Heather Helm popularly known as Mathew Lillard’s wife. Being a celebrity wife is not her only identity. She has been pursuing her career as a real estate agent or realtor. She has been in people’s eyes due to her amazing personality and also because of being a celebrity wife for sure. Her growth in life and her personal life is an inspiration for many. Please keep reading to know more about how she is balancing both her professional and personal life.


Heather Helm, also called Heather Ann Lillard, was born in 1971 on July 17. She was born in Pasadena, California, USA. There is not much evidence about her parents name and their profession. She is following Christian religion and of American nationality. According to the sources her zodiac sign is cancer, her hair color is blond and eye color is hazel. She is 172cm tall and maintains her physical health like a pro. She weighs 61kgs. She is an agent in real estate by profession. She has been married to Mathew Lillard since 2000 and they are parents to three healthy children.At present she is 51 years old and healthy.


She has a beautiful family which includes 5 members in it.She got married to her husband in 2000.They are still happily married. After their marriage they gave birth to their first daughter Addison Grace Lillard in 2002, they were blessed with their second daughter in 2004 and they named their daughter Macey Lyn Lillard. They again planned for a third child and this time it was a boy. In 2008 after Macey’s birth, their only son, Liam lillard came to their life. Looking at their family picture and posts one can easily tell that they care for each other a lot and share a happy and healthy relationship.

Education and career

Heather Helm has completed school education from LA Canada high school. She had done great in her academics and later she got herself enrolled to pursue a bachelor of degree in English literature from University of California, Los Angeles.

Her career started when she joined Walt Disney in special event marketing as a director. It can be said that her life started rolling at that point as it was a great opportunity and she might get more success in that field in the coming years. But for some unknown reason she gave up on that job and moved to Pasadena. After moving to Pasadena she changed her mind and started her career again but now as a Realtor. She learned new things at that time and worked really hard to achieve success. As it says hard work pays off. Similarly she soon got successful in her career and started earning and achieving more and more. It is never an easy task to start from the start and get the required result. It shows that she is very hard working and determined when it’s come to her work.

Anyways it was not the end she’s also into investments and that’s a major source of her earnings. She is also involved in various socialware works and makes donations from time to time. As we searched about her we came to know that she has been a member of a lot of instructions. She has been a member of Pasadena child guide for a long time and also been a member of Huntington Hospital and also of scrubs. Lastly she is also involved with the circle of friends as a founder member.


Her relationship status is that she is married. And her husband as we already mentioned is not an ordinary person but a very talented and extremely loved actor. His name is Mathew Lillard. Besides being an actor he is also a voice over artist for popular shows, has produced many projects and also worked as a director. His movie scream has gained much praise among the viewers. Do you know ‘ shaggy’ from Scooby Doo?  Yes he had given voice over to that character. Even though she has her own identity as a realtor, most people know her for being the wife of super talented actor Mathew Lillard. They got married in 2000 and yes they are still married.There is no source from where can get information about her Pre marriage affairs or any relationships.

Love story and Marriage

As we already know she got married to Mathew Lillardin 2000. Actually there is a very lovely story about the journey of how they met and got married. Mathew first got to meet her at a wedding. He got attracted towards her at just the first sight.Later when he got to know that she was about to attend another marriage in Italy he thought of a plan. He self invited himself to that very party to get her attention and guess what he got what he wanted. They started dating in 1998 and in 2000 they decided to get married. They are really made for each other. Even though Mathew was involved in various relationships before he met Heather, nothing lasts too long. It was only Heather whom he had loved with all his heart and we can see that through their bonding. It’s not easy to stay together for that long. 20 years is not a short span of time. It’s amazing of them how they take care of their relationship in a generation where everything is so temporary.

Net worth

According to some sources her net worth is about 2 million dollars which she earns being a realtor.