his father’s fans. He is currently 16 years old. She is still considering the fact that her mother has posted some pictures of her little girl on Instagram. She is currently enrolled in a school where she will pursue a major of her choice.

As the daughter of a popular rapper, she lives a harmonious life. However, the death of her father was a great tragedy. His father became popular through melodies such as “Cash, Power and Respect”, “Ruff Riders Anthem”, “No Effect” and from there the sky is the limit. However, her youngest daughter may be more into science. He doesn’t want to be famous in the music business. It seems that his siblings are not usually becoming rappers. They have chosen different professions in their daily life.

Praise Mary is an incredible mother of Ella Simmons who never gave up. Likewise, her siblings are just as stable. So they will be behind her in case she takes up a profession in her daily life. Nothing on the planet will stop the Praise as long as he is with his family.

Lord Simmons, also known as DMX, was a famous American rapper and entertainer. She started raping in the 1990’s and became famous through her introductory collection It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot. On April 9, 2021, the rapper kicked the bucket with a heart attack caused by drugs. This was the misfortune of his family.

Tishira is a predecessor of Simmons DMX. He is now 50 years old. She is currently living with her four children. Some insights into his life are accessible based on the fact that he has an Instagram account. She dropped out of high school after meeting Earl Simmons. Then, at that moment, they started dating and DMX played a tune for her. This is where they share their love for each other. They were married in 1999. Tashira Simmons revealed that she appreciates being the spouse of a well-known star. There was excitement and enthusiasm everywhere. In any case, she understood long ago that there are many battles as well.

Simmons said she would not change anything about her life because she has learned a lot from her marriage. She is happy that she remained steadfast and faithful to her marriage promises. She is currently living with her four children.

Tsheira Simmons started an establishment in 2010 called Freedom of Truth. It was found to move women from one side of the planet to the other. It only helps the deprived guardians.

Parents Relationship

Regardless, she is a young woman from DMX and Tashera Simmons. Furthermore, the father of praise is a famous rapper and actor in DMX America. DMX’s full name is Earl Simmons. In addition, Mary Ella Simmons is a very young rapper. Regardless, the rapper died in 2021. Ella also has three relatives, Xavier Simmons, Tokuma Simmons and Sean Simmons.

 On the other hand, praise is due to Ella Simmons’ mother Tsheera Simmons. Tashira is an actor in the United States. In addition to compliments, Tashira is a mother of three. At the moment, she lives in New York with Price Simmons.

The key defense behind the split was the Earl’s lead. Duke Simmons, in any case called DMX, is a popular rapper in the United States. She had a strong presence after Tseira Simmons’ wedding. Regardless, the rapper was soon closed with a relationship with another woman. She also gave birth to different children through an extra intimate problem. So, Schmidt decided to leave Earl and seek legal redress in 2012.


Her height is tall i.e. 5 feet 8 inches


Praise Mary Ella Simmons Earl Simmons and Tsheera Simmons were born on April 18, 2005 in the United States. Price Simmons is portrayed by her mother as a smart and caring young woman. He grew up with three siblings: Xavier Simmons, Tokuma Simmons and Sean Simmons. DMX’s little girl is an American by birth and she celebrated her 16th birthday in April 2021. Praise My Ella Simmons real age is 15 years starting from 2021.

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Net Worth of Simmons Praise

In any case, Simmons is a teenager, and has no profession. As such, it has no data on its total assets. In any case, her father, DMX, has an estimated net worth of about 1million. Ella’s mother, Tashera Simmons, has a net worth of $5000.


Praise Mary Ella Simmons still a teenager, and as such, she has no profession yet; It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.


Praise Mary Ella Simmons is currently continuing her life as a normal young woman. He is focused on his investigation. The main impression we get about her is through her mother’s online media pages.