Terry Schansez Wallace Jr. is a famous singer, composer, songwriter, and rapper. This rising star is more renowned by his stage name Tee Grizzley and has produced some of the most popular singles in the hip hop music industry such as “From the D to the A”, “Colors”, “No Efforts” etc. 

He first gained attention from his single “First Day Out” through YouTube when he got out of prison. In a matter of 3 weeks, it hit more than 3 million views. His hot album “Activated” in 2018 soared to number 10 on Billboard.

Net Worth:

Tee Grizzley has earned massive fame very quickly and so it is no wonder that his bank account soared all the same. His net worth as of 2021 is almost $1.5 million. He makes most of his income through singing and songwriting in the hip hop genre and has sold many copies of his songs. He also makes a lot of money through his YouTube channel where he gets a ton of views. He also has a franchise of hoodies, t-shirt, and sweatpants for his fans that are eager to buy.

Moreover, Tee bought in 2017 a massive house in Michigan which is rated $18,000. He also owns luxurious cars such as Mercedes and Ford.

Tee Grizzley’s yearly, monthly, weekly and daily income is as follows;

  •  Yearly Income: $100k
  •  Monthly Income: $8,333
  •  Weekly Income: $1,923
  •  Daily Income: $273

Height, Age, and Weight:

Tee Grizzley is a tall 6 feet (183 cm) man who weighs 103 kg with a good build and stature. He is 27 years 7 months old as of October 2021. Along with that, he also has a pair of dark brown eyes and dark cornrow hair.


Tee Grizzley was not an ordinary kid in an ordinary household; in fact, he had a very rough childhood devoid of his parents’ company. He was born on 23rd march 1994 in Detroit, Michigan. Tee stayed most of his childhood with his grandparents then with his parents. His parents were frequent lawbreakers and were frequently imprisoned as inmates. In 2011, his mother went to jail for 15 years sentence for drug trafficking, and soon after in 2012 his father was killed.

Tee was determined to live a better life than his parents and he broke the long chain of illiteracy in his family to get a proper education and went to Michigan State University to study account and financing. 

However, the curse followed him while he was in college, and under the pressure of financial difficulties and poverty, he began to steal and conduct robberies. In 2014, he stole electronics worth $20,000 followed by an attempt at the theft of a jewelry store.

He was caught by the police found guilty. He was sent to Michigan State Jackson Prison where he completed his jail time from 2014 to 2016.


Tee was very fond of music from a very young age and would treasure the visits to studios of his relatives. He became serious about his music career while he was serving his sentence in Michigan State Jackson Prison. There he would practice rapping and write many of his singles which are now popular. 

His career hit a major turn when he got out of prison and released his first single “First Day Out” which became an instant hit. His second and third singles were released which followed the success streak named “Second Day Out” and “From D to the A”. Soon, he became the talk of the town and signed a deal with 300 Entertainment and Atlantic Records. 

His career got another major boost when Lebro James promoted his music on his Instagram post. Some famous awards received by him include two 2017 BET Hip Hop nominations for Best New Hip Hop Artist and Best Mixtape for My Moment. He also received a 2018 MTV Video Music Award nomination for Push Artist of the Year.

In 2018 his hot album “Activated” gave the biggest boost to his career which soared to top number 10 on Billboard.

Family Life:

Tee’s parents were frequent lawbreakers and he saw very little of them thus, he was not very attached to them. He lived most of his life with his grandparents in Joy Rd. Southfield neighborhood where he grew attached to his grandparents. He also has a twin brother known for his stage name “Baby Grizzley”. Like Tee Grizzley, he is also a famous rapper and the brothers have also collaborated on many songs. His brother also has a similar history, who was also involved in frequent law-breaking activities.


Tee has not yet revealed a lot about his personal life and prefers privacy on his matters. Although recently, he did post a recent picture of a baby with his new girlfriend My’Eisha Agnew on Instagram where he wrote: 

“Welcome to the world son. While we are giving you everything we never had ima make sure We don’t forget to teach you everything we was never taught. You got a way better start than we had and I thank God for that.” –Tee Grizzley

Apart from that very little is known about his past relationships or girlfriends. Tee likes to keep his personal life away from the eyes of the public. 


Tee Grizzley is a hot new artist on the rise and we believe he is on a journey to massive success and fame. He had a few turmoil in the past given his family background and history but amidst it all; he fought through the difficult times and now stands victorious with a well-earned name and popularity. We are yet to witness what more this young artist has in store for us, but until then let’s hope he stays out of trouble and doesn’t disappoint his fans.