Christian Holmes V is Elizabeth Holmes’ younger brother in the Holmes family. Christian Rasmus Holmes IV and Noel Anne Holmes are his parents of him.

Former Enron vice president Christian Rasmus Holmes IV is his father’s father. After an accounting fraud incident, the company was forced to file for bankruptcy. A few years later, his father was an executive at the EPA and USAID, among other federal agencies. She was a Congressional committee employee, Noel Anne.

At Theranos, a Biotech health technology firm, Elizabeth Holmes was the creator and former CEO. She developed an inexpensive and non-invasive blood testing technique. According to a series of publications, Holmes’ technology was flawed. Most of the 7.5 million tests it did may have been erroneous after the company’s worth rose to more than $9 billion. Eleven accusations against Holmes and Balwani, comprising wire fraud and conspiracy to engage in wire fraud, were filed against them in June of this year.

In honor of Christian’s great-great-grandfather, Cincinnati’s General Hospital is named after him. His marriage to Betty Fleischmann, the heiress to the Fleischmann yeast company, made Holmes a household name synonymous with money and social prominence. He was quite proud of his ancestry. The Dropout was reportedly informed by Joseph Fuisz, “Throughout the years, her father’s sense of entitlement to his family’s stock status faded away. Elizabeth’s glorious vision for her firm is rooted in her family’s mythology of a lost paradise.”

However, very little is known about Christian Holmes outside his employment at Theranos. According to reports, Christian appeared to engage in clinical talks concerning lab tests for which he was not certified while working at Theranos. Since the trial, Christian has only occasionally emerged in front of the media, preferring to keep his life private. According to reports, Christian is a resident of San Diego, CA.

“The Dropout’s” first episode introduces us to Christian Holmes, the younger brother of Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes. He makes a brief appearance in the first few episodes before joining Theranos. Even though Christian isn’t a prominent character in the story or how Theranos operates, his existence gives some information about the company’s working environment.

Early life

Although Christian was a lovely young guy with blue eyes like his sister, he and his sister had very different personalities. In contrast to his sister, Christian was a normal guy who enjoyed watching sports, flirting with women, and going out with friends. His first job after graduation from Duke University was as a researcher at a Washington, DC-based organization advising corporations on best practices.


Christian Holmes was hired as an Associate Dean of Product Management at Theranos. Some may not realize that Theranos is an acronym for “therapy/diagnosis.” Theranos aimed to differentiate itself by developing a painless blood extraction method that would not necessitate using needles in the finished product. Before becoming Director of Commercial Operations, he was promoted to Director of Product Management.

RedrawingRedrawing blood for examinations required to be re-done because of a lack of knowledge in science or medicine. Christian Holmes said in an internal email that “this seems a redrawnredrawn is warranted given the breakdown of cells” in 2014, and the communication was revealed to jurors.

For her part, Elizabeth had enlisted the help of her brother as a liaison for complaints, generally handled by doctors. However, Adam Rosendorff, a former head of the Theranos lab, said that Christian was under pressure to come up with excuses for unsatisfactory results that did not call into doubt the tests.

Erika Cheung, a lab associate at Theranos for seven months, testified in court that Christian led her orientation and told her not to connect Theranos to her Linkedin. Erika said that Christian told her not to do that.

Emails from Christian to her sister had informed her of difficulties with the testing and suggested that individual results be withheld from publication. There is no doubt that Christian and his family suffer from deficiencies in calcium, potassium, and sodium. When we report excessive blood pressure, they transfer people to Quest [a blood-testing business], and the readings return normally. I can’t tell them that they’re wrong.

When Christian first started working at the company, he didn’t have anything to do but read sports magazines. The only way he could make it look like he was working was by copying and pasting stories from the ESPN site into blank emails. Soon after, Christian had four of his Duke fraternity mates join him: Jeff Blickman, Nick Menchel, Sani Hadziahmetovic, and Dan Edlin. Max Force, a fifth Duke buddy, joined them later. They shared a house near Palo Alto’s country club and were dubbed “the Frat Pack” by the rest of Theranos staff. None of the Duke boys had any blood-related experience or training, just like Christian.

The testimony of Dan Edlin was heard in court. Christian’s brother appointed them as senior managers, 4 of them at once in 2011 and two afterward. Daniel told jurors that Christian employed all senior product managers in 2011. Testimony by Edlin stated that some of the Duke alumnae ended up training Walgreens staff who would be providing Theranos testing services in the late fall of 2013.

“Theranos is an inventive Silicon Valley technological business,” the trainees were told, according to Daniel. Walgreens staff were taught about Theranos’ technology and how it may make blood testing more widely available and affordable.

This was done to pique the interest of Walgreens employees so that they would adopt the new technology. Even though Walgreens and their investment of $140 million fell apart after three years, the relationship with them was never able to get back on its feet.


Christian Holmes V will be 30 by the year 2022.


5’11” Christian Holmes V has a decent height for his age.


Christian Holmes V’s optimum weight is 166 pounds.


Christian Holmes V’s relationship status has not been revealed. We can’t follow his love life on social media because he doesn’t use them. However, likely, he hasn’t tied the knot yet.

Net worth

Under $1 million is what Christian Holmes V should be worth.


Christian is a 2011 Duke University graduate.