On February 22, 1975, the day when a beautiful child in Culver City, California, was born to actor John Barrymore and aspiring actress Jaid Barrymore whom they named “Drew Barrymore”. They had no idea about it they were raising a beauty with brains who would appear on screens as an enchanting popular girl and a great entrepreneur who would glitter as a shining star.

Drew Barrymore Age:

Drew Barrymore is 47 years old with a perfect 5’4 height, making her an alluring inamorata as gorgeous as at her young age. Well, it gives me a mesmerizing feeling when I start to imagine being drowned in those lovely green-colored eyes of hers. How’d you feel? 

Age never came into question in her whole career. And, I would say, she should in neither way worry about it. And we too!

Her Gorgeous figure:

By all accounts, battling with her weight to maintain her flamboyant body curves is one of her top priority tasks, along with the engaging duty upbringing of her cute and lovely daughters.

Recently, Drew Barrymore’s weight watchers revealed the news of her losing approximately 10 kg and she recorded her body weight to be around 57 kg currently. Now, this bodacious combination of 5’4 and 57kg will make great!

Early life As a kid:

Drew Barrymore young pretty girl of around 5 years, made her film debut in Altered States (1980). She quickly followed that up with a starring role being as young as 6 years old cute munchkin in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982), which became one of the highest-grossing films of all time. And surprisingly she got strong connections with her benefactor “Steven Spielberg: the director of E.T” because her hierarchical lineage was found to be actors who worked in their times with the “Godfather of Miss Barrymore”. In the coming year, she attended the Academy Awards.

Agitating Years

At a very small age of 9 years, the Never Been Kissed heroine drank her first beer. Drew’s pre-teen love for drugs like cocaine and alcohol intensified while exploring various bars under the influence of her nightclub-addict mother. By 13 years of age, she became confrontational so much that she wanted to evict her mother from the house. This state of hers was diagnosed with “Depression” for which she had to live in a rehab center for almost one and a half years around 1988. Sometimes it’s just not your fault. But who believes?  Finally, Drew was granted parental freedom nearly at 15. 


Drew Barrymore only had her preliminary education from Fountain Day School which was located in West Hollywood. No College. No further degrees. Yes, you read it right! Miss Barrymore has the same remorse as you’re doing now that she has a “ruined kid’s life”.


Primetime Emmy Awards nominee, who made the switch from child star to leading lady and was noted for her roles in romantic comedies in particular, have got fame not only in acting but also in various enterprises.

As Youngling Star:

Being blessed with an acting lineage, she appeared on T.V before her rejoicing Debut Film Altered States and then as young little ‘Gertie’ in E.T, a blockbuster in 1982 indeed for such a young age!

Professional Brilliant Actress:

Barrymore’s career took a bit of a hiatus in the late 1980s and early 1990s as she battled personal demons, but she came back stronger than ever with a Golden Globe-winning performance in Boys on the Side (1995). Then a row of such super hit movies like Scream (1996), Ever After (1998), and Charlie’s Angels (2000) featuring Drew. Then Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (2003) got a chance to film this charming young lady again.

Transit to Comedy

Her outstanding resume most recently gained a talk show time. In September 2020, the mother of two debuted The Drew Barrymore Show, a program that includes DIY projects, celebrity interviews, cooking segments, and a virtual comedy club.

“Flower Films” directions:

2009’s Whip It proved to be a turning point for Miss Barrymore in which she got her directing skills acknowledged along with her featured acting. She had previously directed a TV movie documentary and a video short, but the Whip It appeared as “Director’s Debut”. In addition to her work in film, Barrymore has also ventured into television, producing and starring in the short-lived series Mad Love.

Appearance as an Entrepreneur:

In April 2012, the Hollywood celebrity inaugurated Barrymore Wines with a Pinot Grigio. By then, she has strengthened the brand by joining forces with Carmel Road and introducing a Rosé.

After becoming married and having her first kid, Beauty Boss Barrymore started Flower Beauty in 2012. The hypoallergenic goods were first available just digitally so at Walmart, even though they have and afterward been introduced to other cosmetics retailers like Ulta.

The Beautiful Stand Mixer, Immersion Blender, and Hand Mixer are a set of indispensable kitchen tools that have just been released by Drew Barrymore as part of the Mixer Collection named “Beautiful” appliances.

As Book Author

 ‘Little Girl Lost” her autobiography talked about her troublesome childhood. One year after making the photo book Find It in Everything, the Charlie’s Angels (2000) actress published her autobiography, Wildflower, in October 2015. Ultimately, Wildflower was indeed a New York Times best-seller.

Net worth:

Drew is now a blockbuster hit. Her estimated net worth is $135 million USD, which she gained during her professional field. Including the website Wealthy Gorilla, she is amongst the top ranked 20 best paid female actors in the world. She has succeeded in making a huge sum of money throughout her career as an artist, entrepreneur, and filmmaker.


Off camera, Barrymore has struggled with her relationships. The novelist, who also created Flower Beauty, had previously wed Welsh bar owner Jeremy Thomas in March 1994. After 10 months, the couple decided to get divorced.

Tom Green and the actress were wed in 2001 for a very brief period, about a year, before their marriage dissolved in 2002. After being engaged 6 months earlier, the actress married Will Kopelman who was a consultant Artist in June 2012. Her motherhood journey began in September 2012, when the couple gave birth to a baby girl, ‘Olive’, whom Drew named around the 3rd month of her pregnancy, resembling it with the size of an olive then. She revealed all of it in “Ellen DeGeneres Show” in the last month of the year 2012. Frankie, the couple’s second child, was delivered during April 2014.

Even so, they continued to get along and share custody of their kids, but the duo remained officially no more in August 2016 after their initial split of a few months. Since then, the actress affirmed not to have more new faces introduced into the house, and she would not marry again. Instead, she would solely focus on her daughters’ promising future.