Did you know that Victoria is Canada’s 12th most populated city? It’s also the second-largest city in BC after Vancouver! Learning about things like this before you move somewhere is important. 

One of the factors that might be hard to find online, however, is the reason why people like living there already. If you want to move to a new place, you want to make sure that the people living there now are happy so that you’ll be happy, too! 

Are you thinking about moving to Victoria, BC? No matter where you’re coming from, making the choice to put roots down in a new city is a big step, so we want to help you make the right choice.

Keep reading as we talk to you more about what Victoria, BC has to offer and why the people who live in this city love to call it home. 

Employment Opportunities

There are a lot of opportunities in business, technology, federal or provincial government offices, or naval bases in the area. If you’re employed (or looking for employment) in any of these areas, you’re going to find a lot of opportunities for career advancement here.

In addition to this, the region is developing as a huge agricultural, forestry, and marine research area. Residents love the possibilities that come from the companies in Victoria! 

Employment in British Columbia, in general, is expected to grow over the next decade, so you’ll have career opportunities abound if you move here.

Weather Advantages

Did you know that Victoria has one of the best climates in Canada? Victoria gets over 2,000 hours of sunlight in a given year. It has a sub-Mediterranean climate, so it also hardly ever has temperatures that are below freezing.

If you want to avoid the rain that affects so many Canadian cities, note that Victoria also gets about half the amount of rainfall compared to Vancouver due to its location. Snowfall is also usually extremely mild! 

Plenty of people love living in Victoria because they get to do a lot of fun outdoor activities on nicer days. You can find the perfect place to live near your favorite outdoor spots with Ronneal.com once you decide to start househunting! 

Sociable, Fun, and Progressive City

This city is popular with retirees and new professionals alike. You’ll find that the age demographic in Victoria is balanced, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet other people your age in the area! 

Victoria also has plenty of culture, and it has a good focus on arts and history. Some of the things to do here that residents thoroughly enjoy, in and around the downtown core, include:

  • Visit museums
  • Attend many annual festivals
  • Play golf at the golf clubs
  • Check out the horse racing track
  • Visit one of the many restaurants
  • Hang out at one of the beautiful parks

You’ll find plenty to see and do here in this exciting place with big city amenities for all tastes. At the same time, you’ll have plenty of chances to make new friends and experience the history of the surrounding community. 

Choose to Live in Victoria, BC

If you’re still on the fence about moving to Victoria, BC, keep doing your research on all of the wonderful things it has to offer. Moving there means having access to career advancement opportunities, more sunshine, and better activities outside of the house.

Do you want to learn more about Canada or the British Columbia province in general before you make your choice? Check out more articles like this on our website next.