Early life

Pauly Shore best known for one recent dialogue in an American dub film “Pinocchio: a true story” was born on 1st February in LA, California. He lived in Beverly Hills California and lived with his parents. His father was a comedian named Sammy shore and Mitzi Shore. Pauly shore was raised as a Jewish with his three siblings. His relationships with his family have always been quite normal.

After attending Beverly Hills high school he started his stand-up comedy career in Alley Cat Bistro. He was just 17 and new to the film world. Pauly shore’s parents also owned The Comedy Store which helped him kick staring as a comedy actor.

Pauly refused to go to college because he was more interested in becoming a comedian. In one of his interviews, he said “you don’t choose comedy it chooses you”. Pauly grew up with his 3 siblings both of them were not much interested in following their parent’s footsteps, but Pauly on the other hand was meant to be a comedian. He also claimed in one of his interviews that his first performance was not as good as his mother would want because he says” I was making some bad jokes and she said me to stay away from her so I put on a mask and started dancing which went well so she told me to stick with the dancing’’. Pauly went unnoticed until his MTV breakthrough. Sam Kinison influenced Pauly’s growth as a stand-up comedian. Pauly was best known for his altered persona “the weasel”.


Shore’s as VJ on MTV went viral and he was at the peak of his comedy career when he decided to make his own show named Totally Pauly followed by a song video Lisa, Lisa the one I adore in his first comedy album “The future of America”.

Pauly shore’s film career however had many flops. His debut film Encino man was released in 1992 which went pretty well at the box office but after that, all of his films went down the drain. He starred in many films including Son in Law, Jury Duty, Bio-dome, and In the Army now. All of these films were flops and were rated below 10%, in fact, his co-star in the film Bio-Dome and also his girlfriend Kylie Minogue said this movie was the worst mistake of her career. Pauly also starred in many other films with uncredited roles such as Class Act and in animated movies such as “A Goofy Movie “as an uncredited voice artist. Shore’s role in movies and acting was highly criticized he was not getting any prominent roles in movies or shows so he started taking small insignificant roles in shows and music videos. In 1997 his show Pauly was canceled after only five episodes.

Shore’s career again took flight in 2003 when he produced and appeared as lead actor in the autobiography “Pauly Shore is dead”. This show was one of the best-reviewed shows of his career. Some of the other films he produced are ‘’Adopted’’ with an IMBD rating of 4.2/10 the idea of the film came to him while he was on a visit to Africa. His performance as himself in TV shows such as “Workaholics”, “Entourage”, and “Alone together is always loved.His recent voiceover in Pinocchio was very much loved by the audience and seems to be the best appraisal he ever received. Pauly produced, directed, and acted in many shows and he had his ups and downs but he is still remembered as one of the most famous people in the 1990s.


His romantic relationships were quite a ride. Although he is many times claimed to be gay but his dating history gives a different perspective. Pauly never dated any men however his romantic partners include many female celebs. In 1988 he dated Deborah Laufer an American play writer but the pair parted their ways in no time. He was also rumored to be in a relationship with actor Brandy Alexandre, Wafah Dufour, Kylie Minogue, Jillian Grace, and the list goes on. None of the relationships he was been in worked out for the long term.  1994 he was dating Shannon Wilsey who died by suicide which left Shore heartbroken and is one of the most depressing periods of his life. Sources also confirm that he was in a relationship with a porn star Jewel D’Nyle.

The star was also recently again in gay rumors after his posts on Twitter and Facebook but that appeared to be a sarcastic post given his history in dating. He is currently single or may be hiding his partner for good which is totally unclear.


As Shore’s acting career has many flop films he was awarded by Golden Raspberry Awards for the worst actor. He was recognized as the worst new star for Encino Man, and the worst actor for Bio-Dome. He was also awarded for worst actor 1990s. He remains nominated for worst actor of the century in the 90s. Despite all the negativity, criticism, and unsuccessful acting career his show “Pauly Shore Stands Alone” received reasonable recognition and was awarded as best documentary at Downtown Film festival LA.

Net worth

Although shore’s acting career was not of much success but he came from a well-reputed and financially stable background as his father was also an actor and comedian and his mother owned a theater so he led a pretty luxurious life. Pauly’s first film Encino Man earned approximately 40 million dollars at the box office. Being famous on MTV gave him enough opportunities to earn handsome money. His net worth in 2022 was reported by some sources to be around 20 million dollars. He lives in a luxury apartment in LA and has a Range rover both worth more than 20000 dollars.

Body measurements and Star

Pauly shore is 5 feet 7 inches tall and his current weight is between 7-72 kg he was born Aquarius and his birthstone is opal.