Ka Ho Cho is the fourth and last wife of the famous American entertainer and standup comedian John Elroy, popularly known by the stage name, Redd Foxx.

Ka Ho Cho’s Birth Information

Nothing is known about Ka Ho Cho’s birthday as she has not made it public on any occasion before or after her marriage with Redd Foxx. The only known birth information about Ka Ho Cho is her birthplace, which is Seol in South Korea.

Also, little or nothing about her parents has been made public by Ka Ho Cho.

Ka Ho Cho’s Appearance 

Ka Ho Cho, who prefers a low-key life is a fair-complexioned woman with brown hair and brown eyes to match. 

Her height and weight are not known.

Ka Ho Cho Before Her Marriage With Redd Foxx

Ka Ho Cho is a lady that loves to keep a very low profile. It is not on any record what trade or business Ka Ho Cho was involved in before meeting her husband. Based on the premise that Foxx met Ka Ho Cho in a hotel, many people believe she was one of the hotel’s dancers or attendants, especially since Foxx had previously married an American dancer and a Korean cocktail waitress.

Ka Ho Cho’s Marital Journey With Redd Foxx

The fourth and last spouse of one of America’s greatest entertainers, the Korean-born Ka Ho Cho, began her marital journey with Foxx at Ballys Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Foxx, who had been unmarried after divorcing his third wife in 1981, tied the knot with Ka Ho Cho after a very short period of courtship.

Ka Ho Cho and Redd Foxx were married on July 8th, 1991 at a local cathedral in the west of Las Vegas and held an entertainment-packed reception at the Hacienda Hotel.

Their solemnization ceremony at the church was also an avenue for witnesses to feel the comic prowess of Redd Foxx when he jokingly said that he was going to marry one of the girls around after Ka Ho Cho, the bride was not yet on sight as scheduled. 

Their first point of visit immediately after their wedding was a hospital where Redd’s mother, who had been sick for some time, was receiving treatment.

Unfortunately, their marriage hit an eternal brick three months after their wedding when, on October 11, 1991, Foxx, who had been troubled by a coronary artery disease, died while filming the Royal Family arrangements, immediately after he had gone on a break from his career.

Redd Foxx’s Marital Journey Before Meeting Ka Ho Cho

Redd Foxx, who was born in 1922, had earlier been in three marriages.

His first marriage which crashed in 1951 was with Evelyn Killebrew whom he married in 1948. 

After five years of divorce with Evelyn Killebrew, Foxx married a dancer, Betty Jean, with whom he adopted a daughter, Debraca Denise, in 1951. His relationship with Betty came to an end in 1975 after nineteen years of childless marriage that saw them adopt a child.

Foxx later married a Korean cocktail waitress, Yu-Chi Chung, and divorced her in 1981.

More Information About Redd Foxx

  • Ka Ho Cho’s late husband, John Elroy, popularly known as Redd Foxx and nicknamed “Chicago” and “Zorro,” was born on December 9th, 1922 in St. Louis, MO, United States, and died on October 11th, 1991.
  • The American comedian and actor who joined the entertainment industry in 1935 was famous for his performances in his evergreen shows, such as All The Fine Young Cannibals, Harlem Nights, Sanford and Son, Cotton Comes to Harlem, and others. 
  • According to the title, “King of the Party Records,” Foxx acted in nightclubs, casinos, and other venues.
  • Redd Foxx, who had no biological child, was reported to have been rusticated from school for assaulting a teacher.
  • The elite comedian who appeared on TV Guide five times had La Wanda and Della Reese as best friends.

Ka Ho Cho’s Intimacy Status With Reed Foxx

Ka Ho Cho and her husband had a strong and supportive relationship, as Cho was regarded as Foxx’s dependable half.Ka Ho Cho was always by the side of her husband in all situations, even when it was palpable that Foxx sometimes led an unpleasant life.

Ka Ho Cho and Debraca Denise’s Relationship

It is clear that Ka Ho Cho and her stepdaughter, Debraca were not in a good relationship. This is evident in Cho’s accusation of Debraca for spending her father’s money recklessly and refusing to pay off her late father’s debt of $3.5 million. 

Foxx’s estate, which was named after Debraca also arouses a squabble between them after the demise of Foxx.

Ka Ho Cho’s Net Worth

Ka Ho Cho’s net worth is not available anywhere and no one can assume her net worth since she has not made it known to the public.

Ka Ho Cho’s Social Media Status

Ka Ho Cho decided to lead a very low-profile life after the demise of her husband. She is not a social media enthusiast and does not operate a social media account.

Ka Ho Cho’s Present Marital Status

Although she leads a low-profile life and little can be confirmed about her, Ka Ho Cho is currently single as no information from any quarter has linked her with any man since her hubby’s death.

Ka Ho Cho in a Mirror

  • Ka Ho Cho was born in Seol, South Korea.
  • She was the fourth wife and the second Korean spouse of the late American comedian and actor, John Elroy, popularly known as Redd Foxx.
  • Ka Ho Cho married Redd Foxx on July 8th, 1991.
  • Her marriage came to an end in I991 after three months of solemnization with her husband.
  • The cause of the abrupt end of her marriage as a result of her husband’s death.
  • Redd Foxx didn’t have a child with Ka Ho Cho.
  • She had Debraca Denise as a stepdaughter.
  • Ka Ho Cho keeps a low-key social status and thus makes it very hard to know much about her.
  • Since her Redd Foxx’s death, Ka Ho Cho has not been seen with any man and has not been introduced by any man as his spouse.