Cai Bella Bridges is the daughter of famous African-American rapper Ludacris and well-known media personality Tamika fuller. She is the third child among her four siblings from the side of her father. 

Cai Bella Bridges is a very popular face on social media as her parents post many photographs of her on social media like Instagram, Twitter and more. Snaps of Cai’s piano playing, tennis practices and travelling photos showcase her fantastic upbringing. Recently, a handwashing video of Cai Bella during the Covid-19 pandemic became very popular and was featured on 

Personal details of Cai Bella Bridges: 

Cai Bella Bridges was born on the 9th of December in 2013, in the USA, at present, her age is 9 years. Her sun sign is Sagittarius. Her name signifies her beauty and personality, as Cai means ‘feminine’, its origins include Vietnamese and Hawaiian, and Bella means ‘beautiful’ in French and Italy. Cai Bella also loves singing like her father, she loves to play the piano. 

Family of Cai Bella Bridges: 

Cai is the favourite child of her mother and father too. Tamika shares many beautiful photographs with her daughter Cai Bella on social media. Ludacris and Tamika fought an awful battle for Cai’s custody at the end of 2015 Ludacris gained her custody. 


The real name of Ludacris is Cristopher Brian Bridges; he is also known as Chris Lova Lova and Luda. He is a popular rapper and actor who was featured with Ciara, Monica, Usher, Bobby V, John Li and more. He is also a voice actor, an executive producer and the main composer of the TV series Karma’s world. His father’s name is Wayne Brian Bridges and his mother’s name is Robert shields. 

This African-American rapper started rapping when he was only nine years of age, the present age of her daughter Cai Bella who also follows her dad’s footsteps, she has an interest in singing and loves to play the piano. She looks very similar to her father Ludacris; they have similar facial features. Ludacris married Eudoxie Mbouguiengue in December of 2014. Eudoxie is a model, an author and a philanthropist, she is from Gabon. Ludacris and Eudoxie have two daughters Cadence Gaelle Bridges and Chance Oyali Bridges.

Christopher Brian Bridges took his time to debut Cai Bella, he first introduced his adorable daughter Cai at the Ludacris Foundation Event, when she was two years old. After her birth, Ludacris fought a nasty fight with Tamika Fuller, his baby mom who claimed that Ludacris married Eudoxie for gaining custody of Cai. In 2017 on Cai Bella’s 4th birthday Ludacris and Eudoxie arranged a marvellous “Troll-Themed” birthday party. Many beautiful photographs were shared on social media of this grand birthday party that has the caption that Cai Bella is the future leader of the world. 

Tamika Fuller- 

Tamika Fuller is an American entertainment personality, she is the owner of the farm Beyhive, but she is more popular as Ludacris’s ex-girlfriend and mother of Cai Bella Bridges. She has struggled a lot to survive, she worked as a stripper, a nurse and even a housekeeper to earn money. 

Tamika Fuller belongs to an Afro-American family in America. She is a Christian and has a strong trust in God. There is a lack of information about her education, family and more. Ludacris and Tamika Fuller were long-time friends, it turned into a romantic relationship and in 2013 she became pregnant. It was claimed by Tamika that Ludacris forced her to abort but Tamika was already emotionally attached to the child and took the decision to keep the child. Later they fought a legal battle for Cai’s custody but the decision went against her side due to her low financial status and Ludicrous took Cai’s custody. Tamika went through several relationships; she had a partnership with Bill Arriaga but never married anyone. Later she became a mother of her second child Lea.


Cai Bella Bridges has four siblings, they are Shaila Scott, Karma Bridges, Cadence Gaelle Bridges and Chance Oyali Bridges, she is the third among her four half-sisters. The eldest is Shaila Scott who was born in September 1996, she is the first daughter of Christopher Brian Bridges, the identity of Shaila’s mother is unknown. She prefers a private life, staying apart from the entertainment world. 

Karma Bridges is the daughter of Ludacris and Christine White who is an attorney, they did not marry and in 2007 parted ways. Karma was born in August 2001; she is seen with her frequently on the red carpet. This celebrity child is an Instagram sensation with huge followers, she is a very talented artist, first appearing in the entertainment sector with his father Ludacris’s song “Tell it like it is”. She is the CEO of ‘Karma’s world’ an educational website. 

Cadence Gaelle Bridges is the first child of Ludacris and Eudoxie, she was born on 4th July 2015. Cadence got her mother Eudoxie’s beauty and she has a close attachment with her elder half-sister Cai Bella. In Eudoxie’s words, they have huge similarities, it seems they are sisters from the same mother and Cadence loves to offer a kiss to Cai. 

Cai Bella’s youngest half-sister is Chance Oyali Bridges who is the real sister of Cadence Gaelle Bridges. Chance Oyali was born in July 2021. 


Though Cai Bella Bridges has gained immense popularity because of her celebrity father, she is not less talented. She has stolen the spotlight with her beautiful appearance and talent. She has featured in different tabloids like The Jasmine brand and Bossip. In spite of Cai Bella’s lack of total net worth, she enjoys a luxurious childhood due to her father’s huge net worth which is 25 million dollars. She spent a happy family life with her celebrity father, her step-mom and two half-sisters.