D.C. Young Fly is a very well-known name in the Web region of America. He is basically distinguished for his top-rated roasting video sessions. Young Fly, the legendary D.C. personality, had made a name for himself as an actor, comedian, singer, rapper, and a fantastic host.

About D.C. Young Fly

The spectacular individual D.C. Young Fly’s original name is John Whitfield. D.C. Young Fly is 29 years old. He was born in Atlanta in 1992 and blew candles on May 2nd, 1992. His nickname, D.C. means the Da Crew, representing his brotherhood / fraternalism. He is an American musician and TV streaming content provider. His wife, Jacky O, is also one of the famous and prominent personalities. Both appeared on the TV show’s screen together. The Wild ‘N Out was the reason for their meet up. At present, D.C. Young Fly has two kids.


John Whitfield has a tattoo in the centre of his forehead.His crew has been expanded to include a wider range of building materials, but everyone in his crew is bound by the constraints of having the same tattoo on their forehead, even if they are on different planes.John has got huge fame from his Vine and Instagram followers for roasting.

Early in 2015, he got the superiority for being a regular host at intervals. In his early work of Wild ‘N Out, he was considered the starring personality of the year. He launched his comedy drama for television transmission to prominent global broadcasters at the end of 2016.And then, he also worked as the star of the film “digitallivesmatter.” In 2019, D.C. Young Fly and his group companions hosted the award ceremony and played the streaming role. The 2020 year led to the main judge in the game show. After his 2020 appearance as a judge, in 2021 he set up his own comedy club in Florida.

Research has proved that the loud fame of D.C. Young Fly is because of his roasting sessions with celebrities and legends. The best part of John’s biography is the hosting success of the roasting sessions on Instagram and Vine. For his roasting session 7, he was the only one to be a repetitive host. The exclusive comedy show Wild ‘N Out is the main pretext for his regular appearance. He is the one playing a significant role in podcast programs.

D.C. Young Fly Net Worth

The multi-tasking personality D.C. Young Fly is mainly very well-known for his comedy sessions and roasting, and has a total net worth of $2–4 million in a year. Despite the million followers on Instagram, Vine, Twitter, and YouTube, the net worth of D.C. Young Fly has been advertised on social media and in regular appearances as the multi-source broadcasting host.

D.C. Youngfly’s total calculated net worth by the end of his early years is approximately $2 million.The much-demanded comedian streamingapproach has set the yearly estimation of net worth at more than $3 million by the addition of YouTube and other social media platform subscribers. From the various estimates, it is calculated that the D.C. Young Fly’s net worth has been enhanced by his followers. It is recorded that the D.C. Young Fly’s YouTube currently has more than 221,200 subscribers. His success storey carries approximately 15 million views for his single uploaded video.

It was through his hard work that he gained access to his industry icon, earning the name a place in millions of people’s hearts.That is the premium effort of D.C. Young Fly, which turned the street-going boy into a millionaire. It is the huge improvement in going from the very well-known name in no time, indeed, that turned his life’s darker days into lighter ones.

D.C.Young Fly Age, Height and weight

The incredible personality of D.C. from the roasting session of Wild N Out is the most physically active one. His physical appearance is also the one to attract the love and support of his followers. The Mad crew’s affection is the best support for D.C. Young Fly.


The only biological appearance of the inherited height of D.C. is the premium factor. He is 5 feet and 11 inches tall. Approximately, he is above 180 centimeters elevated guy. His height is the biggest feature to be considered near his squadron.


With the exceptional circumstance of his height, his weight is also acceptable to the next level. He is 71 kilogram by his weight. Because of his musical career, he had increased his weight by going to the gym regularly.


The exclusive presentation of his 20 years of success in his comedy career has continued to be the Atlanta legends region.

His real name is John Whitfield, but D.C. Young Fly is more familiar with his loved ones. He was born in 1992 in Atlanta, Georgia. By the year, he is 29 years old and a splendid host. His birth star is Taurus. Every year on May 2nd, the love comedian and musician blows out candles.

D.C. Young Fly Early Family

D.C. Young Fly is the youngest son of his family. He has 7 siblings and was brought up by both parents with great affection. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia and was also elegant and adored always by his siblings.

Both parents were the committee for the relationship and responded to the great things about the pride of their son. D.C. Young Fly’s mother’s name was Betty Whitfield and his father Solomon Whitfield.

D.C. Young Fly Education and Early Career

D.C. Young Fly is the strongest name in the world, but the original version of his life is involved because of the alternate circumstances. In his early days as a teen, for 14–15 years, his parents got divorced.

He had to tolerate two issues in his life at a young age, and these issues had left a remarkable memory throughout his entire life.

  • Unfortunately, in 2011, his brother was murdered in an attack. He hardly suffered for his brother’s grief and his forever life. He continued to have the tattoo on his forehead. This tattoo certainly existed to represent the brotherhood.
  • After that situation in 2013, his father died in hard condition, suffering from viral Alzheimer’s disease. He began to work for his background improvement as a result of that changed tragedy in his life history.


 At early 14 years of age, he started to experience his high school education. He started to learn the basics of his life education. Except for his teachers and administrative staff, he was considered the shining star of the school. He was also popular for his comedic pranks among his fellows. 

His high school education system approaches choices for his better career in the future. He studied at Benjamin E. Mays High School. This high school has always respected D.C. Young Fly for his fun comedy podcast on every occasion of school.


D.C. Young Fly started his career journey in 2013 by posting his films and video sessions on Instagram and Vine. The beginning was the successful completion of his fame. He usually posts comedy content on Vine and receives followers or support. the huge fame from his roasted video sessions in 2014, he started to roast the legend celebrities. Then, after 2 years of success in the comedy series, he began to rape the songs in his own way.

At the beginning of 2016, he released his song albums for the rape specification. Because of the great fame in the released song, he became the crew’s favourite personality. He was the recurring personality fit to host the game shows. He frequently used to post roasting videos on his YouTube channel based on his judgement in gaming programmes as well.By that time, he had gotten millions of views and millions of subscribers.

Personal Relationships

D.C. Young Fly’s wife, Jacky Oh, is the best-considered personality for TV shows, a popular model, an athletic actress and an Instagram celebrity. Jacky and Young Fly, two generous individuals, began their life journey in 2015.

Jacky Oh is also one of the most popular people in the entertainment field. She also runs her own YouTube channel and probably has millions of subscribers. Her content is also hidden deep within her heart.Jacky Oh carries millions of followers on her Instagram account, YouTube channel and Twitter accounts.

The D.C. Young Fly’s personal life is generally considered to not be an officially declared relationship. He is in a strong relationship and has not yet declared his marriage officially announced. Jacky Oh and D.C. Young Fly are committed to each other and are unmarried. Yet, they are not tied into a powerful relationship but have their own two children. Last year, in 2020 both parents revealed the news of their 2nd baby girl, when they were also affectionate with their eldest daughter. D.C. Young Fly’s first daughter is:

  1. Nova Whitfield (5 years old)

Fly’s and Jack’s second daughter is:

  1. Nala Whitfield (1 year old)

For the long time of their relationship achievements, they certainly need to get married. To tie in a strong knot with their happy daughters is suggested by the roomers and the followers.