Della Beatrice Howard Robinson is the ex-wife of popularly known American musician Ray Charles Robinson who died in the year 2004. She is mostly identified as Bea a nickname given by her long gone Ex- husband. Della Beatrice met with her late husband in Texas City in the year 1954 during her performance in the Cecil Shaw’s gospel group. They later got married the following year 1955 while they also welcome their firstborn child Ray Charles Robinson Jr who is a self-subsistent movie director. Later Della Beatrice Robinson with her husband were blessed with their second born child David Robinson in the year 1958, and 1960 they welcomed they third and last born son Robert Robinson. Della Beatrice Robinson looked after her beloved children in View Park, California.

Della Beatrice Robinson childhood

Della the Bea was born in the year 1929 and given her full name as Della Beatrice Howard. In her younger age she was beautiful and was brought up by an able family in a small hometown Richmond, Texas in America. According to her personal life short details Della’s father was a businessman who owned a business. In the other hand, her mother did not have much of a job but to stay at home doing housework. Howard Robinson was nursed alone by her mother since her father never showed up in her immaturity. Later her mother together with two of Della’s aunts moved to Houston for a real housekeeping job. This piloted Della to stay with her grandmother mama Lee and her uncle George. Della attended a private school in her small home Richmond, Texas. Since the town was not developed she used to walk every day a distance of 16 miles. Della Beatrice Robinson finalized her high school from private school in Richmond. After school, she moved to Houston where her mother was staying.

Age, height and weight

Since she was born in the year 1929 thus, Della’s age is 93yrs old as of 2022 and currently lives in California. Della is 5 feet and 5 inch woman in form of centimeters she is 165 cm and 1.65 in meters. The famous Ray Charles Ex- wife weight is about 76 kg in kilograms and 167.5 lbs in pounds.

Della B. Howard  Bio

NameDella Beatrice Howard Robinson
Age93 yrs old(as of 2022)
Birth townTexas, American Born in small town Richmond, Texas
Children  3 (Ray Charles Robinson Jr, David Robinson and Robert Robinson)
Spouse  Ray Charles Robinson (a commonly known songwriter, pianist and a composer.)
  Net worth  15 million dollars Per month 32,000 dollars Per day 1140 dollars Per hour 19 dollars Per minute 0.03 dollars Per second 0.05 dollars
EducationHigh school graduate

Personal life

Della was involved in two unsuccessful marriages before famously married to late Ray Charles. In a tender age, Della wanted a family of her own, so she was married by a minister’s shortly after their first meeting at a church service. Unfortunately, she experienced her foremost divorce for Howard once noticed that he would bodily hurt her whenever he was blue with her. After a short courtship, Della married another tall and handsome churchgoer, but the marriage didn’t last long as her first and thus relocated to New York City. In the city, she had a little money, unstable job and barely afforded for her rent. They met with Ray in 1954 in Texas in hotel. Their love story started when Ray used to pay her week’s rent without Howard’s knowledge. Before directly meeting with Ray, she had heard rumors about his drug addict and womanizer character, but Ray found Howard temperament mind-blowing. After one year they united in marriage in Dollas 1955.

Ray Charles Ex-wife Net worth

Ray Charles ex-wife net worth is roughly 15 million dollars. When Ray Charles passed away in the year 2004 he was worth 100 million dollars due to his popularity in music industry. As a result his ex-wife Della Beatrice acquired a total of just about 15 million dollars as compensation for their divorce. Howard’s net worth source came from her late ex-husband through his uniqueness and effort in music.


Bea Robinson tutored at a local school in Texas down to forth grade and would walk 16 miles,  from home to school every day for her studies.The relationship between her mother and her soured the minute she was made to look after her younger brother, James. Beatrice made a decision of moving out of her mother’s house, admitting that it was the greatest mistake. She started living with Robert Lee, her cousin. Robinson underwent hardships but luckily secured a social card and a health card for nobody cared about a birth certificate. Later on, Della started singing with a gospel group and decided to move in with Ella Dooley, one of the group members. Things started going for her when she started singing on local radio stations and concerts. By chance, Della and her group were awarded with a recording contract, and asudden become famous at a neighborhood level.

Howard’s marriage

Della Howard did not remarry after her divorce with Ray Charles Robinson the American celebrity of the times. Bea got married to his famous ex-husband in the year 1955. They planned and wedded each other in a random back of a room where they were together. On their wedding ceremony unknown woman helped them tie their knots and that was it. As usual their first years in marriage were full of happiness and sweet memories. Despite, her dead ex-husband Ray Charles racking up and down for their lives the marriage was still full of love. Howard’s illustrious ex-husband was unknown to the world at the time thus life was a bit hard. The couple got their firstborn child in the same year of the marriage and named him Ray Charles Robinson Jr. Ray Robinson, Della Howard ex-husband effortlessly incessantly to make his music career know in America and worldwide. In the year 1958, they were blessed with another child David Robinson. Having a family to call home was always her ex-husband dream but on the other hand, being a celebrity for music in America lead him to a trap of drugs and women.

Nevertheless, her ex-husband lifestyle did not hinder him from playing the role of a husband and father to his family. In 1960 eventually, Della bore her third born child Robert Robinson with her husband Ray Charles. After Robert was born Howard’s husband moved his family to reside in Los Angeles. Her ex-husband kept on with his music career singing, writing, acting and composing songs. In the process, Ray Charles became exceptionally heroin addict and a womanizer. Della tried to hold on to their marriage at an extent until it was impossible when Charles fathered different types of women. Bea and Ray marriage prevailed for 22yrs. Della did not remarry again after their marriage with Ray came to and end.

Della’s Robinson Divorce

The mother of three boys gave up on her marriage with her distinguished ex-husband in 1976 and filed for a divorce. Since she was a wife of an honored man in America the dissolution specifics were kept obscure. By then Ray was stuck around with his older son Robinson Jr and his confidante. The preeminent cause for Bea and Ray cleavage was her husband’s addition and affairs as revealed in the year 1977. After several years of their divorce they were again attentive friendship. Ray at that time he was not doing great in his career and health. Her ex-husband was admitted to hospital to undertake his treatment which almost took away his life. When Ray was in hospital for recuperation, his ex-wife Bea took care of him by visiting him frequently bringing him fruits and food. Her ex celebrated husband later passed away in the 2004,10th of June due to complications which were caused from liver failure.

Is Della Beatrice Robinson (Bea) still alive?

Howard  is an old woman by now but still own her fame through her late ex-husband’s legacy and hers. Della is still alive and healthy. It was recently reported that she was currently sticking around in Riverside County and also lately celebrated her 89th birthday with family. Della taught Ray Charles to sigh and write his own name and also encouraged him to use his real voice singing.