Origin of Jullian Ali’s unique name

Michael Rapaport and Nichole Beattie gave birth ta child in 2000 and Michael Rapaport named that child Julian Ali Rapaport

Michael Rapaport is a Comedian that has well-known regard and respect for Legend Boxer Muhammad ali and he has announced in his Twitter account  

“My son middle name is Ali, Julian Ali Rapaport”

Michael Rapaport’s involvement in Boxing and combat sports is quite well known to the public through his jokes and mocking of famous MMA star Cornor Mcgregor’s style.


Nichole Beattie and Michael Rapaport remained in a marital relation for two years from 2000 to 2007.

And they had two children out of that relation younger one is Maceo Shane Rapaport and edler on is Julian Ali Rapaport and both are male children.

David Rapaport and June Brody are known to be the grandparents of the Jullian Ali Rapaport. Additionally, in his family, he likewise had an uncle named Erik Rapaport and auntie Claudia Lonow.

Ali also has a younger sibling named Maceo Shane Rapaport whose bio just like Ali is also a mystery among people

Separation of parents

Nichole Beattie Rapaport got spousal support payments and joint custody of both children.

Julian Ali Rapaport was of 4 years and Maceo Ali Rapaport of 2 years at the time of divorce.

Because of the reason of the joint custody both children were not separated from their parents.


Micheal Rapaport belongs to an Ashkenazi jewish oriented family which originally belongs to Poland and Russia.

 And despite being a jew he gave his son a Muslim middle name “Ali” which is a male Arabic name derived from the Arabic root which translates as “high”, “elevated” or “champion”.

And Micheal Rapaport has given his son this name in reverence to legendary boxer and influencer late Muhammad Ali.

This Muslim name has caught the attention of the media and public around the world and questions relating to him being named by a Muslim name have been a topic of discussion around the circles of people.

 Julian Ali Rapaport also has another brother who is younger than him and is named Maceo Shane Rapaport and was brought into the world in 2002 after two years when the Julian Ali Rapaport was being brought into the world.

Julian Ali Rapaport and Maceo Shane Rapaport both have appeared in many events with their father Micheal Rapaport.

Marital Status of Jullian Ali Rapaport

Officially Jullian Ali Rapaport have has not been reportedly married to anybody and has not been seen in public with any person which can potentially be claimed as his lover.

He is enjoying his bachelor life and even if he is dating someone or having a relationship with someone he is successfully keeping it quiet and secret 


The 1st born of Michael Rapaport was born in 2000 who was named Jullian Ali Rapaport who in 2022 he is about 22 years old.


The firstborn of Michael David Rapaport, an American actor, and comedian from New York and Nichole Beattie screenwriter and movie producer is famous for being the son of two celebrities and is not known to have any net worth. but the father of Julian Ali Rapaport is a famous actor and comedian who has made appearances in more than 60 films since the 1990s and had his first appearance on the sitcom ‘The War at Home’ The most notable works of Jullian Ali Rapaport’s, the father is 

1- True Romance

 2- Higher Learning 

3- Metro

 4- Cop Land

 5- Deep Blue Sea

 6- The 6th Day 

7- The Heat.

 that made his net worth in 2022, roughly $12 million.

 Julian rose to prominence because of his oldsters, as formerly said, finally, there are not any specifics on his networth or vocation. Julian’s general assets are muddled, even though his father, Michael, has a fortune of $12 million starting in 2021. Michael’s work as an entertainer and funny story artist has obtained him a fortune. He brings in a ton of coins seeing that he has been in the media outlet for quite some time. 

Social Media

Right now, we couldn’t separate any Social Media record of his. He is absent on any media stages right now. The facts might confirm that he simply doesn’t have any desire to post stuff via online media and the web, to avoid any sorts of discussions.