Elaine Boeheim was born on 14th May 1950, in the USA. She pursued her bachelor’s degree from the University of Montana. Her ex-husband is a famous person in sports, he is the head coach of the Syracuse Orange men`s team. When he retired, Jim was hired as an assistant, coaching newcomers players in basketball, then he was promoted as a full-time assistant coach. At the time when players reached the final the first time in the NCAA tournament, Jim was the coaching team of the time. In 1976, the head coach of the university resigned then Jim was appointed on this post, he is now the head coach of the university, under his guidance team has won many matches and brought the cup home on several occasions. He expressed that he is happy with this career because it was his passion that he fulfilled, further he said, now he has no desire to pursue any other career. Jim has begun dating Elaina in 1976.

Jim’s net worth is calculated to be $ 12 million. This is been estimated with heavy source

He had a second marriage.  His second wife is Juli and has three children with her, one daughter and two boys. Jim was separated from Elaine Boeheim in 1993, they finalized the divorce procedure in court in 1994. Elaine Boeheim is no child with her ex-husband Jim, but they have adopted a daughter named Elizabeth Boeheim. Her daughter is also completed her degree at the University of Montana. Elaina got famous after getting married to Jim. Because he is a well-known person. After the separation Elaina now bringing up her daughters herself. They were living happy life suddenly what happened they separated, this question has been asked many times by people. Therefore, it revealed that it was their mutual misunderstanding that become a cause of their divorce. Although they had a disscusionin the court to take back the decision, it couldn’t happen due to Elaina’s way of treating her. 

Net worth

She is an entrepreneur, which become her career when she got married to Jim. She has an estimated net worth of $200 thousand that she earned as an entrepreneur. She is not getting any awards and nominations in her career but he ex-husband got many awards in his career.

Career and professional life

There are no details about her husband, it might be his unknown personality. but her ex-husband Jim is a head coach in basketball where he trains newcomers players. He is the first to work as a basketball player at the University of Syracuse. Then he had got promoted is as a head coach, he is also a well-known training coach. He was relieved that he is not interested in any other position as a profession. Jim passed away at the age of 51. During driving on the highway in Syracuse on 20th February 2019 he has died. She met her ex-husband on the basketball court. The form then, they began dating each other. After many years of dating, they got engaged in 1976.  

Elaine is working as an entrepreneur, she is no other side business, she is only a boo of a company which is not famous at all. she is not got promoted to any other high position nor got any nomination or award. 


Elaina began dating Jim in 1976, their relationship continued till 1994. They separated in 1993 and divorce was processed in 1994. The former couple has an adopted daughter named Elizabeth Boeheim, currently living with her mother. After his divorce he began to date Juli, they got married in 1997 at a ceremony. Boeheim is now married to Julie Boeheim. They met at a party on Derby Day in Lexington in 1994. 

Elaine Boeheim nationality

She was born in the United States of America. She has an American nationality which belongs to the American-White ethnicity. 

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Jim was graduated from the central high school of Lyons, New York. He also has a bachelor’s degree in social science from Syracuse University in 1962.  There is no proper information about Elaina Boeheim’s education but we find with a heavy source that she has completed her graduation from the University of America with a qualification degree. 


Elaina Boeheim’s height is 5 feet and 6inches. She weighs nearly 55kg and has a waist size of 36-24-36 inches. Her eye colors are brown and her hair is blonde. Jim’s height was 6 feet and7 inches, weighs approximately 67kg.


Elaina Boeheim is currently 69 years old, she holds American nationality her parents are native American, Eliana is an American woman of Caucasian ancestry.  Jim was born on 17th November 1944, in Lyons, New York United States. 

Instead of, all bove there are some interesting aspects you may not know about. some facts about Eliana and her husband.

Her husband killed an old man while driving on the highway in Syracuse on 20th February.

He has appeared in the blue-chip alongside nick Nolte and Shaquille o neal. Eliana is keen on traveling as well as reading books, her husband’s zodiac sign is Scorpio. They both belong to the Christian region. She loves to help others and feel their pain, people revealed that this is what makes her adopt a daughter. due to being soft-hearted, she couldn’t bear injustice. Her parents expressed that since her childhood she is a kind daughter, used to help needy people. It has been many years’ secret that she didn’t talk to her parents about adopting a daughter, they got to know from others then, she revealed this to her parents.