Mia Randall is a 10 year old star kid who aspires to become a successful basketball player in near future. Currently she is all over social media and everyone is just admiring her lifestyle. If you and your troop are buffed over “National Football League”, then one name that you straight way recognize will be Patrick Mahomes. Mia Rendall is one of siblings and the youngest. This soon to be beautiful teen girl has millions of followers in social media like instagram, youtube and tiktok. She is not only a sport enthusiast but also a fantabulous dancer.


Mia Randall was born on july12, 2011 in United States of America in a Christian family. She is American by nationality and has mixed ethnicity. Her father’s identity is unknown to the world and she was brought up by her mother and step father Patrick Mahomes. Growing up into a family where all the family members are sports fanatic Mia also got very passionate about basketball; this proves that athletics runs into her blood.   

 All you need to know about Mia Randall

Her horoscope is cancer, which makes her warmhearted, cautious, sensitive and playful by nature but also a person who easily gets overwhelmed by chaotic situation. She gives her utmost effort to whatever she keens to do which is clearly visible in her everyday’s scheduled life. In such a young age this much of dedication to pursuit her dream of becoming a sportsperson is not only rare but also appreciable, which is setting an example to the new generation teen agers, who simply engage themselves with partying and hanging out with friends. Mia Randall’s lifestyle is an extraordinary example of living life by keeping everything in balance. She is role model to the world.

Mia attends Whitehouse High School, located in Whitehouse, Texas. In school she has team named Whitehouse Angels.

Body measurement of Mia cannot be mentioned in details right now as she is in her adolescent and seems perfectly healthy. If we guess from the pictures she posted on instagram, she looks very tall and slender which is seems average for her age. May be in next touring years she will grow up to a static height and weight.

Net worth

Net worth of this talented and young girl is not known yet. As she is training herself to achieve the goals of her life may be in coming years she will establish herself as a professional sportsperson. 

Mia was seen practicing basketball, baseball and soccer. However she was reportedly spotted taking basketball tutorials and polishes her skills on basketball. Bowling, skating and swimming has also been chosen by Mia.


Mia is blessed with a huge and wonderful family. Being the youngest member of the family she lies in everyone’s heart. She has got a full team of siblings who always encourages her open up to new challenges and make sure she wins every deal till now.

Starting with her mother Randi Mahomes, she lived and studied in Texas. She was previously known as Randi Martin but later she decided to keep her last name which she adapted from her former and first husband Patrick Mahomes Sr. even after getting divorced they have maintained a cordial relationships. From her last marriage she has another two sons Patrick Mahomes and Jackson mahomes. They got divorced in 2006. Mia was born with another anonymous man whose name was never mentioned anywhere. 

To talk about her work, Randi works in Hollytree Country Club as a private events co-coordinator in Tyler, Texas. 

 Mia Randall’s step father Patrick Mahomes Sr. is American by nationality with black ethnicity. He is former professional baseball pitcher from the year 1992 to 2003. He plays a multiple number of sports like baseball, basketball and soccer. He was there in MLB as well. Several teams such as Minnesota Twins, Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, Texas Rangers, Chicago Cubs, and Pittsburgh Pirates were served by Pat as pitcher for more than 10 years. 

Siblings of Mia Randall

Now that we talk about her siblings how can we forget to mention of her elder brother Patrick Mahomes,

 Mia shares an amazing bond with her elder brother they were spotted spending many family times together giving a glimpses on instagram.  The celebrity sportsman, million people’s heartthrobs. He has excelled in each and every step of his career in sports just like his father did. He is exceptionally skilled in both baseball and basketball. Getting out of Texas Tech University, Patrick was a first or second-round pick by most scouts. SI.com ranked him the second-best quarterback, third-best by ESPN, and lastly, fourth-best by NFLDraftScout.com. Mahomes became one of the fastest rising candidates during the draft process and had 18 private workouts and official team visits, which was the most maximum for any prospect in 2017. He was selected as the first-round 10th overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft by Kansas City chiefs

He is currently engaged to his high school girlfriend Britney Mathew. Britney is also a professional trainer and had short soccer athlete career. Patrick approached to Brittany on September 1st, 2020, for marriage in the Arrowhead Stadium. The same day the Super Bowl Championship ring was received by him. Mia has an absolute favorite of Britney as a lot of snaps of them together are hovering over the social media about Mia congratulating them for their new born baby.

The couple lives in Kansan city, Missouri. They also have a beautiful daughter together.

Last but not the least here I present Mia younger brother Jackson Mahomes

who is a one of well known tiktoker with 75k tiktok followers. While all other family member chose to become sports as profession he step aside and wanted to establish his career as a social media influencer aka tiktoker.  There were lot of rumors about his sexuality but ignored all the misleading scandals and decided never to get distracted from his focus. He is always up to flaunt his lavish lifestyle and content with he does.  

Lastly, it is important mention that her instagram profile is maintained by her mother.