Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer is an established painter. She has gained much recognition for her unique artistry. Moreover there is another identity of hers that makes her more special. She is the mother of the viral sensation Doja Cat. If anyone thinks that from where doja gets such creativity that we can see in her music videos as well in her composed songs. This is definitely because of her very creative parents. Her mother Deborah has an unique taste in painting and thus she keeps on trying new styles and designs in her art works. Let’s get to know more about Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer and her life. 

Bio, Height, Weight, Age 

The beautiful woman belongs to a mixed ethnicity. She is half Jewish and half American. She was born in 1962 thus from this estimation it can be said that she must be 58 years old. She has  Fair complexion and looks healthy as per photographs. She has a decent height of 162 centimeters. As for her weight, she is 55 kgs in weight. She is a beautiful woman with eyes coloured in brown and flaunts blond hair. As we already mentioned she got much popularity because of her unique painting skills and thus she is pursuing her career as an artist. She is divorced with two daughters. The elder daughter is named Amala Zandile Dlamini and another daughter, her name is hidden. 


There are not many people in her family. At present she is single and enjoying her life with colors and her daughters. 

Deborah was in a marital relationship with Dumisani Dlamini. Unfortunately or fortunately they are no longer together. They got deviced long ago just after a few years of their marriage. Dumisani Dlamini is a well recognised actor in South Africa and also worked in Hollywood. They together gave birth to Amala Zandile Dlamini popularly known as Doja Cat in 1995. It is also heard that Doja has a younger sister but it’s quite difficult to find any information about her as there is no any official news about her. At present there are only three members in Deborah’s family: herself and her two daughters. She brought up her two daughters alone, their father was not there to support them after divorce. Deborah’s mother was a painter too , from this information we can tell that her talent of painting must be from her mother. Although we have found nothing about her parents. 


Deborah’s marriage was not successful. She divorced her husband soon after their marriage. Dumisani Dlamini, her husband is a South African actor. He is among the most talented actors in the South African film industry. Along with acting her husband is also into producing films and composing music. The man is now in his late 50s. They met many years ago when Dumisani went for a film tour in sarafani. He got to meet Deborah there. As their closeness started to grow the couple thought of making it a step ahead. Soon they decided to marry each other. But their love didn’t last and the couple wanted to get separated. They had done as they thought, they divorced. They probably divorced before the birth of Doja. As in one of her interviews she said that she hasn’t seen her father in her life and he was never there for her. We can’t say how true this is. Deborah’s marital life was not that happy one. 


Deborah has been a creative person since childhood. Her attraction toward art pulled her towards painting and artistry. She is among the amazing painters who has made a career out of it. At present she is all into her painting career. She likes staying with colors and trying new things. She prefers oil color to fill her blank canvases. Her most liked form of art is gauche. She has seen to use very vibrant colors in her art works. Yellow is one of them. She has also done shows like ‘friends don’t let friends date’ and ‘ Martys’. But her love for the arts is undeniable. Thus it is her only source of earning now. 

Deborah’s daughter Doja 

Recently it’s been hard to find people who don’t know Doja Cat. She single handedly shook the whole social media with her songs. From ‘Woman’ to ‘Kiss me more’ even the kids can recognise her songs easily. Dojas’ success was not in one night. She had to go through a lot to be here where she is today. She was brought up only by her mother as we already know that her father was never there in her growing years. She came to the world in 1995 in California, USA. She never focused on studies because creativity was always there in her soul just like her mother. She was a trained dancer and she had learned different dance styles like ballad, bharatnatyam, hip-hop and many more. She gave up on studies when she was just sixteen. Her attraction towards music and dancing culture brought her to the industry. Soon she started taking lessons on music and posting on sound clouds. She had done this for almost a year but one day she thought of doing something different. One fine day she wrote, composed and shot a video which was called” Moo “. The song became a huge hit as it was a meme material. Her first album Amala was not that hit as it was expected but her next album which was named Hot Pink was a massive hit. As with success many scandals also came along. She was criticized by various respected artists. That phase was not that nice for her. But the sassy star always came back with a bang. Her outspoken nature and confidence to make jokes on her own make her different from other artists. If we talk about her mother she never got involved in any kind of scandals and she hasn’t even talked about Doja’s rumors at all. 

Net worth 

Deborah’s artistry career brings her about 2 million dollars. Her earnings are totally from her painting career. On the other hand her daughter Doja earns 8 million dollars as a singer, composer and writer.