Tom Segura is a well-known writer, comedian, podcaster, actor, producer and a director in United States with new worth value of $12 million. This is a combined net worth value along with his wife, Christina Pazsitzky. His wife is also a comedian and podcaster and has worked alongside him on his comedy podcast, Your Mom’s house which is their best work yet. Tom Segura gained him fame when his highly appreciated comedy skits were admired and noted by a popular television network and he was offered the on air time on Live on Gotham, Conan and Comedy Central Presents. 

Tom Segura has been a part of several Netflix stand-up comedy shows and specials too. Despite his appearances in comedy specials and reality TV shows, he is well known for comedy podcast “Your Mom’s House” with his wife.

Tom Segura Net Worth 2021

Tom Segura is a renowned comedian who is known for his storytelling and hilarious content. His net worth for 2021 is $12 million. This figure is the combined net worth of Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky, his wife.

Early Life

Tom Segura was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA on 16 April 1979. His parents were Charo & Thomas Segura Sr., who was an American father of Cajun, Spanish and Canadian-French ancestry. He was named after his father. Tom Segura has older 2 sisters. 

Soon after his graduation, Tom started his career as a standup comedian. In the early days he took odd jobs to pave his way. His funny personality, versatility and storytelling style helped him in show business. 

Over the course of his career, he has lived across US in different cities and states including Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota; Milwaukee and Vero Beach, Florida. He now lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, Christina, and two sons. Tom Segura met his wife, Christina when he was 23 and married her in 2008. 


Tom attended the Saint Edward’s School and graduated from it in the late 1990s. Tom Segura graduated from the Lenoir Rhyne University in North Carolina, United States and soon after graduating, he started his career as a stand-up comedian. 

Career Highlights and Achievements

Tom Segura has performed as an actor in TV series Atom TV, This Is Not Happening, Workaholics, Happy Ending, and Gary Unmarried. From 2014 to 2015 he also starred in the television series, How to Be a Grownup. Tom is a very well know comedian. From small gigs, stand ups in different places to television and big screen, Tom Segura’s name needs no introduction. He has starred in nearly 50 TV projects. Initially he struggled for a couple of years. But when in 2009 he gained his mainstream recognition from Live at Gotham, he found one television opportunity after another. Then he appeared in documentaries too like Atom TV, Cutman and Russel Peters Presents. 

Tom Segura is one of the leading names in comedy today. His Netflix specials like Completely Normal (2014). Mostly Stories (2016), Disgraceful (2018) and Ball Hog (2020) gained him massive popularity. Tom has this natural story telling ability which sets his narrative apart. His anecdotes are not average and his delivery makes them outright hilarious. 

Tom Segura created and now hosts a podcast with his wife, Christina named Your Mom’s House  and another one named 2 Bears 1 Cave with co-host Bert Kreischer. These both podcasts have fast become the best comedy podcasts of today. 

Tom also makes regular appearances on radio shows named Bob & Tom Show and Ron & Fez Show. Tom Segura has made several global tours to entertain his fans. He has also performed at festivals like The Comedy Festival, Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, The Hong Kong Comedy Festival, the South Beach Comedy Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Vancouver’s Global Comedy Festival. He is a podcaster, a regular in radio shows, standup comedian and also a movie star. He has starred in Countdown and The Opening Act. 


Your Mom’s House is a comedy podcast that Tom hosts with his wife. This podcast is hands down one of the biggest comedy podcasts. On this podcast channel, husband and wife talk about normal stuff that every married couple goes through. Except that they talk about everything openly. From their married life to taboo topics; their podcasts are on all sorts of topics. And they put a comic twist on everything. Their puns, banter and hilarious anecdotes gained them huge popularity. They have fans for this show from every age group and gender. Fans of Your Mom’s House call themselves jeans or mommies and show their love by sending the hosts cards, letters and gifts. During 2020, the podcast show reached received about 1 million impressions for every episode.

The second podcast which Tom Segura co-hosts is with Bert Kreischer and it’s called 2 Bears 1 Cave. For this podcast, Tom and Bert meet in the cave at YMH Studios to do what bears do best; make each other and everyone else laugh. They do over the top comedy. Some people love it, many hate it. Either way, this podcast is very well known.


Tom Segura is most known for ‘Insulting Comedy’. This type of comedy though makes people laugh, but it does not show the comedian in the best light. Tom has been known to mock Down syndrome during his acts repeatedly. This usually does not sit well with people who had loved ones who have Down syndrome and know every day struggle that comes with it. And several organization voiced objections on his acts. 

His anti-wrestling comments also triggered many who loved this game. He reminded everyone that wrestling is nothing but faked and pre-planned. Obviously the followers and fans of wrestling all over the world went crazy after his statements.  When his act went live and people heard his anti-wrestling comments, they shared hateful comments about him and soon Tom Segura started trending on twitter with hate comments about him from fans of wrestling.

Interesting Facts about Tom Segura

  • Tom Segura was once in a drug induced coma which was short lived. It happened because of overdose of Gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid.
  • Tom Segura participated in the on Last Comic Standing and was San Francisco regional finalist.
  • Tom speaks Spanish fluently.
  • Tom Segura is a member of Deathsquad Network of standup comedians.
  • Tom and Christina have recently relocated to Austin, Texas.