Katianna Stoermer Coleman is not a well known name in the music industry nor in the entertainment industry. But there is a person related to her life who is a big name in both the music and fashion industries. If you searched for Katianna on the internet, You have to admit that you searched for it because you know that she is related to Zendaya. Zendaya is a supermodel, great actress, singer, and dancer. Here we are going to reveal some facts about Katianna Stoermer and about her family members as well. Let’s get to know her.

Bio, Height, Weight, Age

Katianna Stoermer Coleman was born to her father, Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, who was a teacher, and according to the sources, her mother is no longer alive. We also have to admit that there is no hint or any sort of confirmation that she is still alive. We also couldn’t find out about her profession and how she used to look. Anyway, except for her father and mother, she has five siblings. Of these five siblings, one is from her second mother, and the rest four are her biological siblings. Katianna was born in America, and accordingly, her nationality is American. She has dark hair and hazel eyes. Her complexion is fair. Most importantly, she has a beautiful smile. Information about her height, weight, or age is missing from any source. There is also no proper photograph of her from which we can predict anything about her physics. We also have no clue about her age or date of birth.

Education and Career

There is no source that reveals anything about her education, early life, or career. She was born to her father, who was a teacher. From this information, we can say that she must be given a good education by her parents. We can see that her father is very supportive when it comes to supporting his children’s dreams. He must have supported her too, to fulfil her dream, whatever it was. Looking at her pictures, it can be predicted that she is a grown woman. Thus, she also must be doing something amazing with her life at this point, just like her other siblings. There is very little information about her personal life, so it is very hard to know what she is up to. Furthermore, she hasn’t been seen in any movies or shows. Also, she hasn’t been seen participating in any fashion shows etc.


There are a total of eight members in her family: her parents, her five siblings, and her. She has four biological siblings and two step siblings from her second mother. The first sibling was named Kaylee Stoermer Colemer. We don’t know about her profession and her relationship with Katianna. Austin Stoermer Colemer is her other sibling. Then the name of her next sibling is AnnaBella Stoermer Colemer. Last but not least, Julian Stoermer Colemer, is her youngest sibling and he is pursuing his career in modeling. We previously mentioned her step sister, Zendaya Stoermer Colemer, who is another sibling but from a different mother.As Zendaya became a big name all around the world, She must be dearly loved and supported by all her siblings. Zendaya’s popularity has a big impact on the whole family.

Zendaya’s success

 Zendaya’s father is African and her mother is American. That was a stressful period in her life. Those incidents made her extremely shy and underconfident. Her parents never thought that she could be a public figure. At that time, her parents were really worried about her. But as time passed, she gained the courage to fight her shyness. As she grew up, her parents noticed her love for acting. At that time, both her parents were teachers, and her mother was the manager of her acting school too. Later, they decided to take her to California to pursue her acting career. She was bought there by her father, but her mother stayed at home to make money as she was a teacher. It was a difficult time for her as it was a new place and she was there without her mother. Soon she got a show for Disney’s “Shake It Off” and became popular among the viewers. After getting much popularity in 2013 because of her good dancing skills, she participated in a dancing show. There she also got huge appreciation. Her hard work paid off over time, and she was given many opportunities in major projects such as Malcom and Marrie, Space Legacy, and Spider Man: Homecoming, among others.also appeared in many music videos and commercials as well. She is also among the greatest models in the world. She also revealed that she is very close to her step-sister Kaylee, who is also her inspiration. She is now dating Tom Holland, her co-star in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Her net worth is estimated at $15 million. She has a magnificent house for which she pays about 1.4 million dollars.


Katianna’s relationship status is hidden. Since the lady is not active on social media platforms, it’s quite difficult to say whether she is single or involved in any relationship. Furthermore, there is no information about her getting married. We can only hope for her to be happy with whoever she is.

Net worth

As there is no information about her career or profession, Her personal information is extremely personal. Thus, we can’t predict anything about her earnings. If she is in the entertainment industry or doing some kind of business, there is no such hint. But since all her siblings and her parents are successful and living a good life, She also must be enjoying a lavish life and doing something meaningful.

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