You must have heard about the king of cocaine, Pablo Escobar. Pablo Escobar was considered to be the biggest drug peddler in the whole world. Manuela Escobar is none other than the daughter of a famous criminal Pablo Escobar. Here in this article we will tell you everything about Manuela Pablo Escobar ,her life, family, relationships and much more.

About Manuela Pablo Escobar

Born on 25th April, 1985 Manuela Escobar is the daughter of popular narco terrorist and drug lord Pablo Escobar and Maria Victoria Henaoas. Manuela was born in Colombia and has an elder brother  named Juan, who later changed his name and is now called Sebastian Marroquin.

Manuela Escobar is a beautiful girl with deep black long hair and mesmerizing dark brown eyes. Manuela’s height is around 5 feet 7 inches and is currently 37 years old. Her weight is around 60 kg , which is 132.5 lbs. Her zodiac sign is said to be Gemini.

Manuela was born in Colombia and had also spent her childhood their with her parents Pablo and Maria. Because Pablo was a drug peddler, his and his family’s life was always in danger. Due to this reason both Manuela and his brother sabastian were being taught privately at home and were not sent to any public school.

Pablo loved his family, but he was very protective for his daughter Manuela, Pablo could do anything to fulfill his daughter’s wishes. Pablo was one of the wealthiest criminals of the world. It was once said that during a very cold night Pablo burned 2 billion US dollars to keep his little daughter, Manuela warm. This news spreaded like fire among all people and after this Manuela Escobar was being considered as a daddy’s girl whose all wishes are full filled at any cost. But unfortunately Manuela Escobar’s favourite person, her daddy Pablo Escobar, left her and the family as he was shot by Colombian National Police. At that time Manuela Escobar was only nine years old.

Estimated Net Worth of Manuela Pablo Escobar

It is rumoured that Manuela is an excellent homemaker and a successful business woman by profession. It is said that Manuela Escobar studied public relations for her education. Her father was one wealthiest gangster of the world and was also known by the name cocaine king. Pablo had a whopping net worth of around 30 billion US dollars. From a career point of view, Manuela seems to be a pretty successful business woman and her net worth is estimated around 2 million US dollars.

It was once said by a media personnel that Manuela Escobar runs two businesses, one is running a hotel chain and another is of handmade pet products. She went through many ups and downs in life and has evolved as a successful and efficient business woman.

Manuela Escobar  is a famous personality and is active on social media platforms like Instagram and has many followers on her page. She posts her pictures very frequently on social media platforms and her pictures are liked by many people across the world.

Manuela’s elder brother, Juan Pablo Escobar is said to be a well known architect and has earned a good fortune and wealth through his profession. Juan Pablo Escobar also wrote a book on his father after Pablo’s death named ” Pablo Escobar: My Father”, the copies of his books were sold at many stores and publications and was an immense public attraction.

Manuela Escobar’s love life and relationships

Manuela has never given any interviews or talked with media personnel. She has always led a secretive life after her father, Pablo Escobar, died when she was only nine years old. In Spite of her non engagement with the media it is rumored that she is married to Tomas Botero and is an excellent homemaker and a great partner. It is believed that Tomas and Manuela dated for a long period of around ten years before getting married.

About Manuela Escobar’s mom: Maria Victoria Henaoas

According to reports Maria Victoria Henaoas married Pablo Escobar at an early age of just fifteen years. They both got married in 1976. Maria Victoria Henaoas was born in palmira, Columbia in 1961. Maria’s parents were against her relationship with Pablo Escobar as they never trusted Pablo because of his activities and crimes. In Spite of her parent’s disapproval, Maria Victoria Henaoas married Pablo Escobar when she was just 15 while Pablo Escobar was around 25 years old. Maria Escobar came to know about her husband’s criminal acts and cocaine peddling much time after their marriage. But still she raised her children Manuela and Juan Escobar with all love and affection and with all deeds and things which a mother should teach her children to raise them in a good manner.

Maria Escobar and her son Juan were once sent to jail as they were said to be linked with Pablo’s money laundering case. This happened after Pablo’s death, but Maria and Juan Escobar were released very soon due to lack of proper evidence against them.

Where was Manuela Pablo Escobar last seen or where is Manuela now?

Manuela Pablo Escobar along with her mother, Maria and elder brother Sebastian left the country Columbia after Pablo Escobar’s death. They together fled to Argentina to hide from Pablo Escobar’s enemies as their life was at high risk and many people were searching them to finish off the Escobar family.

Just like her brother, Manuela also changed her name as their names were becoming an obstacle to leaving a country.

Tough Juan Pablo Escobar, now called Sabastian, has been seen many times and has talked with media but he has never given much information about his sister Manuela Escobar to respect his sister’s privacy and her life.

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