Meng’er Zang is a Hollywood actress of Chinese origin. Her name is pronounced as “Mong-er” meaning Dream. She has done spectacular performances in the megahit movie Shang-Chi and the Legends of Ten Rings which is based on Marvel Comics and produced by Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was released on November 30, 2021. It was her first debut movie. She has presented the crucial role of Xu Xialing, a daughter of the mythological world and sister of Chang-Shi. Since her this role, she has become a spotlight for MCU fans. It was a life-changing decision for her. Her role has changed the perspectives of many Asian girls. She has empowered many young Asian girls with the help of her role. Her role was very ambitious, dedicated, and independent. A crucial role has been played by her in the Hollywood industry.


1.Early Life

Meng’er Zang was born in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China.By profession, her mom was an actress and her father was a stage designer. In this way, she has this talent in her genes.Meng’er Zang is the pampered child of her parents. This is the fact that pulled her into the world of acting.To fulfill her ambition she got admission in a well reputed acting school has offered her a studentship.


Meng’er Zang started to perform in theaters. In 2013, she played the lead role in a stage act “Finding Destiny”. This act was a super hit. The other shows she has participated in are The Street of Dawn, Oliver Twist, and Mood for Sorrow. Her dedication to work gives her the honour of being nominated as the best leading role at the 13th Daegu International Music Festival.

3.Entry into Hollywood

Since childhood, she has been a die-hard fan of the MCU series. She randomly came across a group chat where there was a need for an actress who has command of two languages (Mandarin and English). It was accepted by her as a challenge. She believed that this role was made for her and that she could bring diversity to the cinematic universe. In an interview, she told that at first, she did not tell her parents that she has signed NDA with Marvel Cinematic Universe but when she told them they were surprised and did not believe it. They were very happy after this news breakout. She then traveled to Loss Angles for the audition. After five days she received a message from her lawyer who inform her about the selection. Meng’er’s joy was unmatched at that time.

4.Journey during Shoot

She has fulfilled one requirement of the role that was speaking both languages i.e. English and Mandarin but for this role, she needs to have command of martial arts which unfortunately she did not have. She said that she had a hard time during training for martial arts, but she enjoyed it. She had to do early training compared to her fellow actors due to a lack of martial arts background. The training required hard work and extreme workouts. On the first day, she was very excited that she will get her trainer, a proper meal plan, and much more. Afterwards, she realized that it was not much simple. She had sore legs and arms, even at one time she was so tired that she did not want to talk to anyone. She also had cravings for fried chicken and other junk items then her partner in crime(Simu) took her for a cheat meal. The most difficult training was the rope kunai dart shadow training. She trained for 4 months to master the art of rope kunai dart shadow.

In the movie, there are fighting scenes with Simu (who played the role of her brother in the movie). She once punched him hard in the face accidentally. It is not her favourite memory, but she enjoyed every moment that was spent on the set. This moment was caught by the camera. She has this clip shared on Instagram.

She also added that working with Tony (who played the role of her father in the movie) was her dream come true. Tony has impressed her in many ways. She admired Tony’s devotion to work. He has also helped her with many things on set.

5.Shang Chi premier

When she saw Shang Chi premier on-screen she was very nervous and confused, after getting so much spotlight she got relaxed and happy at the same time. she admires her fans that they are the best fans that appreciated them and they are very supportive. Indeed, fans have appreciated her


Marvel has proved very lucky for her. She found her soul mate while working on the set. She got both fame and a spouse on the set. She met with her husband, Yung Lee, and they got married on May 10th, 2021. Her husband, also of Chinese origin, was working as an accountant. Fate brought them together when he decided to pursue acting. She happily told me that when I entered the movie I was single but did not leave the set as single. They did not propose to each other, but rather they had a vibe and they just decided to go for the wedding. They had no preparations for the wedding. They had a surprise wedding party at Disney land which was hosted by her fellow actors, including Awkwafina and Simu. She considers her acting fellows as a big family and loves them as her real family. They had a Funko-Pop wedding cake at their wedding.

It is to be noted that their families were not present at their wedding due to the COVID-19 situation going on, but, of course, they both got the never-ending blessings, love, and best wishes for the future from their families.

Her Likes

Fashion is an important aspect of life that adds colour to life. Like every girl in the universe, Meng’er Zang loves fashion. She has a very keen sense of dressing. Her stylist is Kevin Michael Ericson. Her dresses are always complimentary and acclaim with a hint of attitude, which perfectly matches her personality. Although she has such a pretty face that she does not need makeup, her favourite makeup artist is Renato. According to her fans, her lips craft a beautiful smile.

She loves to travel. Her favourite city is Berlin, Germany. Once, in an interview, she revealed that she used to visit Disney Land three times a month, but now she added that she can visit Disney Land every day and will never get bored. Her favourite place is Avengers Campus. She has had an obsession with Disney Land since childhood.

Her Hidden Talent

She is multi-talented. One of her hidden talents is singing. She has such a melodious voice that surprises everyone. In 2009, she participated in a Chinese talent show called “Super Girl”. She had a very good performance and had made her place among the top 20 participants. But for unknown reasons, she decided to quit the show. This shows that her goal was to take her place in acting not singing.

She never misses any Marvel Movie. In an interview she revealed that her favourite Marvel hero is ANT-MAN, she loved this hero because she always had to wonder how things shrink! This quality is possessed by Ant-Man.

Net Worth

Many people believe that money offers them serenity and happiness, however, this is not the case. Her net worth is estimated to be at $2 million(Meng’er Zhang Wiki Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Net Worth & Career – Celeb Biography, 2022). Her monthly earnings are $20,000 dollars. Acting is her primary source of income. She owns a large home worth a million dollars. She owns several high-end automobiles, but the names of the vehicles are unknown at this time. She intends to invest in real estate in the United States of America in form of property.


She is fluent in both English and Mandarin. Her first language is Mandarin, which is a Chinese dialect. It is for this reason that she was chosen in the audition for her well-known character Xu Xiang. She speaks and reads English really well.

Awards and Nominees

Meng’er Zang is a newcomer to the Hollywood industry, thus she has yet to receive any awards. However, due to her huge fan base, it is obvious that she will win many accolades and honours in the near future.

Social Media

Meng’er Zang doesn’t have a YouTube channel, a Facebook profile, or a Twitter account. She primarily uses Instagram to share stories and keep her followers up to date on her daily activities.