Savani Quintanilla the celebrity daughter of A. B Quintanilla and Rikki Leigh Robertson. They are known faces in the entertainment industry and thus due to having famous parents Savani also couldn’t escape the eyes of the media. The little girl soon became the talk of the town. Moreover she also had a superstar aunt which makes her special from the us. We gotta tell you a lot about her Grammy winner aunt who was murdered when she was just 23 years old. To know more, keep reading. 

Birth,Age, Educations, Nationality 

Savani quintanilla was born in America in 1991. She holds American nationality and has mixed identity. As previously mentioned she has become the topic of discussion because of her celebrity parents. Her father belongs to a family with a musical background. She is not just an only child but has 6 brothers and a sister. They have a big family. And most of her relatives belong to the entertainment industry. There is not much evidence about her education since Savani Quintanilla is very private about her personal life. We also don’t have any clue about her age. Still from some unknown source or calculation we can predict that she must be in her late 20s. 


Savani Quintanilla daughter of A.B Quintanilla and Rikki Leigh Robertson. They got married in 2011. They got divorced later in 2016. A.B Quintanilla, Savani Quintanilla ‘s father, who belongs to the famous quintanilla family popularly known for their music. Her father, Quintanilla, is a famous singer, songwriter and composer. As his compositions gained much love from his fans, he gained a huge fan following. Savani, except being the daughter of A.B Quintanilla, has another identity too. She is the niece of legendary singer and composer Selena Quintanilla. Savani will be remembered among people more for her extremely talented aunt than her parents. She has another aunt named Suzette Quintanilla who is an actress. Her paternal grandparents were also into music. Her grandfather Abraham Quintanilla Jr  introduced them to the world of music. They used to roam in a long van to perform in different places to earn money. This was their only source of income. Her grandmother was named Marcella Samora. 

Savani’s career 

Savani Quintanilla is not at all like her other family members. She keeps her personal life very private unlike other celebrity kids. There is no clue what’s her future plan or what she is up to. Since she is in her late 20s it can be said that she must be doing something like a job or business etc. But since there is no official announcement we can’t say anything. Again since her parents and aunts are in the entertainment industry we might also get a chance to see her in the industry soon. But till now we haven’t seen her performing in any sort of shows or music videos. But we can say that she must be doing something amazing with her life and will be as successful as her parents and aunts. 

Savani’s aunt’s murder 

Savani’s aunt Selena Quintanilla was very close to her. People will never forget the legendary star . She is an inspiration for millions and will motivate the coming generations in fulfilling their dreams. Selena along with her father Abraham Quintanilla and other members used to do performances here and there to fill the stomach. Selena’s love for music and her passion towards it made her father realize her talent. She was not an ordinary singer; she held a lot of potential. After realizing her passion for music she dropped out of school and focussed totally on music. She started taking music as a career when she was just 11 years old. Then her journey started and after a few years when she was just 18 years old she released her first single. Sooner or later she became a big name in the Music Industry. Her fans from all around the world were going crazy over her. Once she gets enough recognition. A lady offered her to start her own band. At first her father wasn’t ready for it so they thought of giving it a try. The band got huge recognition and getting started followed by a large number of people. Everything was going just like a dream. Quintanilla ‘s had grown believing in the lady and she was in charge of all the paperworks and finances of the band. Then one day they got a complaint from their fans about not getting merchandise they had ordered for and many other monetary problems had come forth. Since all the evidence pointing towards the lady the quintanilla ‘s had no option but to fire the lady. After this incident one fine day the lady called Selena to a hotel room to hand over her documents. As she was about to leave the room with the papers the lady shot her from behind. Due to excessive blood loss Selena died in the hospital bed. The lady later surrendered herself to the police and was sentenced to life in prison. 


Due to her super private lifestyle there is no information about her relationships. There is no news of her getting married so it can be said that she is still unmarried. Also she hasn’t seen to be in a relationship with anyone so we are taking it as that she is still single. But for a woman of her age it is quite okay even if she is in a love relationship and doesn’t want others to know about it. We can hope that she will get to meet a great life partner. Her parents’ marriage didn’t last long; they divorced in 2016. We hope that she might get her forever love. 

Net worth 

Again there is no source that says about her sources of income or net worth. Her father’s net worth is 5 millions dollars and it can be assumed that being a celebrity child she had lived a lavish lifestyle.