Research suggests that one in twenty-three adult males and one in twenty-five adult females are at risk of colon cancer in the United States. These disturbing numbers have brought colorectal cancer to the forefront, with people talking about treatment plans and the possibility of misdiagnosis.

While some worry about the often discouraging survival rate of colon cancer, others are more concerned about medical malpractice that leads to delayed treatment due to misdiagnosis. An expert cancer attorney can help sort things out without hassles in either scenario.

To better understand the need for such a lawyer when facing cancer, misdiagnosis or otherwise, consider the following convincing reasons.

Sound Legal Counsel When Making Healthcare Decisions

National healthcare statistics claim that over fifty thousand people will die of the approximately hundred and forty-seven-plus people who have been diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2020 alone. These troubling appraisals are sure to discourage already diagnosed people even further.

People who are less likely to survive this dreaded disease can effectively use legal counsel to make critical medical decisions about treatment. For instance, they can consult their lawyer and determine whether or not to consider chemotherapy or other radiation treatments. The idea is to help them wade through tricky waters of medical consent and care.

The Survival Rate May Be Discouraging

There is a five-year relative (or approximate) survival rate of colon cancer based on cases of people already diagnosed so far. In simple terms, this means that about ninety percent of those diagnosed correctly in the initial stages will make it past this five-year estimate. However, only about fourteen percent of the people in the final stages of this dangerous disease will reach this time frame.

That being said, the exact survival chances someone has depend entirely on the individual case and circumstances. The cancer stage, treatment plan, response to medicine, family history, and other crucial factors determine how long someone can survive colorectal cancer.

So, when the survival rate cannot be determined precisely, it is best to have an expert cancer attorney by your side to help make pivotal legal and medical decisions. They can also provide counsel on estate matters in some cases, especially if there are chances that someone may not survive for long.

Legal Aid In Case Of Misdiagnosis

Scores of people are misdiagnosed every year by medical and healthcare practitioners, whether deliberately or accidentally. This kind of negligence can leave patients with a drastically reduced survival rate, resulting in them facing emotional, financial, physical, and mental trauma.

Cancer attorneys have unmatched experience in dealing with medical malpractice cases, ensuring you receive just compensation for the damages and trauma you have suffered due to the negligence. They have the know-how to negotiate fair settlements and demand a fair amount of money.

Also, they can effectively deal with shrewd insurance company representatives head-on while their clients receive chemotherapy and other treatments in peace back at home. These professionals have access to numerous sources, which they often use to hasten claims and ensure their clients receive their due compensation faster than usual.