One in four people has left their jobs in recent years, and it doesn’t seem like these numbers are going to start going down any time soon.

One of the main reasons the retention rate is so high isn’t necessarily low pay. It’s employee happiness.

If you want to prevent your turnover rate from going up, you’ll need to take care of your people. Provide a good work/life balance. If an employee makes a complaint, hear them out and be willing to change.

That’s only a start. Check out this guide for a complete list of ways to attract the best employees and make them a permanent part of your team.

Be a Listening Ear

When you allow stress to stew, eventually, all the frustration you’re feeling will bubble to the surface and explode out of you. That’s why you should encourage employee feedback rather than try to keep problems swept under the rug.

Not all employees will be willing to speak up during an important board meeting. To ensure that everyone is making their voices heard, open an anonymous suggestion box.

Read every note carefully and take the suggestions to heart. Make changes around the office if possible.

Provide a Good Work/Life Balance

Nobody wants to feel like they’re always at work. People have lives outside of the office, and that’s something that you need to account for.

Allow for a flexible work schedule. You don’t want to put Sally on the morning shift if she’s not an early riser because she won’t be able to perform at her best.

If you can’t let your workers perform their duties from a home office, at least make sure they’re able to leave work when scheduled, and do what you can to approve time off.

Perform proper co-employment risk mitigation by identifying your workers the right way.

Pave a Way to the Future

If you allow your employees to remain stagnant in their position, it won’t be long before they begin to feel unfulfilled. Give your workers the chance to grow within the company by promoting your existing employees instead of hiring new ones.

Have your management team talk to new employees about growth opportunities from day one. It gives them a goal to shoot toward.

Work on Your Company Culture

The last way to improve employee morale is by polishing your company culture.

Treat all your workers with respect and stop gossiping and bullying before they get the chance to flourish.

Make Employee Happiness a Priority

If you want to keep good workers, you’ll have to make employee happiness your company’s top priority.

If you don’t create a culture that will allow everyone to thrive and provide a good work/life balance, your turnover rate will suffer. That will impact your ability to attract new employees, which could spell the end for your company.